What is the difference between cover letter and e notes?

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What do you mean by a cover letter?

A cover letter is a document sent along with your resume that provides a piece of detailed information on why you are qualified for the job. A cover letter is submitted with your job application because a good cover letter complements your resume and a cover letter mistake can even sink your job application.

It provides additional information about your qualifications, skills, professional goals, knowledge, etc. Never repeat the same information from your resume to your cover letter, it won’t give a good impression because your cover letter helps you create your first impression on recruiters.

A cover letter is also a way to screen applicants for the required job because this single document gives the manager an insight into who you are as a professional.

Different types of cover letters -

  • Application Cover Letter -
  • An application Cover letter is a traditional cover letter that is sent with a resume or job application This cover letter is written to apply for a specific job opening.

    This letter is used to apply for a position to show the employer that the qualifications match with the position referred. The application cover letter should be custom curated to the job you are applying for and you must use position description and research about the organization to compose your letter.

  • Prospecting Cover Letter -
  • Prospecting cover letter is a primary cover letter that is written to inquire about possible job openings. It is called a prospecting cover letter because it is used when selecting companies to fulfill their career growth.

    This letter is used for long-distance searches and is similar to the application cover letter. The focus is to match your qualifications to a broader occupational area rather than a specific position.

    The benefit of this prospecting cover letter is that you will be added to the company's talent community that will help you hear about the organization’s opportunities first.

  • Networking Cover Letter -
  • Networking letters are addressed to colleagues, individuals, or people you connect through social sites such as Internshala, LinkedIn, etc. (Here's how you can make your LinkedIn profile stand out).These letters request job search advice and assistance

    This is a primary letter used to ask for help, advice, and to know about the open positions in your network. This is sent to people who you can rely on.

    You can use this letter to reach out to contacts that you have gained in either previous jobs or some corporate meetings or professional social media platforms.

  • Email Cover Letter -
  • This type is used for a job via the internet, this can be used for job advertisements too. Email cover letters are brief and incorporate more white space. When you send any of the above letters by email, it is advisable to put them in a more friendly format. Your email should be professional if you are writing an email cover letter.

    A strong email is capable of grabbing the attention of the managers and convincing them to give attention to your application or resume. Always remember, a bad one can ruin your chances of receiving a callback.

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  • Industry-Specific or Career-specific Cover letter-
  • An industry or career-specific cover letter provides a situation that emphasizes on the experience you have in the industry. A well-crafted cover letter goes over the information on your resume that further expands the knowledge for the reader. It means telling hiring managers about your greatest journey of achievements.

  • Referral Cover Letter -
  • Referral cover letters are sent to the companies before a job has been opened because these cover letters mention an employee that has recommended you to apply because he/she thinks you are well qualified.

    It stated the person who has referred you about the position as referrals are a very important resource in your job search. People also require referrals when they are renting an apartment because the owner can make a reality check through this.

    Many companies have employee referral programs so this tells the employees connection to you to qualify for the bonus.

    It is necessary to have a customised cover letter for each need, as one cover letter will not suffice all the purposes. Here's how you can customize you cover letter for all needs.

What do you mean by E notes?

Cover letters have transformed into e-notes. Using an e-cover letter you have a bigger leg up.

E notes are email messages that give the hiring manager the information which makes them decide if they want to read your resume.

E - Notes are usually 90-120 words. You won’t provide details in an e note but you must mention your top three qualifications. It is a modern Cover Letter. Cover Letter had the traditional approach but Enotes is rather a shorter document.

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Cover Letter vs E notes-

The Internet is the quintessence of life. Things are almost impossible without the E-notes. Enotes have emerged as a result of the increase in technology. Many jobs are now available online like LinkedIn, Internshala, etc that have altered how jobs are applied for and the way in which candidates are viewed.

The traditional cover letter follows the structure of a formal and traditional business letter whereas e-note is the body of an email that you send along with the resume. E notes are shorted as compared to cover letters and are more crisp and precise

  • When to use an e note -
  • Whenever you are applying for a job online or through an online application, E-notes would be of great help. E notes can be used whenever you are submitting your resume or job application online or via email.

    Most of the hiring managers do not have time to go through your cover letters and instead of it being unnoticed, it's always better to write an e note along with your mail. E notes can also be used whenever you are sending messages on LinkedIn to prospective employees.

    Your main goal is to capture and create the first impression and also pique the curiosity to read your resume or job application All potential employers and communications take place in E-notes.

  • When to use a cover letter -

Cover letters help the hiring manager to know more about you, therefore you make a cover letter when a job indicates you want to make one. The cover letter becomes very essential for internal job promotions and career change jobs.

If the job is very specific in nature and you are not sure about your resume to play the full role, the cover letter comes in to tell the hiring manager the essential requirements, all of which are addressed in the letter.

Whenever you have to write a compelling case for your candidacy, your cover letters help you by stating all the qualifications, special skills that will benefit the organization. The cover letter also adds value points to your online applications.

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