How to make a Business Analyst resume?

A good business analyst resume can help you catch the employer’s eyes in the competition

A profession chosen as a business analyst can be fulfilling. This job acknowledges creativity and flexibility and the pay is definitely not even half bad. Primarily, a business analyst introduces and handles change in an institution.

When you start writing a business analyst resume, remember that a business analyst’s job comes in all shapes and sizes with plenty of responsibilities. Make sure that you tailor your resume for the job you that you will be applying for.

First, let’s discuss what does a business analyst does?

Business analysts manage how a company functions conducting research and analyzing data to expand their knowledge and suggest plans for the company to improve its practices and methods.

All these things are usually done with the aim of helping the company to make more money, solve existing business problems, and/or better achieve their goals.

The operations of a business analyst are very closely related to the IT sector, and in few companies, business analysts may be counted as a technical job role and sit within an IT department.

Nowadays, business analysts’ solutions for their clients usually involves the implementation of modern, or modified, computer systems, and the analyst’s role may even extend to familiarising the wider business with the advantages of the new technology and instructing employees about how it is to be used.

So, how to write a business analyst resume:

  • Format Your Business Analyst Resume
  • Since we all know that everything doesn’t really work universally. Every job comes with different kinds of difficulties, hence they require different approaches accordingly.

    So, you have two resume formats as your options to write business analyst resume:

    • Reverse-chronological
    • If you have less experience in this field, go with the usual reverse-chronological resume format. This format is ideal as it focuses on the details that matter most like your most recent role and degree.

    • Combination
    • If you have some experience, choose a combination resume format. It focuses on skills by utilizing them as subheadings in the experience segment.

    You can also include some:

    • Formatting - use italics, bold, and capital letters to add meaning and catch the eye .
    • Achievement - use your achievements as a showstopper to hold attention.
    • White spaces - make your resume easy to scan instead of filled with data.

    You should choose a style that matches the culture of your industry and/or employer.

  • Add a summary or objective to a business analyst
  • The best business analyst resumes usually start with a resume summary or objective. A resume summary is basically a short pitch at the beginning of a resume for a business analyst.

    The best business analyst resume summary shows all the business analyst skills and achievements at once. You only have a few seconds to catch the attention of the hiring manager, a good resume summary must be able to do that.

    So, write an objective when :

    • you have just graduated out of college and you’re starting your career.
    • you are transitioning from one position to another.
    • you are transitioning from one industry to another.
    • you are changing your career from something else to a business analyst.

    A resume objective is pretty different from a resume summary as in that it explains where you are now and where you are going. Then it can also highlight what relevant business analytic skills and value you will be bringing with you.

    Use a compelling offer to make your business analyst resume summary and objective compelling. Provide a unique solution for a problem that the employers are looking to solve.

  • Describe Your Business Analyst Experience
  • Assume that the person who will read your business analyst resume first is a standard HR recruiter. The person only has a vague knowledge of what your role involves. So, you need to make your complex responsibilities simple and easy to understand.

    Let’s also assume that part of your experience is building a financial model that analyzes current customer trends. At the same time, that may be overwhelming for the HR recruiter.

    Try to add some accomplishments under every position on your resume. Remember to break down your accomplishments in detail.

  • Mention your qualification
  • It is a very simple process of listing your education is simple.

    You must add the necessary information:

    • The degree you have received.
    • Your majors and minors.
    • Name of your school.
    • The location of your school.
    • Your graduation year.

    Try adding a coursework description or extracurricular activities. Adding information about your classes and clubs that you were part of, as it is a great way to fill up an entry-level business analyst resume.

    All you need to do is select the course that matches the knowledge posted in the job offer.

    Try listing your degrees in reverse-chronological order. Don’t add your CGPA if you graduated ages ago. Also, remember to provide the location of your university. When it is relevant, match your achievements to the business analyst job description.

  • Add all the required business analyst skills
  • Usually, a Business Analyst Skills and Responsibilities contains :

    • Compelling communication skills with the ability to convey complex ideas.
    • Great analytical skills, ability to identify problems, research issues, and provide solutions.
    • Can manage a team and participate in team project planning.
    • Compelling communication skills with the ability to convey complex ideas.
    • Great analytical skills, ability to identify problems, research issues, and provide solutions.
    • Can manage a team and participate in team project planning.

    The key is to match the business analyst skills and duties from your previous roles to those you find in the business analyst job description.

    Some Business Analyst Skills that you can add to a Business Analyst Resume

    • Analytical Skills
    • Verbal and Written Communication skills
    • Public Speaking
    • Attention to Detail
    • Defining Solutions and Scope
    • Organizational Skills
    • Financial Analysis and Modeling
    • Adaptability
    • Collaboration Skills
    • Problem Solving Skills
    • Flexibility
    • Risk Analysis and Management

    To make an impressive business analyst skills section, list your best skills.

    Always remember, the best place to add any technical skills or software is the skills section. It is also, a good idea to show the hiring managers that you're skilled with the latest technology they already use and the ones they might require in the future.

  • Add additional sections to make an effective resume
  • Add an additional section if you have:

    • Any relevant licenses or certifications
    • Published anything or win industry awards
    • Participated in or speak at conferences
    • Hobbies reflecting the company’s culture

    This will be incredibly beneficial as long as it is relevant. Other things to consider:

    • Volunteer Experience: This some can help in showing that you're a great culture fit.
    • Industry Blog: You can write some blogs, and you will have an audience to support company goals.
    • Industry Awards: You will become an all-star, and this will show that you will bring prestige to the organization.

    Once you have completed your business analyst resume highlights you may require to make some cuts. If your resume is more than one page long, you may need to cut it by deleting the extra sections first.

  • Writing a business analyst cover letter(cv) will help you
  • Cover letters are still very important for securing the job. Your business analyst cv must work with your business analyst resume, offering the hiring manager the most eye-catching and important aspects of you.

    If you write a suitable business analyst cv well, it will work as a quick and impressive picture of your career that will do two things:

    • Proves how good your written communication skills and attention to detail are.
    • Explains all of the roles, gaps, or career changes that may need to be explained.

    Make sure to address this business analyst cv to the person who will be reading it. And you don’t need to worry, if you are more of a technical person, you do not need to write a very long resume.

    A short business analyst cv will work for most of the business analyst positions.

    The only point you must keep in mind is the need to avoid repeating your resume for a business analyst. As a cv must complement a resume not repeat them.

    In addition, a good business analyst cv that matches a business analyst resume will definitely help you gain an advantage over other candidates.

Here are some key points that you must remember while writing a business analyst resume:

  • Try to cover all your employer’s expectations in the resume. While this may take a bit of examination, that is what you are supposed to do best.
  • Most employers will explain to you what they’re looking for via job descriptions.
  • Hiring managers definitely want to hire you. All you need to do is to prove that you understand their needs and will be able to fulfill their requirements as an employee.
  • Try making it about them, and you will be position yourself as an all-star, above the rest in their list.

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Career Expert at CV Owl

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