Things you must do on LinkedIn

Networking is not just about connecting people. It's about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities.

The world we live in today is propelled forward solely by the force and vision of people. Networking, hence, is bringing together ideas in hopes that they manifest into global phenomena.

LinkedIn, an American professional networking site, launched in 2003, has proven to be instrumental in bringing together people to induce such change. As investors, we spend hours looking for the right business to invest in but rarely put in the effort in ourselves.

Although LinkedIn is an invaluable tool to help individuals develop their own branding, very few people are able to tap into its full potential and propel their careers in a way that aligns with their employment goals.

Here are 10 ways to help you utilise your LinkedIn profile to the fullest.

10 Things you must do on your LinkedIn Account

  • The Correct Profile Picture
  • Your account on LinkedIn aims to portray you as a professional willing to offer invaluable services to target employers. As is the case, your profile picture acts as your calling card, allowing prospective connections to form certain notions about you as a professional.

    While there exist many aspects to achieve the perfect picture, it's generally wise to avoid long-distance shots, have recent pictures, and maintain a neutral yet genuine smile.

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  • Expand your Headline
  • Plainly stating your job title in your headline can come off as monotonous.

    Use the space to express your understanding of the job title, explain your work, and what drives you. Take inspiration from sales reps, who usually have a good command over social selling, and build your headline in a similar way.

  • Having a Good Summary
  • Many experts believe that a summary is not only a crucial part of your profile but gives you the chance to be candid about your life story. Surprisingly, very few people bother with having one in the first place.

    Avoid going down the old road of mentioning just your job titles and skills. Take this opportunity to completely personalise this space and mention your journey. State why your skills matter and the difference they've made in your life and those of your peers.

    Take out time to pen it down and consult people you know. It is essentially an advertisement for you, so make it worthwhile.

  • Let the empty Buzz Die
  • Buzzwords are adjectives and action words which are thrown around feverishly and frivolously until they lose all meaning.

    Words like ‘focused’, ‘experienced’, ‘strategic’, and ‘expert’, are statistically overused and often tend to get overlooked because of the same. While these action words feature heavily everywhere, completely doing away with them would be a tedious task.

    Hence, it is important to realise that your image in the eyes of fellow members is built not only on such a description but also your quality of work and maintenance of your profile .

  • Broaden your Network
  • To utilise the application to its fullest, keeping dynamic and vibrant connections is imperative. Synching your email address to your LinkedIn profile will help you get relevant profile suggestions. This is extremely effective in surfacing and building mutual connections and expanding your network.

    Since professionals are constantly moving in and out of social circles, meeting and interacting with people, it can be extremely difficult to track down a prospective employer or candidate. Make sure you follow up conversations with LinkedIn connection requests, to keep your network up to date.


  • Endorsements
  • Getting endorsed by fellow members increases your credibility in the eyes of prospective clients, further propelling your profile to the good books of anyone who may chance upon it.

    Although endorsements aren't exactly specialised, identify connections whose endorsements you'd really value on a professional level. Start by selecting a few connections whom you genuinely wish to endorse. This urges them to return the favour.

  • Recommendations
  • On a quick glance, endorsements substantiate your skills and showcase what you are generally good at and known for. Good recommendations take that further.

    Well written recommendations are glowing testimonials of individuals who share their positive experience of knowing and working with you. Make sure they are written in detail, and quantify your achievements for maximum impact. Carefully approach selected individuals from the Recommendation section of your profile. Personalise these requests as it is certainly worth the effort.

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  • Share!
  • Imagine your LinkedIn profile as a gathering of like-minded people, staying quiet in such a situation would be a crime.

    Start a conversation by either publishing relevant posts or sharing content on your feed.

    Posting regular and well-written content is sure to boost your network and set the ball rolling for future conversations and connections.

    Commenting on posts is also a great way to let people know that not only are you intrigued by their content but would also like to, formally, build a better connection.

  • Never Quit Learning
  • In today's day and age, recruiters are looking to hire candidates with a growth mindset.

    Reflect this by adding new and old skills and certifications to your profile.

    Aim to learn relevant skills and increase your arsenal, all the while mentioning the same on your profile. It is bound to help garner favourable attention.

    At the same time, work on building your soft skills as well as being a patient team player is something most employers hold more dearly than possessing technical competency.

  • Assess your Skills
  • Data shows that individuals with verified skillset are 30% more likely to be hired. Hence, invest time in not only gathering and honing such skills but also assessing yourself from time to time.

    Mentioning skills with a Verified Skills badge on your profile acts as proof of your level of competency and helps build your personal branding. Displaying these results is completely voluntary and one can take multiple tests before they wish to post them on their profile.

Head over and edit your profile keeping these tips in mind to ensure an All-Star profile, and reap the benefits of sturdy connections.

Written By :
Kritika Kapoor
Career Expert at CV Owl

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