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“The First impression is the last impression, so make your first impression effective by an impressive Cover letter.”

The Cover letter is a one-page document sent with a resume or curriculum vitae. The Cover letter clearly states why you are the perfect match for the job. The Cover letter serves the purpose beyond your resume. It gives the hiring manager a glimpse of how you will add value to the organisation.

There are high chances of the hiring manager getting impressed by your traits that are well written in your cover letter. He may call you for an interview, just by viewing your cover letter. So it is very important to create an impressive cover letter.

What Cover letter must include?

The Cover letter has to be impressive, not boring. In the cover letter show-off your talents and let the hiring manager know that hiring you in the company is an asset. To make your cover letter impressive and effective, the following are the tips that you must follow:

  • Format each Cover letter according to the job requirement
  • The Cover letter shows that you and the job profile are made for each other. For that, you need to present only those skills and experiences that are related to the job profile.So it is better to write a new Cover letter every time you apply for a job.

    For example; “Will adding in your cover letter that you attended an International webinar on Digital Marketing fruitful for the post of Chartered Accountant? A big noo!!
    Add only those achievements that match with the job profile.

    Your Cover letter should be inclusive of all the keywords of that particular industry and job position. One easy way to tailor your Cover letter is to use the keywords of the job description. Keywords may include qualifications, experience, or any particular skills. Put these words in your cover letter so the recruiter may resonate with your skills with the job.

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  • Flaunt your USP
  • Imagine you are a salesperson and you have to sell the product, what will you do? You will be selling the product on its USP and will be explaining all the comforts the product is providing. Same is here, in the cover letter you have to flaunt your USP (for those who don’t know USP is Unique Selling Proposition).

    But why to show-off your USP? Your USP shows why you and only you are the right candidates for the job. Whether it is any certified skill or years of experience, find your USP, and demonstrate how you could add value to the company.

  • Format your Cover Letter Professionally
  • A cover letter is the best way to sell the recruiter on your candidacy for the job, so make sure it is perfect. Read it twice, avoid any spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Make sure you proofread your Cover letter before it is read by the hiring manager.

Effective Cover letter samples

Check out the sample cover letter before you write your own. It will help you to have an idea about how a Cover letter should look like. Furthermore, you will get to know what type of information should be included.

Pro Tip**: Never copy, paste the sample cover letter. You may use some of the wordings but try to modify it with your specific skills and experiences. Your Cover letter should have a personalised touch that will help you to target the job for which you are applying.

Here are some of the best Cover letter samples that will give you an idea about how to write your tailored Cover letter for different job profiles.

Cover letter Templates
You may download the cover sample template from here

Cover letter Examples by Job

Traditional hard copy Cover letters have a very rigid format but with everything going online, emailed Cover letters don’t have any conservative format. But still, a specific structure should be followed while writing a Cover letter.

  • Cover letters with a Referral
  • Put your best foot forward into your dream company by giving a strong professional connection or reference in the Cover letter. Use sources like: LinkedIn, your previous employer (if you have good relations with him), any friend of yours who is working, or had worked for the company you are applying for.

  • Cover letters for Promotion or Transfer
  • If you have worked to your full potential contributing to the success of the company, it’s time for you to redeem the value of your hard work by asking for a promotion. Always be proactive and flaunt your work in front of your boss because the general tendency is that promotion is not automatically awarded unless requested.


    Cover letters can also be written to the employer asking for a transfer in a different department or if the company is having branches in different cities, you may also ask for a transfer to another city. Better to say these types of cover letters are job promotion or job transfer request letters.

  • Cover letters for inquiry or network building
  • Applying for a job post as required by the company is an old school now. In the modern age, now there is a need to create your place and availability in the company. This can be done through strategic networking.

    For that cover letters inquiring about a new job opening, letter of intent or interest, and networking cover letters can be written to the company officials.

  • Cover letter Formats according to a type of applicant
  • It is the type of position you are applying for and the experience you have that decides how should be the format of the cover letter.

    For example, A fresh graduate will put emphasis on his educational Institution and internship experience while an experienced applicant will boast his long experience in that field.

    **There are different cover letters for part-time jobs, summer jobs. Even if you are applying for multiple jobs, you must have a customised cover letter.

Come On.. Lets Discuss it one to one
Come On.. Lets Discuss it one to one “We would love to help you create your CV. You can connect with us at hello@cvowl.com and consult an expert.”

Cover letter Formats and Templates

Go through all the cover letter formats, templates, and examples relevant to the job profile you are applying for. But keep in mind that your cover letter should reflect your personality to the recruiter. So put your efforts to make your first impression THE BEST!

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