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CV Owl has been working with CV and Resume for quite 3 years for now and has become one among the foremost prominent companies. Would you wish for a knowledgeable opinion on your CV? If so, then why not try our CV review service. The aim of our service is to help you maximize the impact of your CV, achieve your career goals and assist you create an interview winning resume. With over 3 years of experience within the recruitment industry we all know exactly what employers are trying to find during an applicant's resume.

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What Candidates/Colleges Say about us

“We thank CV Owl for organising CV Building Webinar and CV clinics. The entire team worked exceptionally hard to review students resume within 48 hrs. The entire process was carried out in a very smooth manner and helped students to identify their mistake in their CVs.”


Core Member, Placement Cell, Keshav Mahavidyalaya

“It was a pleasure to host CV Owl at our college campus for an interactive session on Resume building. The students benefited greatly as the company discussed the essential features of a CV, the main points to be covered herein, the difference between a CV and Resume and the importance of being aware of this difference while applying for jobs.”


Vice President, IPCW - Placement Cell

“The Training and Development Centre of JMC in collaboration with CV Owl successfully conducted a workshop on CV & Resume Building. The students found the CV portal (designed free of cost for JMC students) to be exceptionally helpful both for creating the CV as well as reviewing it.”

Ridhima Gupta

Coordinator (NEEV - Placement Cell of Jesus and Mary College)

“We sincerely thank CV Owl and Mr. Ankur for delivering such amazing and informative webinar for our students and gave us chance to improve our CV's. In all, the session remained instrumental in giving the aspirants a proper direction to work for their dream jobs and career goals.”


Core Member, Placement Cell, Lakshmibai College

What is a CV Review?

Your resume is usually the first impression made during a job hunt. Ensuring your resume is the best it can be, might mean the difference in landing a job, and not even receiving an interview. That is why it's that important.

With competition for vacancies at an all-time high, having an application that helps set you apart is completely vital in only about every industry. In fact, some roles receive numerous applications that recruiters spend but 20 seconds watching each CV – making every singl e sentence count.

To help make your CV work harder for you, CV Owl will give you the best CV.

What do I get?

An in-depth review of your CV will be done by our CV writing expert.
This will include insights on the visual presentation and organisation of your CV along with advice on the content of the CV itself.

You’ll also get feedback on how it will be scanned by the Applicant Tracking Systems, the software that many hiring managers will use to filter out applicants. So there really aren’t any excuses not to get your CV reviewed by CV Owl

How To Choose The Resume Writing Service?

The selection of the resume writing service is a particular task that you need to carry out cautiously. When we are selecting the services that are worthy of your time and money, we consider a few things: the service’s website, testimonials, certifications and the agreement on the quality guarantee. All of the above four facts are strong indicators whether you are dealing with a legit and experienced company that provides professional CV services, and only when they are all fulfilled you consider that service as a good one.

Another thing you would like to work out before contacting the agency is what variants of CV texts the corporate you're thinking of settling on writes, as you'll choose from: chronological CV, functional/skill-based CV, hybrid CV, and infographic CV. In order to settle on a reliable service, do confirm that you've considered the four facts we listed above, also on check if they're writing the sort of resume you need

How Can We Help you?

We tend to elucidate briefly and review a number of the simplest CV resume writing services so you'll make a better choice. Not to get us wrong, all of those CV writing services are good and offer nothing but the high-quality preparation for your dream job.

Why CV Owl is better?

As we said before, there are four requirements that we use to review the corporate and present the ultimate thoughts on it.

We are a CV writing service and Online CV Maker who encompasses 3+ years of professional writing experience, alongside with the CV editing services.

We will not waste time explaining each fact for each service, but rather use these to make certain that you simply are going to be satisfied with the work provided by us. it's by default that each one of those below do meet the four mentioned facts, confirming their quality and professionalism.

Best Check Service

CV Owl is one among the best CV reviewing services on the internet today trusted by thousands. We specialize in the production of exceptional CVs. Our team altogether has years of experience in online CV writing.

We work all over the Globe and have already helped over 10,000 job seekers from different industries with their employment. Our job is to look at your document at every level to enhance your career opportunities through a CV. Our writers also can create professional CVs and canopy letters alongside CV Review.

Telephone Consultation

You can request a 15 minute telephone consultation with our team of expert CV writers. This is an excellent opportunity for you to discuss your specific needs or any queries you have with a qualified expert and to also find out more about how we can help you according to your need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of things will it focus on?

