Silliest Mistakes You Have Seen in Your Resume

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Do Not Rely Entirely On Spell Checks

The software you are using for spell check might not be always correct. There may be errors in sentences like a singular form of the word used instead of plural form. For example, the word ‘mistake’ used instead of ‘mistakes’. As an alternative for this, you take the help of a person to go through your final draft and proofread it.

Customize Your Resume

Always remember to customize your resume according to the job you are applying for. You should not use the same resume for all jobs. Customize them according to the needs and requirements of the job. Also, try to give a short summary at the top of your resume.

Proper Form

Always remember to create your resume in a well formatted manner. When sending the resume through online make sure that the text can be scanned. You can also give different layouts and fonts too.

Typographical Mistakes

When we type fast or carelessly there is a great chance of typographical mistakes to occur. They can be like misspelled names, grammatically incorrect sentences that can lower your chance of getting hired. This will make your resume less worthy to read.

Long Resume

Recruiters usually do not take much time to go through your resume. They receive hundreds or thousands of resumes a week. An average time they spent on a resume is only six seconds. When your resume becomes more than one page it becomes a lot of work for the recruiter. So keep your resume short and simple and start creating your Job Winning resume with CV Owl.

Last modified: August 1, 2018

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