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How to format a professional Email

More the clarity in your professional email, more the recipient will be interested in reading it to the last.

How much heavy skillset you have if you are not able to present it in a professional format in the email with full clarity, it is of no use. It is very important to format the email in a professional manner, while you are enquiring or applying for a particular job. Keep in mind the fact that recruiters receive many emails or resume and it is your duty to make it stand out from the rest.

Email formatting is a professional affair, so sloppy mistakes like overly casual language, chaos in content and poor formatting should not be there. Here are some best of the tips on how to format a professional email:

  • 1. Use your professional email address to send such job-related emails. 
  • 2. It will be better if an email address is a combination of your initials or name. 
  • 3. Use a readable font preferably, 11 or 12 points in size. 
  • Email cover letter 
  • 4. Use proper line spacing (1.15), so that the recruiter is able to see every word clearly. 
  • 5. Try to use words particular to that industry where you are applying.

When you are writing an email for job search correspondence, you must include following in your professional email message.

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Subject Line

The subject line is not a space to leave blank. It is very crucial to include in your email format. Just imagine there are many job posts in a company: Marketing Manager, HR Executive, Production Head. How will the recruiter differentiate to what post you are applying if you left the subject line blank?

The subject line is important to include as it gives intimation to the recruiter that to which post you are applying. In a professionally formatted email message, subject line summarizes your purpose of emailing.

If you are referred by someone you can include that too in the subject line like Referred by (Name of the Person) for (The Post).


If you know the hiring manager’s name, then it is well and good, write Dear Mr./Mrs. Name. But if you don’t know to whom you are emailing, write Dear Sir/Madam or Hiring Manager.

And if you are good at researching, find out the recruiter’s name. Professional connecting sites like LinkedIn or information on the company’s website may help you.


But if you want to be sure of your email, don’t include a salutation, you may simply start writing your first paragraph of the email.

Body Of The Email Message

Body of the email message is the heart of the email. It can make or break your chances of getting a call for the interview. Body of the message clearly states your purpose of writing an email. Body of the email should strictly match with the job requirements.

  • ● If it asks you to submit your resume, attach your resume in PDF or Word Format. (preferably In read-only format). 
  • ● But if it asks for your cover letter, then it is easy to work. Just copy and paste your cover letter into your email. 

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Formatting Of Your Email In A Professional Manner

It is necessary to format your email as professionally as you would any other business letter or email. Email in a professional format must be free of any typos, spelling mistakes or silly grammatical errors. Good line spacing should be there between words and between paragraphs too.

Have you heard of KISS Model? That says, “Keep it Simple, Stupid!”. Use this while you write a professional email. Write in simple language but you may use jargons specific to that industry. Using decent jargons may give the recruiter a glimpse of your technical knowledge.

Avoid using long sentences and paragraphs. If you use complicated or long paragraphs, the recruiter may get entangle and confuse in the words, making him lose his interest in your email message.

Keep the message as concise as possible but it should clearly specify the message you want to deliver to the recipient. Don’t write too long emails, exaggerating all your achievements. Include only those achievements that match the skills required for the job.


Proofread your email message at least twice. Correct all the mistakes you came across while proofreading. Finally, review your email message in the sample template to see as to how the message should look like.

In short, make your email reader-friendly and make it easy for the recipient to quickly scan through your email and get to know your purpose for mailing.

Include Your Email Signatures

If you include email signatures in your professional email, this will show how serious you are for the job you are applying for. Email signatures give your email a professional look.

How will the recruiter or hiring manager contact you? It is through the information you will provide in the closing message at the end of the email. Give your full contact details like; your full name, email address (even if it is the same as through which you are sending the email) and phone number.

It is a bonus if you mention your LinkedIn profile with your email signatures. Nowadays, hiring managers love to know about the candidates and explore their social appearances. Your esteemed connections and achievements on LinkedIn will add stars to your worth. And this may help you to step into your dream job.

Attachments Are Mandatory**

Now since you have followed all the above steps and made your email --a professionally formatted email. Now it’s the time to finally complete your job-related email message with the attachments.

Carefully see what the job listing has demanded- A Cover Letter or A Resume? Attach cover letter or resume what the requirement is. Sometimes recruiter asks for the sample works as well, attach them too.

And a pro-tip, double-check that you have attached all the files before finally sending your email to the recruiter. Because it is a professional email, not your Instagram message that can be unsend and resend !!

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Shweta Kapoor
Career Expert at CV Owl

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