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Your reputation and the first impression is nothing but your cover letter.

What is a cover letter?

A cover letter is a document sent along with your resume or job application which provides additional information about your experience and skills and also contains detailed information stating reasons as to why you are qualified for the job.

It acts as an introduction written by the person to express their interest in a position. It includes their interests, professional goals, knowledge, etc.

What is the need for a cover letter?

People often say that you can get away with a resume if the company does not ask for a Cover letter. Your cover letter helps you to show an employer what you want them to know about you without giving them the trouble to find it out from your resume.

Sending a cover letter even when you are not asked for shows how concerned and promising you are because a cover letter allows you to write a compelling case for your candidacy.

It helps you state your qualifications and intentions in a specific manner to a specific person. It helps you highlight your strength for a specific post. A well-written letter also tells that you have a good command over the language.

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Points to remember when you make a Cover Letter for Internal Post or Promotion -

  • Standard Cover Letter Length must be followed -
  • It should have an average word limit of almost 300-350 words divided into paragraphs. If you submit it online, you must make sure that it is less than a page long using the professional font of 12.

    A long letter will need a more simplified narrative and a shorter cover letter may not take full advantage of the potential that the introductory message offers.

    Keep all these things in mind -
    1” margins
    1-1.5 line spacing
    Cambria / Arial font
    12pt font size

  • First things first - Contact Information
  • You must always start your cover letter with your contact information, also state the date and the company’s contact information.

    Write about your professional experience working with the company in short for the manager.

    You are the best person for the job and if you are not convinced of this, how can you convince others about it? Your cover letter must sound like you are 100% convinced of your competence and qualification for the job.

  • Including a trusted referral
  • A referral is a person who officially sends a candidate to the authority that is qualified to deal with them.

    You can make an immediate impression by mentioning the trusted referral. A referral might also confirm your work dedication, work ethics, prior achievements. Therefore, a trusted and reputable co-worker that gives you a good and glowing recommendation will take you a step ahead of other competitors.

  • Emphasize on how good of an asset you are for the company
  • If you are writing a cover letter for your promotion you must focus on your leadership skills and showcase experiences that show that you are competent and reliable.

    If you are writing a cover letter for an internal position, you must focus on the technical skills and also demonstrate that you are passionate, driven, and adaptable.

  • Pinpoint your relevant qualifications and achievements -
  • Till now, you must have researched the company’s corporate goals, product line, customer base, and now is the time to draw the reader’s attention towards your qualifications, be it hard or soft, parallel to the role advised.

    Emphasize your achievements by not making a mistake to repeat the same words and thereby validate why you are the perfect fit for the position.
    It’s your time to shine.

  • Be grateful and thank the hiring manager -
  • Being professional does not mean you should not be humble. You must express your gratitude and appreciate the opportunity the manager has given you.

    Never ever complain about your current position but rather be thankful for everything the firm has given you. Even if you are in a negative position, don’t be vocal about it.

    Include how much you admire the company’s philosophies and mission as it will demonstrate your organizational values.

    The last thing you wanna give the manager is an image that you are only interested in your promotion thereby be grateful and show work ethics.

  • Call to Action -
  • You should always conclude with a call to action, it’s a marketing strategy. Indicate your attention to follow up by indicating when you are available for the interview .Provide your email address or telephone extension in the closing of cover letter.

    You must be aggressive enough to ask for an interview, simply waiting for a response from the employer is not an active behaviour.

    You want the employer to get back to you and invite you for an interview so you must write. "I am really looking forward to discussing my qualifications and experience. You know where to find me".

    Come On.. Lets Discuss it one to one
    Come On.. Lets Discuss it one to one “We would love to help you create your CV. You can connect with us at and consult an expert.”
  • Proofreading and editing is a must
  • Proofreading means reading your document carefully at the end to ensure no mistake has been made, be it grammar, spelling errors, word limit, or even the format.

    You have only one chance to make or break your impression, so never forget the careful step that is Proofreading. Proofreading and Editing might be a bit time consuming but it’s totally worth it.

    Proofreading helps you find your mistakes whereas editing helps you enhance your cover letter by making some changes in vocabulary, creativity, etc. Editing makes your cover letter accurate and proofreading prevents any sort of mistake.

    You should always be best in whatever you do.

    Here are steps to follow for proofreading -

    • Go beyond spell checks.
    • Read it twice and backwards.
    • Avoid using boring verbs and repeating words.
    • Cut the jargon.
    • Have a look at the grammar.

    Always review your cover letter before sending it to the hiring manager. You can also send it to yourself for a final glance and then if everything seems good, emailing your Cover Letter to the recruiter.

Written By :
Jahnvi Kaushik
Career Expert at CV Owl

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