How will the Job Market be affected after the lockdown ends?

As the Corona virus outbreak is spreading like wildfire, many sectors of India have come crashing down - share market, industries, transportation, economy and employment. Now that the testing of Coronavirus escalated throughout the country, the true picture was soon floating on the surface for the people and the authorities to understand how grave the situation is.

Corona virus has led us to contemplate the uncertainties in life and most importantly fight with the constant thought of either your company will keep you as an employee or will slash you off claiming to save some bucks.

Although we hope that your job is in safe hands but still just to have a backup plan, here's a list of the real world issues that the people might have to face. We are making you aware of those so that they happen, you can be prepared to face these foreseeable difficult situations effectively!

Newly graduates will find it difficult to get themselves a suitable job

Active job searching has always been a tedious affair for many, if not all newly graduate students. You complete your degree from college, make yourself a resume, apply for jobs in various companies, appear for interviews and on more occasions, come back home empty handed and feeling dejected.

Now with the introduction of a nationwide lockdown, things appear to be more difficult than it was in previous times.The companies are trying to recover the losses incurred during the lockdown, by reducing employment opportunities.

Most of the companies are reducing the number of employees and will restore to not taking any new employees. It's simple maths. Yes, lockdown has caused that much damage to the Indian economy.

Economists and analysts are of the opinion the newly graduates are going to get hampered the most after the lockdown is over for the nation. Vacancies will be less, and even lesser will be the pay scale.

  • You may have to consider taking up a freelancing job.
  • You may have to lower your salary demands.
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Difficulty in finding internship opportunities

Over the years, a culture of doing internships from the college days has been brewing in our society. Though this culture took some time to spread its roots. Several companies such as LinkedIn and Internshala were fuelling this culture more and more into the Indian colleges in order to make the students more familiar with the concepts of employment which can be learnt earlier in life.

However, the nationwide lockdown somehow put a break to this culture of finding and doing internships. Just as the proper functioning of the nation took a back foot, so did the internships too.

  • You may have to face a lack of internship opportunities

  • Employment experts are of the opinion that the students pursuing their studies in college willing to do internships are going to face a dearth of internships in their desired companies.

  • You may have to look for references in companies

  • In such a situation where internship opportunities are less, students looking for internships will have to work extra hard and go an extra mile to get themselves a decent internship. Students have to go search for references in the companies who are willing to recommend you to the employment team.

  • You may have to consider working without a remuneration

  • Students in dire need of the internship will be heartbroken to know that they might have to do an internship without expecting a handsome remuneration. Many students will have to settle for such internships that either pay you less or don't pay you at all.

While doing internships, you have to keep in mind that the sole purpose of doing internships to get yourself a desirable job. Even if you have to get internships through references and recommendations, work more for less or no pay, you have to consider the bigger picture - landing with a decent job.

What if my company fired me amid this lockdown?

No matter how hard it is to hear this, but truth be told, losing your job during the lockdown is a major possibility. Yes, you heard us right! The imposed lockdown has brought the economy down by a large margin and as the economy was lowered, so was the employment rate.

Many companies have opted to cut down on employees in order to manage their losses incurred during the almost two month long lockdown.

  • After the lockdown was enforced in the country, a source says that nearly 470 people working in eight IT and ITeS companies in Bangalore have lost their jobs or were forced to resign their companies, while the salary of many others working in different firms were slashed to half.
  • Similar news came from another part of the country, where a large proportion of employees in at least one firm in West Bengal were sent on unpaid leave while salary cuts were implemented in at least four different companies.


Should I start looking for a new job now?

No matter how hard it gets, losing hope is never an option because when life gives you lemons, you have to make lemonade. Even when the situation is and continues to be difficult during and post the lockdown, you will have to make the ends meet. You might or might not be the sole earner of your family, but looking for jobs post lockdown is a necessity.

  • Apply for jobs

  • Now that you have loads of spare time in the lockdown, make your days productive by applying for jobs in your desired field. Create your account in various job searching websites such as LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, CV Owl and Naukri.

  • Be prepared

  • By searching for jobs in the above mentioned websites, you'll be able get hold of the market demand. Note down all the skills you already have and make a list of the skills that you need to learn which are required for the jobs you're applying for.

What are the best resources available to help me find a job?

The only way to be successful is to be resourceful. In this current scenario of the job market, where a dearth of job opportunities are surfacing, being resourceful and relevant in your desired field is the only aspect that will put you forward while most of the crowd lingers behind.

  • Be in touch with job searching websites regularly

  • Applying for jobs through LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, CV Owl and Naukri will keep you proactive. Being in touch with the job market, searching through various jobs online will help you stay updated with what's going on in the industry, what are the requirements needed now-a-days. In this way, you'll stay relevant to and resourceful in your desired field. .

  • New skills everyday

  • In all the time that you have now, develop as many hard skills as you can. Learn a new foreign language, do an online certificate course or complete an online degree course you always wanted to do. Research more on computer programming and machine operations and improve your skills in these more. You can improve your writing skills and English proficiency through blog writing and voracious reading.

Here's a list of websites you can learn new skills from -

Most importantly, work dedicatedly towards improving the quality of your resume. Your resume is the first thing that you send to a company and is reviewed by an employer even before he/she sees you.
So, the first impression is the last impression, right?

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