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How important is LinkedIn while job hunting

LinkedIn should be part of your overall job search strategy

Many recruiters or hiring managers, their first step after receiving a resume or job search application is to look up the candidate on LinkedIn.

Most companies have now started to focus more on online applications, and it is more common than ever to see a LinkedIn section near the resume upload tool, where you can upload your LinkedIn profile. If it is well organized, this is a huge advantage since potential hiring managers will not only be viewing your resume but your LinkedIn profile as well.

At least 10 lakh jobs have been offered through a jobs portal launched 10 days ago by the Delhi government, employment minister Gopal Rai said at a press briefing on Friday. Hailing this as a new “Delhi model” for success, he also said over 6,000 companies have advertised on the web portal and nine lakh vacancies are still open for applying.

Our employment minister said “ Following the coronavirus lockdown, a large number of people faced unemployment in Delhi. Companies had a shortage of workers after many of them left Delhi in the lockdown.” 

“Considering this, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal launched this job portal — the Rozgar Bazar. It has created a new model to get the economy back on track and offer employment to people,” he added.

The minister said that the web job portal had received 22 lakh job advertisements since its launch and the government had created a task force to verify them.

The new job portal launch is a good initiative for all the job seekers. Along with looking for jobs on job search portals, people should give equal importance to the LinkedIn job search. Both can be beneficial for the job seekers and hence can help them excel in life.

LinkedIn search is a very easy, new way to maintain a lot of connections that may be helpful in your career. With just a quick message you can connect with all your professional contacts.

If you’re in a job search, you can let recruiters and your network on LinkedIn know you’re open to new job opportunities. If you are particular about your job type and the preferable location, LinkedIn will help your profile show up in search results when recruiters look for suitable job candidates.

90% of employers are researching and checking the LinkedIn profiles of candidates who apply to their openings. If you are actively job searching, but you're not engaging on the LinkedIn search you are missing out on essential opportunities!

With so many job search sites out there, you may want to put your resume upon a number of them to get one that you desire for but LinkedIn gives all this in one place. Rather than surfing on various job search sites which might take a lot of your time, it is always suggested to prefer the ways where you can get all the options at one search.

This is great because, for some of you, it’s risky to state on LinkedIn that you’re on a job search. Think about what might happen if your boss goes to your Profile and sees you advertising yourself to other employers. 

That could be a very uncomfortable conversation. This LinkedIn search feature “hides” your signal from your current employer. That’s why this feature is a great one to use. It works behind the scenes. The job search sites only show the information that you are looking for most simply.

If you are interested in posting your resume online, some job search sites offer the option to build a free online resume. Also, some companies allow you to submit the resume from the site directly to job search sites or employers online.LinkedIn search can make your work simpler by just the click of a mouse and your work is done.

You can vastly accelerate any career change, job search, or business start-up on Linkedin search and job portal/careers portal both. These platforms can filter the jobs that you are targeting.

If you are feeling anxious because you are between jobs, get help from job search sites, these can be very helpful for reaching your goal.

According to LinkedIn, more than 90% of recruiters search LinkedIn for job candidates. They know that most of the talented applicants are already working. They want to find you, and by using this feature, you will enable recruiters to locate you more easily. 

LinkedIn job search strategy

Well if you are still not convinced of using LinkedIn as an essential partner in your job search, you will be missing out on a lot. Linkedin search is an easier way to target for what you wish to search in a very concise way.

  • You're missing the opportunity to position yourself as a thought leader or subject matter expert.
  • You're missing the opportunity to connect with companies you want to work for and employees of those companies. 
  • You're missing the opportunity to connect with others in your network who may know about positions that would interest you.
  • You're missing out on being seen by recruiters and employers who are on LinkedIn researching and contacting qualified candidates for openings they have right now.

