Where should I apply for Jobs
after Covid-19?

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all of us and this in result has affected our economy.The lockdown affected different tiers of our society differently and it comes out that it's still the perpetual state of the poor for whom life couldn't be worse. The Virus stands strong ahead of us but still we can wait till the ray of light reaches the lost ship amongst the clouds of terror.

Some of you may be wondering about the job scenario and job search. If you are looking to get hired then it can be a good time for you as many companies are sharply increasing their recruiting process. There are many industries still hiring employees and you can even apply to remote offers according to your qualification.

Who will hire right now?

  • Communication services

    There has been a sudden increase in the technology sector and with the shift towards more digital trends of doing business, a lot of companies are open up for hiring.

    Companies like Zoom and Slack have succeeded in providing people a platform for remote meetings. So, here also we can see the hiring surge.

  • Online Teachers

    Social distancing has resulted in large demand of tutors on various educational websites to provide material and teach students through live classes.

    Edutech companies likeCamp K12 and Lido Learning are hiring tutors to teach online.

  • Health Centers

    Health care organisations surely need employees for administrative assistant jobs and customer service. The job of nurses is also in high demand as it is most crucial at this moment. Many hospitals are hiring people due to the surge in demand.

  • Tech Support

    People are forced to work from home due to the prevention method to fight against covid-19. Specialists in technical areas are high in demand as their skills are needed.

    Companies like DELL, Tech Mahindra and TCS are hiring candidates.

  • Grocery stores and delivery companies

    While the government is only allowing the flow of essentials for the people, a sector like this should have an increase in the headcount of people working here. This might be a great option if you are looking to earn some money part time or to increase your side income.

    Big companies like Amazon and Big basket are hiring on demand delivery drivers.

At these tough times, try to increase your skills

To get through the tough competition after the crisis, this is the best time to build your skills. During this lockdown period you may feel disconnected from society, but you can determinedly establish a routine that may help you achieve your desired goal. In the course of this period you can learn various hard skills that will help you build a good profile.

Here is the list of some hard skills

  • Digital Marketing

    You can learn it online and now the certification of this course is also provided by Google. The opportunities for digital skills are increasing as every company or business is making its presence digital now.

  • Coders

    Computer Programming or coding helps us to learn the language of computers. Further, it helps to build websites, apps and much more. This skill is valuable in itself as it gives you an essence in the modern industry based on technology.

  • Data Literacy

    It is based on understanding data and then analysing it with your critical mind and then using your reasoning skill to work upon it. It is an asset for every company. Not everyone can analyse data in a better manner, which can help companies to grow.
    A professional in this field is required as every company needs someone who can better predict the impact on their business.

  • Learn a New language

    Learning a new language will open up new job opportunities for you. A person who is acquainted with more than two languages always gets an edge over others during interviews. In the learning process, you will also get to know about the foreign culture. This skill will add on to your communication skill. Many schools also want teachers who are qualified enough to teach foreign languages .

  • Project Management

    Many online courses are available for this. You will learn organising things in a better manner and when applying for a job this skill can add value to your resume. In our professional fields, whether we opt a career directly related to it or not, but managing and categorising skills in a proper way is always one wants. This course will make you learn new techniques and strategies that may help you guide a project. Companies also prefer people with diverse skills.

All the above mentioned skills may help you to find your career in different sectors like. Educational, technical or business. You can choose according to your passion and interest.

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What is the best way to help me find a job?

There is definitely work outside for you. You need to approach something best for you. During this time, many people are finding it difficult to find a job. You can follow these tips to help you find a job and build your career.

  • Make it a habit of applying daily

    You should apply daily for the job and it is a full time commitment so you need to keep up with your momentum. You need to search for the job of your preference daily. Make sure that your resume and online profiles are up to date.

  • Be patient

    Some companies may respond slowly and some may not even respond, but you need to have faith in yourself and have patience in you. Keep applying for new opportunities, till you do not catch up with what you want.

  • Set up job alerts

    Download apps such as naukri.com and LinkedIn to get notifications from them about jobs. This will simplify your job search and save your time as you will get updates about a particular field or company you are interested in. When you will notice, and apply early, the recruiter may see your application first and your chances are high.

  • Send out resumes

    Resume is something that will tell, about your background in brief and through an insight into it, companies will be able to see your potential to work. It will showcase your skills in a better manner. Send your updated resumes to companies like indeed, Monster, LinkedIn to help you find your job.

  • Take advantage during COVID-19

    Many organisations are developing resources that are free, for people whose jobs are affected at this time. To help you find a job during the time of this crisis this help is provided. It will ease your search.

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