Matching Job Qualifications

Simply play a criss-cross game and match the requirements of a job profile with your strengths

There are times when you see a job posting and become excited about the prospects almost immediately. As soon as you find out that the job qualifications match your experiences and skillsets you jump right in to apply for the job right away and so you should.

It is one thing to realise the similarities and another to put them on paper and not to sound snobbish and all braggy! However, if you can manage to match your list of abilities with that of the requirements of the job, you are all set to be called over for an interview.

Every good cover letter format contains portions of drawing equivalences between the job requirements with that of the qualities of the candidate. But there are times when we find it hard to understand which of our skills actually matches the job description we are aiming for. Many times job descriptions are not even posted in the advertisements. You have to research the job position in order to understand the full scope of the work profile.

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How to be the perfect match for a job description while writing a cover letter or in a resume?

Our advice is to focus on your better skills and traits while writing a cover letter as well as your CV or a resume. Your chances of getting called for an interview increases with your ability to demonstrate how closely you match with the job opening.

You need to clearly show your hiring manager that you are indeed the one they were looking for. Make sure to persuade your recruiter that what you bring to the table is what they have been looking for while trying to fill up their vacancy.

  • Analysis and Research
  • Okay, so here is the deal with every job posting ever! You can always break down any given job posting involved into several parts. The first step in cracking the secret code is to learn about the company which posted the job opening.

    Try to gather the niche of the company. If the company is an Information Technology firm, you would have to paint a picture in your head accordingly. If the job opening is in a bank, you are required to think about banking and the economy.

    Collect more information from job websites. We are sure you will be able to understand the requirements most recruiters are looking for in particular job positions while scavenging for suitable candidates. Use your favourite search engine to find out job duties and requirements.

  • Prepare a list of your qualifications
  • When you eventually start writing a cover letter, it is advisable that you figure out a list of duties and responsibilities which may come your way while executing your job profile. Now try to relate this list with the list you have made on your traits, abilities and strengths.

    Choose the matching traits and list them wisely at appropriate places across in your covering letter and resume. If you have any doubts as to where you should have the matching responsibilities check out our resume sample for inspiration.

  • Chalk out the job requirements
  • Try to figure out what a particular job opening demands from you as a prospective applicant. Jot these desired qualifications down beside your qualifications, traits, your past job positions, duties you have done, experiences and start crisscrossing. If the job posting is detailed, simply go through the entire job advertisement carefully and extract the relevant details they are looking for.

    You will get a fair idea from the job posting itself. Although some job postings are too brief for you to figure out the basic duties you will be required to fulfil on a daily basis. Try to extract the keywords used in the job posting and use that information to your advantage when you start writing your cover letter or your resume.

    Come On.. Lets Discuss it one to one
    Come On.. Lets Discuss it one to one “We would love to help you create your CV. You can connect with us at and consult an expert.”
  • You need to customize your Cover Letter
    • Make sure to frame your sentences in a manner that your qualifications are demonstrated in the best of lights.
    • Always use bulletin points to showcase your qualities in the middle section of your cover letter.
    • Now, put those traits and skillsets which matches the job profile higher up the order in descending order.

    Since writing a cover letter is all about selling your credentials to the hiring manager, this is a time tested method that can do no harm. It will also be better if you could let the recruiter know how and when you used those qualities in your past job experiences.

  • Customize your resume
  • Not only is it essential that you trim your covering letter but also make sure to tweak around your resume according to the job requirements. Use that list of qualitative strengths you made about yourself and match them with past job experiences.

    Hiring managers are likely to go through your resume as quickly as possible because they have already seen your bulletin list of qualities. That means the flow of information in your resume has to be a little detail-oriented and informational in nature.


    Amidst all this, do not forget to move the matching qualities, job experiences, educational qualifications in an order which fits best with the job profile you are applying for, higher up the order. It is advisable that you create a master resume and keep updating or editing the resume as per the job requirements for every individual company.

  • Use headlines
  • If you have a cluster of experiences that match key requirements to a job then put them in separate boxes under broad headlines like, “Human Resource Management” or something like “Managerial Services.” The use of headlines in your resume draws the attention of your recruiter almost immediately and that’s a big bonus!

  • Seek expert advice
  • Try looking out for cover letter templates and cover letter samples to draw inspirations before creating your first ever covering letter. If you are starting off with your first cover letter ever, it is advisable that you follow suitable templates and samples in order to understand what to include and what you should avoid.

Written By :
Abir Ghosh
Career Expert at CV Owl

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