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“A good cover letter body establishes a connection between you and the company”

More often than not, while writing a cover letter we lay emphasis on the beginnings and endings so much that we miss out on laying importance to a good cover letter format body. The body of the cover letter is something of great importance as it is your chance to draw your hiring manager’s attention.

This is an opportunity for you to put emphasis on why you are unique and what you are bringing to the table if you are hired. While doing so, all you need to remember is not to sound repetitive. Just do not sound similar to the information you put in your CV or resume.

What are the key aspects to keep in mind while writing a cover letter body?

Letting your hiring manager know about the job position you are applying for is one of the key aspects of a cover letter format. Your hiring manager should get a clear picture as to why he should even consider you for the concerned job opening.

Make sure that you sell yourself as a candidate to your recruiting manager. Your hiring manager should be able to understand the specific set of skills you have which fits best with the job opening. You should start explaining as to why you are interested in the job and what qualifications you have to satisfy the needs of the job. The tone of your sentences should not be boring or too formal. Make sure to sound persuasive and try to convince the recruiter that you have an unmatched group of qualities which no other candidate has.

If you manage to sound convincing enough to your hiring manager you are likely to be called for an interview. While writing a cover letter, bear in mind that your time to convince the recruiter is as limited as a few seconds. So you need to convey that you are a strong candidate and be able to connect with your employer at the same time.

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What should you include in the ‘body’ while writing a cover letter?

  • Let us see how to begin
  • The beginner or the first paragraph should always be of warm tone. It should never sound too boring, otherwise, your recruiter is more likely to trash the cover letter even before he reaches to your qualification section much less going through your resume.

    Maintain an energetic attitude and let your hiring manager know as to why you are so excited to work with this company. Let’s say you may like the work environment around this company. Let the recruiter know why it would be a privilege for you to work in their company.

    Always start off with clarity and mention the job position you are applying for by way of the cover letter. If someone referred you for the job, then let your hiring manager know. But do this only if the person referring you works with the same company.

    The reason for you to mention the name of referral points is that it allows you to be connected to the company in some way which in turn leads to some sort of a connection between you and the recruiting officer of the company. A good cover letter format always provides you with the opportunity to establish a connection between you and the company.

    It will be wise of you if you could in a very subtle manner mention your last job position and one key accomplishment you have had while you were posited in that job. While mentioning your last job’s accomplishments keep in mind that the job descriptions of these two jobs (the past job and the job you are applying to) must be the same and/or more or less similar.


    For example - Do not spill out how good a soccer team manager you have been if you are applying for an accountant’s job.

  • What to talk about in the ‘middle section’ while writing a cover letter?
  • The middle portion of your cover letter format calls for gathering around your job qualifications. Mention the qualities and traits you have which matches the job description. Remember that you need to demonstrate as to why you are the special one and why there is no need to go through thousands of other applicants. A well built middle section in your covering letter is likely to be the decider as to whether or not you will be called for an interview.

    Do not simply take out words, phrases and sentences from your CV and resume to put it up in this section. Make sure to use bulletin points instead of a paragraph.

  • What to write in the ‘concluding’ section in my covering letter?
  • Much like the beginning portion, your conclusion should not sound arrogant or too formal. Gently thank the employer for granting you time to go through your resume. Never forget to provide your contact information so that the recruiting manager be in contact with you if needed.

    It will be ideal that you politely ask the recruiting officer to perform an action instead of sitting on your job application. It should sound something like this, “Eagerly waiting for your earliest response!” However, keep in mind that this concluding line is separate than your concluding paragraph. A good cover letter format keeps both of them as they serve closely connected yet distinguishable purposes. The closing line serves as a form of a closure in a conversation.

    Come On.. Lets Discuss it one to one
    Come On.. Lets Discuss it one to one “We would love to help you create your CV. You can connect with us at and consult an expert.”
  • Miscellaneous essentials to keep in mind while writing a cover letter
  • Don’t forget to include contact information in the concluding paragraph. Do not forget to put in your signature above your typed name at the very end. The overall tonality of the writing pattern should be professional. If you are sending your covering letter by way of an Email, your typed name will serve the purpose of your signature.

  • Don’t forget to customize your cover letter
  • Try and seek out cover letter templates and cover letter samples to draw inspiration before you start creating your first ever covering letter. If you are starting off with your first cover letter ever, it is advisable that you follow the time tested templates and samples in order to understand what to include and what to leave out.

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Career Expert at CV Owl

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