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5 Internet privacy tips to follow in 2021

Internet privacy is one of the biggest concerns of active internet users nowadays. If you don’t know what are the best things you can do to keep your personal data safe, we’ve gathered 5 best tips that can help you achieve internet freedom and privacy.



  • Create and Use Different Passwords


Using one password for a bunch of services and applications is not a good idea. Once a hacker steals your password, the first thing they’ll do is try it for your every social media account and every service you use. Imagine if it fits everywhere- then your personal information is in big trouble. 

Work out the best combinations that you will use for each service individually, one password for maximum of two/three services. Another good tip is to create a password, which doesn’t contain any personal information like names, important dates and so on. Try the most insane combinations of numbers, letters and symbols. Including capital letters also contributes to the complexity of your password.



  • Use VPN


Virtual Private Networks are a must-have for those who care about internet freedom and privacy! Try them once and you’ll notice all the perks they have. 

A VPN helps establish safe connection between the site and your phone or whatever device you use to surf the web. It makes your online activity invisible, which is definitely what you’re looking for if you’re reading this. 

Thanks to the variety of VPNs, you can choose the service you like the most. And what’s important, many of them offer free trial, so you will have time to either get used to a particular VPN app or switch to another one.



  • Conduct Payments With Your Phone 


While you may wonder what’s the difference if you only take your card out to pay once and then put it back into the pocket or wallet, it is actually a lot safer to pay with your phone. 

Thanks to the one-time code the system generates for your payment, you won’t have to worry about the credit card info being stolen. The code only works for current payment and is not valid after it’s been conducted. 



  • Be Careful With Public Wi-Fi Networks


These ones don’t have the needed protection to keep your data safe. Through such networks hackers can easily steal the information from your device, which is at the highest risk. If you’re concerned about your private data, use public networks only when it’s urgent. Alternatively, you can try using proxy for your Internet connection.



  • Watch Out for Your Online Activity


It’s also important that you contribute to your online safety by not clicking suspicious links, advertisements, websites and so on. Sometimes hackers can call you as bank representatives, send fake messages about your bank accounts and so on. Always make sure that the information you receive really comes from your bank, because fraud is one of the most popular online crimes. CVOwl highly recommends you to install one of the modern antiviruses listed on Antivirusly to prevent malicious scripts and viruses to get access to your data. 

Following all of the given tips will help you increase your private data safety!