How did your CV look like when you applied for a software engineering internship at Microsoft?

A few Insights....

Type of job : Software design, coding and debugging

Average Stipend : 38000/mo

Skills required : C, C++, Java, Analytics and Mathematics

With Satya Nadella in charge of the reins since 2014, Microsoft has amassed a worth of more than $250 billion in market value. But their most significant achievement would still be leading their massive workforce of over 126,000 employees to adopt a lifestyle of infectious curiosity that emphasises soft skills alongside technical proficiency, making them a favourite among freshers and veteran alike.

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What is a resume and what does it mean for you as a software engineer?

A technical resume essentially is a list of experience, skills and job history that showcases an individual’s strengths and weaknesses and in turn, presents whether he/she is fit for the role.

On an average Microsoft receives anywhere from 40-65,000 applications per week that amount to over a million applications per year. To shine through a competition like that, one must aim to appropriately integrate their technical understanding and background, in a resume, in a concise manner.

  • Header
  • Summary
  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Education

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As is the norm, keep the header simple by stating your name and contact information in a sharp and legible font which is guaranteed to make a good first impression


A resume summary statement is a short paragraph at the beginning of a resume that highlights a job seeker’s professional skills and experience.

It usually comes before the body of the resume and is the perfect opportunity to deliver a shining insight into an individual’s personality and strengths.

Presenting your soft skills and technical skills as an amalgamation of skills which are a crucial part of your work ethic, is a smart move.

Keep the summary short and succinct, avoid complex sentence structures and extravagant words, all the while, highlighting important skills and achievements with concise statements.


The nature of the job calls for a plethora of skills to be possessed and mastered over the course of one's education and career. Knowing how to present them, and what skills to highlight, can give you an edge above the rest.

Competitive computer programming and coding skills, form an important part of your resume as an engineer. Microsoft as an organisation lays special emphasis on skills relating to object-oriented design, software development, testing and debugging. They also give enormous attention to critical thinking skills and teamwork.

One must remember that apart from mentioning these skills, you must mention their practical applications and how you can employ them to propel the organisation further.


Using a reverse chronology technique while displaying experience allows recruiters to quickly view your work history and accurately gauge your career progression.

Always strive to mention skills mastered or honed and projects that you may have worked on, that accurately represent said skills. Ensure this by adding any links and attachments to any personal projects you'd like them to explore.


Aim to keep it concise by mentioning your degree(s) and the schools you’ve visited. If you are just starting out in the industry or if you have an impeccable grade, it'd be wise to mention your GPA too.

Mentioning distinctions or grants you may have gotten in school, exemplary language skills, honorary lists, extracurricular accolades or events where you led teams, is always a good decision.

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“We would love to help you create your CV. You can whatsapp us on +91-9716366366 and consult an expert for free”


We are rapidly moving towards a work culture aimed at absorbing well-rounded individuals, and with good reason. Therefore mention activities you enjoy and genuinely indulge in to wind down or to rejuvenate and sound passionate when further questioned about them in an interview.

  • Opt for a clean, simple header for your resume. It allows the recruiter to browse key personal information without a fuss.
  • Unlike many other companies, Microsoft is flexible when it comes to the number of pages a resume can have. But they specify that the most crucial figures should feature on the first page.
  • Conducting a thorough and extensive background research into a company’s products, the technology they employ, their design procedures and most importantly their mission statement, is a smart move.
  • Switch your tone to concentrate more on your personal achievements rather than simply stating job duties you've fulfilled in the past
  • Microsoft is an employer who takes a keen interest in an employee’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Hence, apart from being articulate in your expression of such achievements, try to briefly mention them in your resume to steer the interview in your favour.
  • Finally, Microsoft greatly values authenticity and the unique perspective every human being brings and thus it's wise to be absolutely honest with what you put in your resume.

Applicant Tracking System is a software several organisations employ to enable their recruiters to electronically handle their hiring needs. Essentially, an ATS collects and sorts through millions of resumes.

This software keeps all these resumes in one place, helping recruiters stay organised and sifting through data to highlight top candidates.
Since organisations like Microsoft receive millions of resumes annually, it becomes extremely tedious to go through all of them knowing that a good handful will be under-qualified as is.

Using an ATS, they are able to streamline their search for suitable candidates by searching for keywords and phrases, certain job titles and qualifications. While there doesn't exist a universal way of “cracking” an ATS, a few well-known methods to better your chances of acceptance prevail in the industry.

  • Carefully design your resume around the job description
  • Aim to match a few keywords in your resume to those in the job description and profile
  • using tables and charts as they hinder the software’s ability to extract and analyse data present in them
  • Insist on expanding acronyms so as to extend your searchability

We at CV Owl, have optimised procedures to analyse your resume and help you tailor it according to your preferred job opportunity. Our services help you to not only create impeccable resumes and CVs but also make them ATS friendly!

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