How Unlock 2.0 will affect your job hunt

“With the continued tear of coronavirus across the world, the major trouble to the job seekers.”


It is estimated that four out of five people (81 per cent) in the global workforce of 3.3 billion are currently affected by full or partial workplace closure.The COVID-19 crisis will be a stimulant to unprecedented changes in every industry.

Every industry will be obligated to reform and restructure in order to modify into the new realities that will emerge. According to a survey, 22% of workers lost jobs and 31% have faced partial unemployment due to lockdown.The informal sector is the greatest sufferer from the employment losses.

The Ministry of Home Affairs MHA has extended the lockdown in containment zones till 31st July and has released a new set of guidelines for Unlock 2.0 in India. More activities are opening outside the containment zones, which could be a hope for the people searching for jobs. Following all the precautions and abiding by the guidelines of unlock 2.0 at our workspaces can prevent the exponential growth of the virus in the country.

Attempts to fully utilise the existing testing capacity and the constant efforts being made to expand it, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said we must battle the fear and stigma by highlighting the high number of those recovering and start planning for unlock 2.0 and how to minimise all possibilities of harm to the people.

Majorly after the unlock 2.0 many organizations and industries are taking significant steps to mitigate the spread of the disease. Employers are taking substantial steps to ensure the safety of their employees by cancelling the conferences, encouraging employees to work from home, reminding them to wash hands, having proper sanitation for their well-being.

With the focus on healthy staff, companies are looking at various alternatives and policies for the hiring process which is in betterment and safety of both the recruiter and the job seeker.

The coronavirus has undoubtedly marked impact on the job seekers due to the change in the recruiting policies of the various companies but with the new guidelines of unlock 2.0, everything has been granted the permission for normal functioning except the educational institutes, international flights, metro rail services, large gathering areas. This could make the companies and industries to engage in the hiring process and create opportunities for job seekers.

The new unlock 2.0 also restricts the movement of people from 10 pm to 5 am across India, anywhere and everywhere but this can be considered as an advantage of unlock 2.0 if people start to work in shifts so that more number of people can have the opportunity to work in the allotted time.

The major importance of employment generation schemes will not only keep up the high spirit of the affected workers but also produce huge demand which is required for the confidence of industrialists and inventors for productive activities in the economy.

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Hirings halted

Many of the organizations have frozen recruitment practices completely due to this virus. This stopping could have a negative impact on the business, the current employees and the freshers. There is a modest decline in the business outlook rating over the last two months.

Changes in the hiring processes :

  • Online recruitments
  • However unlock 2.0 created a ray of hope for the job hunters, the hiring process is still to undergo a drastic change but at present hiring has all shifted to online mode to minimise the gathering and considering safety as the utmost importance.

  • Online mode of interviews
  • Regardless of sanction for beginning the work with full operation after the unlock 2.0, the safety concern is still a major factor which still halts the hiring.The switching of in-person interviews with the online platform can prevent the spread of the virus.


  • Delay in hiring
  • Even though unlock 2.0 allows the offices to fully function, the recruitments are taking place online in some of the companies but the final joining is at halt which keeps the candidate hung in the middle.

Being explicit about the new developments of the company and imparting the same to the job seekers or the current employees can be a bonus.

With the Unlock 2.0 strategy, the evolution in the earlier policies at the workspaces will be a key across all the companies and is expected to have a brand new normal everywhere. With the immediate execution, the emphasis will be on job security. People with existing considerations will be reluctant to leave their jobs and open to explore new opportunities.

There will be a huge difference in the mindsets of the people towards a change in their lives and jobs. Throughout the time of working from home has impacted greatly one way or the other. If continuing with virtual working, dependency on digital tools, demand for E-learning and training will be huge which again can create opportunities for people to work being at their comfort zones.

Come On.. Lets Discuss it one to one
Come On.. Lets Discuss it one to one “We would love to help you create your CV. You can connect with us at and consult an expert.”

Presently recruiting sectors

    Various sectors have started to hire people for the proper, safer and modern way to expand their growth taking in all the precautions


  • Healthcare
  • Health care is delivered by health professionals in allied health fields.As the whole world is under pandemic, people are more concerned about their health.Healthcare comprising hospitals, medical equipment, diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, medical tourism and telemedicine is poised for tremendous growth.

