Here’s How To Ask For A Promotion In 5 Practical Steps

If opportunities don’t knock the door, Build one

Any employee would look forward to keeping moving through promotion in career. We do not want to stay in the same designation accepting the same payment till our retirement.

Be it work or a personal thing, we always keep looking if there is any step next to us and try to climb higher and higher. As for official purposes like your job, we would want to attain job promotion. 

Haven’t you been in the same position for a while? Don’t you want a promotion in career? Mandatorily, we look for a promotion and a raise. But how often do we come forward to ask for a promotion? Almost never. Right?

Or you would just want to scoot over to another department with the same position or a promotion.

To ask for a promotion is a very sensitive and tricky task to do as asking for a job promotion might create a vast change to your position. Ending up probably positive, but sometimes it may go utter negative. 

To ask for a promotion voluntarily is no less than a “Do or Die” situation because this stage is either going to result in your promotion for good or break your bridges and cause risk at your job.

Any minute thing could even affect your promotion in career. From mean colleagues to your bossy boss. Oh yes! Below are some practical steps which may help you come up bold and just to go forward to ask for a promotion. To make your decision regarding promotion in career easy.

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5 Practical steps to facilitate your journey towards promotion in career.

  • Even before you get into action to ask for a promotion, set yourself into a place where you could just show how apt you are for a promotion. Anything is better proven when shown rather than told. 

    Pile up your previous accomplishment and display how much an impact your presence has created for the company. Keep your resumes updated, be it a short term course, a small workshop, add your certificates to your resumes, and show your power. 

    Upgrade yourself well in order to have maximum skills for your updated resume and an outstanding credibility in job-related platforms to grab the attention of the higher officials and show your stand rather than posting any explanations. 

    Here are some of the tricks to go for an outstanding LinkedIn profile in the link attached. (Thank me later!)

    If you are going to stay calm and cozy you will be unnoticed. You can not come up to ask for a promotion if your boss doesn’t really know you and what you have accomplished. Keep yourself and your works visible in the eyes of the management. To go bold to ask for a promotion .

  • When you are resolved to ask for a promotion, analyze and inspect the time and situation. Knowing about the status quo of your company is the first aid to grab laurels. 

    Examine yourself well, setting your necessities aside. Put yourself in the point of view of the HR Manager or the members of the board and think if you could, as  recruiter shortlist the candidate with a resume drafted with qualifications, skills, and experience as same as you for a promotion or placement for a job you are dreaming for.

    Sometimes we get blind in the process of gaining promotion in the career that we do not think of if we suit the qualification. Know if you are really ready and are capable of meeting the needs and processes whatever it takes to ask for a promotion.

    Some might be working hard for many years for job promotion and still be in the same position. If you are new to the company, then see if it is really reasonable for you to think to ask for a promotion.

    Sit quietly and calm yourself down. Settle your mind and decide if you really need a job promotion and are capable of one. Ask yourself certain questions and make a mindful and reasonable decision.

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  • But before making others know your compatibility, in the first place, take yourself seriously. Think about yourself and before you go for it. 

    Widen your view and opportunity about the job promotion and always be ready for a NO. 

    One of the main activities you got to perform before you ask for a promotion in qualification is the conduction of proper research. Research and come to knowledge about the position you are rooting for. Also, consider the process it takes to be reached for promotion in career.

    Think and research in a wide view and do not leave out any chance which could take you to a job promotion. Also, note down anything which could break your chance of getting a promotion in career.

    Look out for the people you should meet to ask for a promotion and grab a good name with them. They may be your HR Manager or the board of directors of the management.

    Know what your boss actually needs and work to accomplish as per his expectations. Also, be modest and decent in your daily work to get an overall good name from your colleagues which might impress your boss. 

    Use your strength wisely knowing the requirements of the management. Your weakness? Yes, also learn to use and control your weakness for the good of the company.

    Know about the situation and its necessities well as always be ready with a solution to offer to fix issues. Know about every single thing about the company and satisfy its necessity. To be honest, Scheme your way for a promotion. 

  • The most effective and practical way to ask for a promotion without any doubt is by being the best at your work. As simple as that. Be choosy in opting for a project and choose those projects which are effective and most likely to create a good impact on the company. This may directly lead you towards promotion in career.

    Be a positive team player and accomplish your leadership qualities suitably without being bossy to show that you deserve a promotion in your career before you straightaway ask for a promotion. 

    Accept the feedback both positive and negative with an open hand and take it in a positive manner. Accept your flaws with positivity and work hard and dedicated to constructively come out good before you ask for a promotion.

    Before you ask for a promotion, consider consulting professional experts and career counselors. They might make you prepared by giving suggestions. They know and will suggest to you if you are really ready or not to ask for a promotion in your career. 

    You can always seek help. Just know where to fetch help regarding your career queries and feel free to use the medium.

    Work hard and dedicated to improving both your hard and soft skills whichever is best and that can be helpful for your way to promotion in your career. Never stop improving yourself and adding value to your resume to be the best of yourself which may benefit the company.

    Sometimes you might not know, so seek help if you are cluttered with confusion regarding a job promotion. Put a lot of thought before you get into action to ask for a promotion.

    “If you say yes too much, your performance will drop.
    If you say no, you do not look like a team player.
    So make optimum and wise decisions.

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  • While you are all set to ask for a promotion, don’t show that your desire for job promotion is for your personal good and benefits and a raise in pay. Instead, show the benefits the company would get if they appoint you at a higher position. 

    Share your views and strategies about the future development of the company. Show how much of farsightedness you own for the company's success and development in the future. 

  • Where do you see your company in 5 years?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5years from now?
  • After years from now, what position do you want to be in?
  • What accomplishments are you going to bring for the firm being in the position? 

Got an answer? 

Looks like a well made future plan! Now show the management your will and wish in the name of plans about the company’s future goals and development.

Work hard and dedicated and bring out efficiency in work by prioritizing your company over your personal needs. Work feverishly to accomplish the tasks assigned to you in order to meet the deadlines. 

Own the projects from the beginning till the end and put yourself completely into it. Extract the best out of you for the good of the company. Take responsibility for the project in whatever state it is in and always watch out for it.

You may not own the company or even manage it as a higher official, but always believe within you than you own the company and work hard for the company you work as if it's the company you own and owe for. And thereby bringing value to the business. 

Check for the possibilities and grab the chances which may benefit the company with open hands and take an oath for yourself that you will keep up the name and fame of the company. 

Ask for what you seek:

The above steps may not be your aiding kit to readily grab your promotion. But this may help in keeping you ready and informed to ask for a promotion. So boost up your courage and confidence and march towards your promotion in career. 

Congratulations in advance!

Written By :

Kirupa Ranjani Venkatesh
Career Expert at CV Owl

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