When to Send a Cover Letter

Professional is not a label you give to yourself, it's a description you hope people will apply to you
-David Meister

One such aspect of professionalism is knowing what to include in a job application. Professionals often find themself asking- Do I really need a cover letter if a company hasn't asked for one?

Composing multiple cover letters during a job hunt can be nerve-wracking and time-consuming. This drives many candidates to skip the process of writing one when not explicitly asked for.


A cover letter is a single-page letter written to the organisation offering the job you're applying for. A well-written cover letter should introduce you and encourage the person reading it to read your resume


Cover letters serve as good measures to gauge how interested a candidate is to secure the job in question. A well-written cover letter allows the candidate to introduce themself in a narrative format and explain why they're not only interested but also well suitable for the job.

Industry experts say that one should almost always include a cover letter in their application, save for a few instances.

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There are a few times when it's not only acceptable but also encouraged to forgo the efforts of writing a cover letter.

Even though it's common knowledge, it's important to remember that not having a letter is much better than having a poorly written one. If you cannot find the time to pen down a sharp and concise letter, which portrays your skills and qualifications in the best light, then it's best not to add one at all

Many times companies instruct you explicitly to not include one. In such cases, it's best to stick to the guidelines so as to not displease your potential employer.

If your employer has instructed you to submit your application via an online platform, chances are you might not find a provision to add a cover letter, in which case, it's perfectly acceptable to not insert one at all



    It is decidedly easier to write generic cover letters than to painstakingly pen down tailor-made ones for each job you apply for.
    However, if you skimp out on time here, it is unlikely you'll secure the job.

    Aim to match your qualifications to the hiring criteria sent out by the company. List the criteria from the job posting and run it against your own skillset to arrive at the skills you must highlight

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    No hiring manager wants to read a professional introduction running into several pages. Always keep your cover letter within one page, making sure it’s well-spaced.
    However, if you skimp out on time here, it is unlikely you'll secure the job.

    Apart from keeping it short, ensure that every sentence highlights an important aspect of your professional life making it a succinct portrayal of your qualifications and skills.


    Avoid simply repeating your resume and instead aim to expand some on it. A sharp introduction reduces the monotony of a regular resume.

    Include examples which are different from those already mentioned in your resume. Keep in mind that your cover letter should serve a definite purpose in regards to your application.


    Errors in your cover letter can harm your chances of making a good first impression and landing an interview. They make you look sloppy, disinterested, or worse, not educated.

    Reach out to a friend or colleague to help with the identification and editing of any typos or grammatical errors. This will also help you view your cover letter with another perspective, aiding you to incorporate any relevant advice offered.

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