    This sector will certainly benefit a lot from schemes like Awaz Health Insurance Scheme, Aam Aadmi Bima Yojana, Bhamashah Swasthya Bima Yojana, Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) and other health care expenditures, by the government. Digital health will impact the entire value chain – from testing, medicines, and health cards, to telemedicine and need to sprout their staff which will definitely boost the opportunities in the coming days.

  • Life sciences
  • The life sciences industry is at the base of developing the tests and treatments for COVID-19 and getting them to the people around the world.At this critical time, life sciences companies are also challenged to continue to advance treatments.

    Creating more of virtual involvement among the people and the healthcare facilitators considering all the safety measures. The companies are looking forward to expanding their staff through greater flexibility and the various modern technologies . With an emphasis on the human aspect of people can turn this challenging time into an opportunity to better serve jobless.

  • Technology Industries
  • With the Unlock 2.0, almost everything is becoming back to normal, many companies and organisations are switching to the involvement of robots so as to have minimum engagement of humans for the low spread of the virus from human to human contact. This can boost the robots manufacturing industries which can create jobs to hire more and more people to meet the higher demands.

  • Pharma Companies
  • A survey concluded that as far as the pharma sector is concerned, a definite long-term change will be an increase in demand for factory workers globally, as companies lessen their dependence on China.

    Experts say that “The pullback in economic activity due to Covid19 will slow the pace of hiring in the immediate future, but looking further out, the crisis is likely to reshape the recruiting landscape as employers and governments respond to problems and redefine how and where work gets done.” Substantial pharma manufacturing of generics and if it increases capacity through immediate investment, it stands to gain as possibly the biggest manufacturer and exporter of pharma generics and APIs in the world.

  • Tech Companies
  • With remote working becoming the ‘new normal’ due to the coronavirus outbreak, virtual collaboration applications with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Goto Meetings , Cisco Webex etc have witnessed exponential growth in the last few months. Almost everything has been converted and linked with the virtual platforms which can be a flicker of hope for the job hunters.


  • Freight carriers
  • Transportation is a wide field that includes job titles ranging from aircraft pilot to yardmaster. Whether it involves planning travel, moving of materials, or transporting people or goods from one place to another, there are many different roles available for those interested in working in the transportation sector.

    Review job titles, career options, job descriptions, in-demand jobs, and salary information for transportation and material moving occupations.

    Jobs in the transportation sector include jobs in industries that transport passengers and cargo via rail, airplane, boat, bus, transit system, and other modes of private and public transportation.

    People have switched to buy things online rather than being a part of the long queue where the risk of getting in contact with the virus is more, the companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Grofers, Bigbasket etc are hiring now as there is a surge in these kinds of jobs.

  • Education Sectors
  • One of the worst hit by the Covid-19 pandemic has been the education sector. The closure of schools, colleges and universities around the world has affected over 87% of all the world’s students, according to a UNESCO report. Classes have been suspended and exams at different levels postponed.

    Considering the positive part the online educational platforms like the Byju's, Educomp, Leannext etc can hire more number of people so as to create more of the content for the students and make a hassle free learning

  • Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG)
  • According to the letter, addressed to the ministry of food processing industries and the empowered committee on supply chain & logistics, as the companies ramp up operations, there is an urgent need to enhance labour footprint within norms of social distancing to augment essential food availability.The letter has also sought relief from the Factories Act and requested that governments clear 12-hour work days with overtime pay, against the stipulated eight hours, in all states.

    The brands like ITC Limited, Dabur, Parle Agro, Amul etc have seen a lot more demands and to fulfill them all these brands are hiring people so as to reach the desired output.

Moving jobs in the few above mentioned organisations and industries which are recognised as least impacted sectors here the candidates have more certainty around the long term prospects The hiring is open but people who can work and contribute in these sectors can hunt for jobs keeping in mind the precautions and their health at priority.

Switching jobs during this time of pandemic is not a good decision, rather assessing ourselves and the changes for which we are looking forward if all that can be done with the current company can be more relevant.

Building a career within the existing company is the best option as all our colleagues are aware of our skillets and capabilities. Starting a new job would require us to create a space and prove ourselves which can be challenging right now.

Believing that if we are in the correct sector with a company which is growing, we will grow as a professional. Knowing what you need to do with considering all the factors we need to start looking in that way as competition is higher than before with less number of positions open, we need to know the best of our skills and have the perfect resume to fit in completely for that position in the respective company.

There are very strong professionals who are active job seekers and companies which identify them have a higher possibility of success.

Written By :
Shivangi Jaiswal
Career Expert at CV Owl

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