Again, this may be dependent upon the standard of the initial CV that you simply send through. Typically, a review will mention all the strengths and weaknesses of your current version, but paying particular attention to the areas for development. The comments we make are likely to specialise in two distinct areas;

(1) the content of your CV (how well-tailored it's towards the roles you're applying to, how well you manage to convey your achievements and skills, also as problems with grammar and tone) and

(2) the structure of your CV (how the layout may be improved so as to form a stronger, and more immediate, impact to the reader).

Will a review guarantee success with my applications?

Sadly, no. If only it were that easy! There are certain things beyond our control here - your professional and academic achievements, the talents and experiences you've got developed along the way (I can’t change these, or add to them) and therefore the quality of the opposite applicants who are competing for an equivalent job opportunity.

And let’s not forget that CVs will always be subjective - we don’t know the well-liked ‘style’ of the employer or recruiter who will ultimately be reading it. However, We are very experienced at reviewing CVs and have a robust understanding of what recruiters want to read.

Ultimately, this service at CV Owl is about making your CV nearly as good because it possibly is often, based upon your own unique set of skills, experiences and achievements.

We do believe your CV will recover recognition if all our recommendations are implemented.

What qualifies you to do this for me?

As a careers adviser, We are presented with a good range of CVs (both academic and professional). Through our work, we have a very clear view of what we think ‘works’ and what doesn’t. Our experience has been invaluable, and once we conduct a CV review we considerably attempt to put ourselves within the recruiter's shoes because understanding the parameters of their role is crucial in producing an effective CV review

Why should I even have my CV reviewed by a professional?

We recommend having your CV evaluated a minimum of once by a CV Expert. we see job applications fail thanks to common CV mistakes but Our CV Experts can easily identify problem areas on your CV and supply guidance towards making an excellent first impression. Remember, employers typically take just 15 seconds to skim through a CV and choose whether to shortlist or reject.

Furthermore, about 80% of employers use online applicant tracking systems to pre-filter job applicants. Our experts provide specific recommendations to enhance your chances of creating it through the filtration stage

What CV advice will I get?

We evaluate multiple aspects when reviewing your CV

Firstly, we take a glance at your CV's overall visual presentation and structure. Looks do matter and may be a deciding thing about shortlisting your CV. we propose the acceptable style and formatting for your CV also as recommend which sections to incorporate

Secondly, we review the textual content of your CV and highlight any spelling and grammatical mistakes. We also ensure your CV features a clear objective and uses the proper keywords that employers in your industry search for . We can also highlight words and phrases that you simply shouldn't use on your CV

Finally, we guide you towards presenting your work experiences during a results-based format to showcase what sets you aside from other job applicants.

In what format is the CV review delivered?

You will receive an in depth CV Review analysis via email once our CV Experts evaluate your CV.

Your report will contain comments and feedback on the general look and feel of your CV and can include samples of how certain key fields should be drafted. The report also provide the best practices for drafting the perfect CV

Can you write a CV for me?

If you're curious about having your CV professionally written by one among our CV Experts, then our CV Writing service is for you. However with the CV Review service our CV Experts. We will only provide feedback on your CV and highlight key areas that you simply should restructure or rephrase

We'll sometimes suggest alternate wording for specific phrases to form your CV stronger, but your CV won't be edited or rewritten as a part of the review service. The good news is after you receive your CV Review Report, you'll prefer to upgrade to our CV writing services at CV Owl

Do I want a CV review?

In many cases, yes. A CV review works well for an entire host of various reasons. It might be the first time you've ever been required to supply a CV and you don’t know if it's in your efforts to hit the mark or not?

Perhaps you're finding that your simple current CV just isn’t getting you the interviews that you feel you deserve? or even you're looking for a career change, and now you need to carefully consider how your past experiences can be presented within the most positive, and relevant, Correct?

Or maybe an altogether of the above cases, getting your CV professionally reviewed might be a really wise move in this case. But we are also firm believers that each CV can often be improved in some way; it often takes a fresh pair of eyes to be ready to do that.

What is involved during a CV review?

In most cases, your CV is the barrier before getting face to face with your potential employers. Similarly, it remains one among the foremost crucial elements of anyone’s job search, particularly within the private sector where CVs are considerably the quality application process