How Coronavirus will impact your
college life?

Talk about the most memorable time period of your lives! The sneaking out of classrooms, the canteen gatherings, the in-prompt-to lyrics’, and the endless thirst for hot beverages forms part of your cherished college memorabilia throughout your lifetime. Those have lived this life; know it well, what I am talking about.

The sudden hindrance to our daily college life, our physical classrooms and meeting friends is taxing. However, as humans are better known to do, we have adapted new ways. It is awe-inspiring really, as to how fast we have adopted virtual means to achieve everything.

Shift to Online teaching

Virtual classrooms have been a part of the internationally acclaimed university curriculum way before the CoronaVirus Pandemic hit us! However, for the first time in the history of online lecturing, the Pandemic has made it reach millions. All you need is a working Internet connection and off you go.

There are hundreds of online classes available where you can learn everything, like literally EVERYTHING! You can learn how to build things from scrap; from how to draft contractual documents to how to solve the toughest mathematical equations in minutes. All of this only means one thing; learn more and learn free!

The ones, who were planning to study abroad starting this year, took the largest hit in view of this Pandemic. However, some international universities like the University of British Columbia and National University of Singapore (to name two out of many others) have come forward to include their curriculum online in exchange for a nominal fee structure, which if you ask us, is a great opportunity to go truly international right from your sack.

Difficulty in finding internship opportunities

With COVID-19 around the block, practically all small, medium and even large companies are pulling down its shutters. Consequently, enormous lay-offs are on the way. The world economy is headed towards its gravest recession of all times. This horrifying time will surely pass but we do not know when. Meanwhile, it has become excruciatingly difficult to land yourself a job.

  • If you are a fresh graduate looking for a job or a candidate with nominal experience in your work field, consider working for free at the moment. Our advice to you is build your resume with more work experience and you may be at a better position than others who will be staying back home doing next to nothing because they could not land themselves paid work.
  • The idea is to NOT stay idle. This will help build a good image when you face recruiters later on, as time progresses. Keep your hopes alive and start building a better portfolio for yourself. Learn new skills (as we have discussed later in this article) and prepare a sharp CV or a resume (drop to the bottom of this article).
  • It is obvious that it is not going to be easy to find internships too, given the fact that there is a surge in the number of applicants. However, if you manage to get a few, try to work hard and earn your recruiter’s attention, so that you may get referred for a full-time job in companies. It is a fact that many times, great interns are offered jobs right at the time of their internships, given their levels of dedication and overall performance.

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Health precautions

We as a civilization cannot continue to live at our homes, worried about going outside for an eternity, can we? Nope.

  • IInstallation of hand sanitizers
    So, instead of staying put we can attend our classes by maintaining the norms of social distancing and other precautionary measures like using hand sanitizers across all college and university campuses.
  • Social distancing and its impact
    Undoubtedly, your otherwise end-to-end filled classrooms won’t feel the same with only 25% of the students getting an opportunity to actually sit in for one lecture or one such exam. All we can hope for is when students do attend lectures; the classrooms are divided between 75% attending through online web portals and the rest of 25% in the physical classroom (by rotation, hopefully!).
  • Examination protocols
    Even the examinations held will be a lot different with sitting arrangements remaining similar yet 6ft apart from each other. The distance protocol is going to take more classrooms in examination centres and that is how it should be. In case, your college or your University is not following these social distancing protocols, it is perhaps your duty to bring that to the notice of appropriate authorities.
No annual parties like farewells and/or freshers or college fests
  • The CoronaVirus Pandemic is here to stay and we will have to adapt to its quirks. Needless to mention, that large gatherings are a big no-no under these circumstances. College fests and freshers may well have been a much needed breather for students at large, but the situation demands rigorous following of the laid down procedures of social distancing.

  • If you are one of those younger siblings who have seen their brothers and sisters receive an incredible farewell party, well then here is a bummer for you! Even though this is not so easy, let us all stay within the qualms of social distancing henceforth.

What are the best resources available to help me find a job?

  • Keep applying
    Get up every morning and start applying. Make applying for jobs your daily chore and a constant habit. If you are forgetful, set reminders or use sticky paste/refrigerator magnets etc. You may as well forget doing other things, but in this market don’t forget to send out the best of your resumes to every company with an opening. You never know which one you might crack and when.
  • Skill Development
    This apparent hibernation seems to be the perfect prologue to upskill yourself. Self-Development is the way forward. The more you train yourself in learning harder skill sets related to your job field, the better you become. Imagine you going into the quarantine with 4 stars on your head and coming out on the other side with 5. That is a win-win situation for you, if you ask us
  • Self Assessment
    So buckle up and start looking for ways how you can let procrastination go and imbibe all the positive vibes that there can be. Start with an unbiased introspection and understand the weak points about yourself. Self-Assessment is the better way forward. Once you figure out your loopholes and weak points, try brushing them up. You can learn better ways of doing the same thing or you can learn a new language, skill etc.
  • Keep a track
    Most online job search portals have their own alarms set so that you can keep a proper track of your job searches. However, if you want to keep a track on your own you can try using a planner and keep checking how many return replies you got and which of the companies did not reply to your resume.

Every large to medium sized company is using recruiters for their own recruitment. The recruiters more often than not use automated CV checkers. And, get this, that’s a stage BEFORE a human lay eyes on your resume. More horrifying, is the fact that people across those recruiting tables take around 6 seconds to see a CV on an average. That’s the time limit within which you will have to impress your potential employers in the future.

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