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Tips to Create Perfect Resume – Just like winning a football match depends on the hours of hard work and practice you have put in for it, the winning of a job too depends on how hard you worked on your resume.

A resume is the only sheet of paper that has the power to decide your fate.

How we present and prepare our resume decides whether or not we earn ourselves a job.

People often complain that they seldom receive job offers in spite of having a really impressive resume. Where is it that you are going wrong?

How to create a good resume that can instantly fetch you a job? If these questions baffle your mind then read on because here we have a list of ten quick tips on how to create a resume that is appealing to recruiters.

Begin in the best way possible:

Try having a brief summary of what is to follow in your resume at the very beginning so that the person reading it gets an idea that what follows is worth giving a read and can be considered.

Just like a story has a prologue, a good resume too must have a resume outline or a summary of a few lines at the beginning stating your past work experience and why you seek this job, your interest areas and the like.

The benefit of this is that the recruiter who probably has a lot of things going on in his mind while viewing your resume and is perhaps not paying much attention to your content will be brought back to reality and will regain interest in his job.

Contact details:

Furnishing one’s contact details (name, email address, phone number, etc.) though considered an implicit part of resume writing is vital and should be written properly keeping in mind the resume format.

Missing out on this part makes all your efforts go down the gutter.

Mentioning one’s address, though important previously is no longer mandatory and might as well be avoided when not specifically asked for.

Also, it is pointless to mention your address for a job application that is out-station.

It is to be kept in mind that it’s a job you are applying for and not some private letter to an acquaintance.

Therefore, your email address should strictly be confined to your name, surname and a few digits at the most.

Anything beyond this makes the prospective recruiter suspicious of your maturity level and ability to distinguish between what is personal and what is professional.

If you are job hunting and are sending out multiple job applications simultaneously then for convenience you can consider creating a separate work email that will be solely dedicated for work purposes.

Links to online profiles:

Just like mentioning your address was important in the bygone days, so is the mention of the linking your social media accounts in present time.

93 per cent of recruiters search for your online profiles before they decide to interview you personally. Save them the trouble and include the URL to your LinkedIn profile.

The perfect resume must not just include your LinkedIn profile link but also the links to your accounts on the social forum that are related to the job you have applied for.

For instance, if it is a content-writing job you have applied for then mention the links to your personal website or blog (if you happen to have one), if the job is related to photography or marketing then links to your Instagram and Facebook accounts might prove beneficial.

Reference to sample job descriptions:

While writing a professional resume make sure to frame it as per the needs of the specific job sought.

One way of doing that is going through sample job descriptions and resume examples that are similar to the field you are interested in and qualified for.

With the internet at your disposal, it is not really difficult to collect those samples.

Once that is done, examine and analyze the keywords and skills mentioned there and try finding as many of these skills as you can within yourself and mention them in your resume, or make a list of the skills and hand it out to your resume creator so that he/she can do the same.

Always try catering to the needs of the employer rather than your own. Mentioning the skills that the recruiter is looking for increases your chances of getting shortlisted.

Information about technical skills and proficiencies possessed:

When job hunting, it’s better to shed away your modesty, yet you should take care to not come out as a show-off while doing so.

For your own sake, it is imperative that you mention the technical skills and other proficiencies that you have managed to accumulate over the years.

And why not? You have worked hard at acquiring those skills so that they come to your aid someday like this when you sit to write down your resume.

This list of yours can include anything from social media platforms, proprietary platforms to project management systems and computer languages.

Professional experience:

Work experience should always be written following a reverse-chronological order with the most recent job at first and then backwards.
You should focus on detailing all your professional skills and positions covering a span of the last fifteen years.

If you are someone just out of college then consider mentioning internships and any other work experience that you had during your college years.

And while you create your work profile, mention the following details:

Company Name and URL
Your designation
Dates of joining and resignation
Job description
Achievements (if any)

Mention of volunteer work history:

The more you work, the more you have to present in your resume!

If you have the experience of working with some NGO or NPO then you should go ahead and mention the same on your resume.

Skill-based volunteering is an excellent way to fill any employment gap that you might have in your professional career.

This also acts as a saviour in case you are changing professions. However, you must make an effort to mention these in a reverse-chronological order with the most recent work experience being at the top.

In case you have recently graduated and are new to the workforce or are students looking for the part-time job and are preparing a student resume, then consider including any on-campus activities you took part in or clubs where you had been an active member.

Certain particulars about the work you were involved with need to be mentioned such as the name of the organization, link to its website, the positions you held and your years of involvement, the responsibilities you undertook etc.

Linguistic skills:

In a world where job opportunities number less than half of the number of job-seekers, it is a great thing to have knowledge of multiple languages.

Being multilingual gives you an upper hand over your fellow job-seekers. In the age of globalization where companies are moving into international markets, the ability to speak more than one language has become a valuable asset in the workplace.

According to the Department of Labor, fluency in a foreign language was considered by employers in 2013 as the hottest skill for college graduates.
So, if you happen to have knowledge of languages other than your own, make sure to mention the same, along with the proficiency level in your resume. Doing this automatically elevates yours to the list of good resumes.

Catering to the needs of the employer rather than one’s own:

“If you have ample amounts of relevant experience, the standard reverse chronological format is an excellent option,” he says. “If you’re highly skilled, but aren’t as proud of your work history, you can move your skills section up the page and downplay that work experience with a functional format.”
And, for students, the education section should be beefed up since they typically haven’t been part of the workforce or relevant industry yet.” said Geoff Scott (career advisor and hiring manager at ResumeCompanion.com).

It is always beneficial if one builds a resume keeping in mind the needs of the employer because it is ultimately the employer’s money that you will be getting as salary and he will obviously not hire somebody who doesn’t fit the requirement.

Additional resume sections to make it stand out from the rest:

Certain basic norms as discussed above need to be mandatorily followed, however, if you possess some additional skills then you can include separate headings to mention your achievements in that particular area.

For instance, if you are a student just passed out of college and are applying for some job that has to do with speaking, you can create a column where you mention all the laurels you have earned in MUNs or debates etc. But do keep in mind to keep it precise!

Lastly, no amount of advice or resume tips can give the idea that going through professional resume templates and resume samples provides.

Hence, one must go through as many of these samples available on the web as possible in order to create the perfect resume.

Apart from these vital details, one also needs to look out for typos, grammatical errors and the like in one’s resume as these are major reasons why resumes get rejected.

Another important thing is to have an impressively framed cover letter targeted at the job and the employer in a very specific way thereby leaving the resume to market your skills, qualities and experience as a part of the bigger picture.

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Last modified: September 14, 2018

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