Top Amazing Tips to Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile

For employers and jobseekers, LinkedIn is a valuable resource. It allows recruiters to find the right talent. And jobseekers to get the best positions at the right places.

However, for every jobseeker to connect with an excellent employer, there’re certain steps one needs to follow while creating a LinkedIn profile. Indeed, your LinkedIn profile is your first contact with a prospective recruiter.

Therefore, let’s look at some top and amazing tips that are useful to enhance your LinkedIn profile.

Amazing Tips to Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile

There’re countless ways to enhance your LinkedIn profile. In order to save you time and effort, you can utilize some of these top ones. Other enhancements can be done over a period of time. These top tips would help you hit the employment market running or develop your network swiftly.

Cover Picture

The cover picture of your LinkedIn profile speaks a lot about your personality. Personally, I use any aesthetic picture that catches my mind. However, for jobseekers, I would recommend using a cover picture that speaks or has some connection to your profession.

It could also be the logo of your present employer, though you might require permission to display it on a LinkedIn profile. Avoid cover pictures that show you with families and friends. If possible, you could use a picture that depicts you conducting a training session or speaking at some conference.

Profile Picture

Over the years, I’ve seen some of the most laughable profile pictures posted on LinkedIn by people. These include pictures wearing sunglasses, headgear, riding a bike or behind the wheel, with spouse or parents and so on.

Now remember, these kinds of pictures are suitable for social media websites but not LinkedIn. Because, LinkedIn can help you get fabulous jobs and develop a fantastic network of professionals around the world.

Instead, use a simple profile picture. It needn’t show you in formal attire. The vital elements of a profile picture are your facial features. Meaning, your face should be clearly visible. Such a headshot can be taken at home or, if necessary, at a studio by some professional. Recruiters aren’t exactly face-readers. But they do consider your expressions and looks to assess your personality.

Skills & Experience

Skills are different from experience. Skills indicate your proficiency at some work. Experience shows the number of years you’re in some profession. The two need not be correlated. Meaning, you could have developed fabulous skills despite shorter experience at work.

Therefore, it’s vital to separate the two while creating that killer LinkedIn profile that stands out, can help in job search and get more professionals to link with you.

Highlight every skill with projects. Indicate how your skills came handy to execute those projects. Also emphasize on out-of-the-box solutions you could use while working on these projects and the skills you could acquire as a result.

This doesn’t mean you should underplay your experience. Write a concise yet power packed summary of your experience that shows career growth and clearly speaks about your value to a past and present employer.

Skills and experience helps you to meet the recruiters need. This is an ideal way to reach out to employers.

Create Daily Posts

Posting content daily on your LinkedIn profile may sound a cumbersome task. Let me assure you: daily posts on LinkedIn works wonders for your profile. You needn’t have skills as content writer or journalist to create these posts or content or articles. Instead, you can merely post an interesting picture you found on some news website. However, ensure that you mention the source.

The best way however is to create a brief, 200 to 300 words post on current issues that concern a large number of people. The content could be anything newsworthy, your personal opinion about something or any latest development in the sector or industry where you work.

Creating posts related to your hobbies is also another way to get noticed. Just in case you’re unaware, your posts are visible to most LinkedIn users. When you write about some hobby, there’re excellent chances that some top professional that shares the same interest will link with you. You can always pitch such professionals as references for a job search.

Update, Update & Update

And finally, update your LinkedIn profile as regularly as you can. For example, if you’ve tried something new at work today and got success, create a post. When an out-of-the-box idea works, include that in your skills.

Another superb way to update your profile is by continuing education. There’re countless free courses from reputed American universities. Find any of these free courses in your area of work, complete them successfully and post the certificate on the LinkedIn profile.

In Conclusion

These top, amazing tips to enhance your LinkedIn profile would definitely prove very helpful if you exert the necessary extra efforts. Nowadays, LinkedIn is a network of choice for top recruiters to find top talent. Therefore, creating that job winning and attractive LinkedIn profile is necessary.

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