Review Your Cover Letter

Reviewing your cover letter is like checking out yourself.

This is the last part you have to do for your cover letter and CV. Review your cover letter because some mistakes are done by you when you write down your CV and cover letter. These things stuck in the eyes if done wrong. So one has to be very attentive while reviewing their cover letter and CV because these things do make an impact on the recruiter.

For instance: let say you have copied some lines for your cover letter from different sources, in this case, every line you copied from different websites have different fonts that can make things messy. This is a very basic thing to be done.

Here are some tips to make your cover letter to the next level:

Choose the right file format

It’s best to use with file formats an ATS can easily parse. Choose .doc or PDF formats to ensure your file will be easily readable by the system. Neither of these is the default option when you’re saving a document. To choose the file format for your cover letter, click on File, Save As, and find the “Format” field. From a dropdown menu, you can select .doc or PDF.

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Length Requirement

While writing, the CV length recommended is maximum one page long and consists of three to four paragraphs that underscore why you are a valuable asset for this job. If there is something mentioned by the company then one should stick to that only if not then this is the golden rule to follow. Include why you’re interested in this specific role.

Verify Contact Information

After checking the right format and length requirement. You should double-check the contact information you have mentioned. Make sure your contact number and email(if any) are correct. Provide your Linkedin id link if you have one.


After checking your details you should check the employer information like name, company name while writing cover letter and CV because you can make mistakes.the spelling of their name (this may mean including “Inc.” or “LLC” if applicable), and check company’s address.

Consistent Throughout

When writing your cover letter to be consistent which means that use of the same layout or tools you are using because this can lead to things getting messy.

For example: using the same font throughout and different text for headers and subheaders.

Keep in mind things should be clear and readable, don't use too much small size or too big size. Don't use fonts which are very fancy like this (hey) (hey) etc. these small things will make employers frustrated and can reduce your chances to that particular job.

Pick your keywords wisely

Once you're done with the above requirement now it's time to focus on keywords. You unquestionably have different talents, so you find the best possible methods to tell your skills and use the same keywords that the company uses in the job description.

Most of the companies use a software called an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). ATSs review and qualify applicants based on job description keywords and then rank each applicant accordingly. So if you're using keywords which are applicable in a job description then it will be a cup of tea for you to get an interview scheduled and vice versa.

Come On.. Lets Discuss it one to one
Come On.. Lets Discuss it one to one “We would love to help you create your CV. You can connect with us at and consult an expert.”

Check twice that you're sending the right CV and Cover Letter

When you are applying for different jobs. Then you’ve to modify or mould your cover letter and CV accordingly. So keep a very close check when you're sending it to your employer. Sometimes people make mistakes like, they send different CVs and cover letters in different companies. This very small mistake can make blunders. So check twice, thrice and then send your CV and cover letter.

Now you're ready to send your CV and cover letter. ALL THE VERY BEST

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