Here are some tips to help you engage:

  • Follow companies you're interested in.
  • Find employees of those companies and connect with them. Like/comment on their posts contributing a thoughtful commentary to the conversation - not just saying "I like your post."
  • Start posting updates with advice or thoughts in your area of expertise. Share how you'd resolve a common problem or share a unique perspective.
  • Write about specialized areas of knowledge in an article.
  • If you prefer not to write updates, find news stories relevant to your field, and share them with a brief comment.
  • Turn On Your Notice to Recruiters

It depends on how you want to be perceived (whether right or wrong). Being on LinkedIn search shows your work history, your abilities, and (in theory) your use of computer skills. It also highlights your communication style, your ability to proofread, spell correctly, use proper grammar, be thorough, community involvement, and more.

Do you need to have an account? No. It's not 'required'. However, it's suggested to have a professional account for your job search on the job portals/careers portal. Can it work in your favor? Sometimes yes and sometimes no.

LinkedIn search enhances a lot of your skills as the best and goal-oriented search can be done within seconds. LinkedIn search gives you the idea of how and where your peers are at present, which company they are working, and much more. LinkedIn search also gives you a platform to connect to your friends professionally.

LinkedIn searching provides a platform for people in various industries or people with similar interests to share content, find answers, post, and view jobs search, make business contacts, and establish themselves as experts. 

You can have groups based on your interest. You may join up to 100 different groups. You can participate in Group discussions by liking, commenting upon, or sharing a thread. By doing so, you have an opportunity to raise your visibility on LinkedIn, and that may lead to more connections that could be helpful to you in your search.

If you’re a job seeker, a good first step is to think about what skills you have based on previous jobs and other experiences like volunteer work or side projects. The skills you possess can make all the difference when it comes to being considered for a job. 

87% of hirers agree the skills candidate lists are crucial for them as they vet them, and members with 5 or more skills listed on their LinkedIn searching profile are discovered up to 27X more in searches by recruiters. Be sure to highlight both hard and soft skills on your profile to help round out your capabilities to recruiters. 

For example, if you have experience in marketing, you may include soft skills like communication or leadership and hard skills like data analysis. You can also verify your hard skills by taking a Skill Assessment to showcase your proficiency on your profile, which makes you up to 30% more likely to land the job.

Having command over LinkedIn search can make you more proficient in job search and you can utilize your time more effectively.

Being able to articulate your skills and how you can apply them to a job during the interview phase of the hiring process is, well, a skill in itself. LinkedIn interview prep tools help you answer the most commonly asked interview questions, and now offers real-time feedback on your practice answers. 

Infusing both your soft and hard skills during an interview will provide concrete examples as to why you’re the right person to take on the role. For example, you might get a question about a time you had to manage conflicting priorities. This would be an opportunity to talk about skills such as clear communication, problem-solving, and time management. 

Online learning is a great way to build skills to help you stand out and land opportunities. Across March, April and May, we’ve seen learners watch 140% more hours of LinkedIn Learning content compared to the three months prior, as people look to ensure they have the skills required for the rapidly changing workplace.

LinkedIn search has become an important platform for job seekers in recent years. With over 400 million users worldwide, it hasn’t reached the scope of Facebook yet, but given that it is growing by two new members per second, it may not be long before that happens. 

The global economy makes having connections all over the world more necessary, and LinkedIn can assist you with that. Additionally, you can use LinkedIn to help you learn about companies that you might be interested in working for, and you can also use it to job search by using its Job Search feature. 

I know some people who start an account with LinkedIn and then forget about it. That is worse than having no account at all. Do yourself a favor and work on getting your LinkedIn profile up to date and ready for prime time. If you need help, there are resources for getting any level of support you may need. Just do it. You won’t be sorry. 

If you have a specialized position and you find someone who is NOT on Linkedin, then they are probably not being bombarded by recruiters who found their info on Linkedin search. If you'd like to be bombarded on Linkedin search by recruiters or hiring managers, yes, get on Linkedin the sooner, the better.

Shivangi Jaiswal
Career Expert at CV Owl