How to integrate your Accomplishments into your Resume

“Great achievements require great sacrifice”
-Robin Sharma

But what purpose do these sacrifices serve if they don’t push you closer towards your goal?

As you begin writing your resume, you may realize that it takes more than just glorious achievements to get your dream job, you must know how to present them as well.

In a bid to be modest, people tend to underplay their accomplishments, ending up with a resume that reads like a list of job titles and not a narrative of their journey of bringing about positive change in their previous organisations.

Following are a few guidelines to help you portray your past accomplishments in a more effective manner while writing your resume:


    The intense dynamism and competition of today's market require individuals who are constantly learning and educating themselves to avoid both professional and personal stagnation. It also enables recruiters to identify candidates who have a “growth mindset” and hence, quick learners and adaptive in nature. Although all such accomplishments are commendable, they may not all belong on your resume.


    Screen and prioritise your achievements according to the job description and position. If you must, include a few words about your creative pursuits which you can elaborate on in your interview.

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    Every department of an organisation has criteria or threshold on the basis of which they measure success. Identify this criterion for each department you’ve worked for and mention your contribution.

    For example- A restaurant would measure success as an increase in repeat customers, better guest reviews etc


    Once you've established the criteria of success, highlight how you've been instrumental in bringing forward such positive changes in said departments.

    Identify and document the indicators or SOPs which took place in your tenure, which could help you better define your success and accomplishments. For example- As a production manager, how did you help in lowering the average assembly time? And by how much?


    Though the success of most decisions in a workplace is inherently team-based, your role as a leader who drives change is crucial when writing your resume.

    When starting out in the industry, it's easy to identify your achievements as Individual accomplishments. As you move up the hierarchy, your achievements are reflected in your role of a leader or team enabler.

    Mention such instances of team-based accomplishments while highlighting your role as a leader.


    Including statistics and numbers to quantify your achievements immediately makes them attractive to a recruiter trying to gauge the level of impact you've had in past projects.

    Quantify the level of change you orchestrated in your past roles to reach an estimate and mention the same, in bold, in your resume. For example- You may have helped your department cut down on travel expenses by 20%

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    Come On.. Lets Discuss it one to one “We would love to help you create your CV. You can connect with us at and consult an expert.”


    Action words lend a confident and decisive tone to your resume.
    Employ these words to communicate the extent and nature of your accomplishments in a concise manner. For example- begin your statements using words like increased, enhanced, initiated, created etc.


    Contrary to popular belief, one does not need to have monumental accomplishments, to convince an employer of their professional calibre. Minor achievements and contributions like recommending process changes which lead to a more streamlined system or being awarded star employee of the month, are all equally valid and should be featured in your resume.


  • Once you've shortlisted the accomplishments you wish to include, sort through sample resumes and templates to find a format which highlights them in the best way possible!

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