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"Do not rush in! It's a crucial job and every company will be highly picky regarding choosing their retail and customer service employee since you will be directly communicating with the customers and looking after their feed-backs and conveying the same to the company."

If you always had excellent communication skills at the back of your hand, always were confident about what you speak and how you speak to different types of people, and have a command over understanding human behavior, then consider getting a job in an industry where such skills of yours will be put to action.

The retail and customer services have always been a booming career choice for such candidates. As a matter of fact, the retail and customer services section has always been a crucial sector in determining the success of any company. How a company deals with its valuable customers, whether answering their queries or responding to their feed-backs, sets a good reputation for the company in concern.


Making a retail resume may sound easy but it's easier said than done. Before jumping right into making a retail resume for yourself, consider going through some resume samples to understand what things you need to keep in mind while making the same. In this way, you will have a better understanding of the finer details that make or break a deal with a company.

Without further ado, let's consider some tips for writing a retail resume which will come handy while preparing yourself a retail resume.

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What details are to be included in a retail resume?

The little details which need to be present in a retail resume but are mostly overlooked by a candidate are as follows -

Your contact details

Yes, you heard us right. Any resume is incomplete without your contact details. The first thing that any company would be searching for in your retail resume will be your contact details. Since you cannot expect a recruiter to go scanning your resume for your contact details, mention your contact details properly and in bold on top of your retail resume.

Highlight your experience and accomplishments

One of the major tips for writing a retail resume is to highlight your work experience. Since the most important part of securing a retail and customer services job is your prior work experience, mention them in bulletin format. Along with your work experience , highlight the accomplishments you had achieved while working in the concerned companies. If you have received an award or reached a target, mention that too in your retail resume.

Education Section

How will a company know if you have the right knowledge to fit the job profile of retail and customer services? Any recruiting board will understand your capabilities when they look into the education section of your retail resume. Mention details about your college degree, your higher secondary examination and your secondary examination. However, do not go on mentioning how many marks you scored in individual subjects. A simple mentioning of your CGPA will do the job for you.

Something to keep in mind while applying for the role of retail and customer service employee -

Carefully study the requirements of the company before applying and once every requirement box is ticked off from your side, you are ready to apply for the job.

Come On.. Lets Discuss it one to one
Come On.. Lets Discuss it one to one “We would love to help you create your CV. You can connect with us at and consult an expert.”

Some tips for writing retail/customer services resume

Using Keyword effectively

In the world of competition, with hundreds of other applicants behind you, you need to make your retail resume stand out in order to secure the job. Using the right keywords in your retail resume can make or break the deal for you.

For example, if a company wants their candidate to be 'detail-oriented', make sure you use the particular word in your retail resume.

Using action words

One of the most important tips for writing a retail resume is to use action words effectively. An ideal resume example will contain the usage of action words such as "managed", "stocked", "led", "processed" and etc smartly while writing the experience section of your retail resume.

Emphasizing on your skills

When handling valuable customers of a company, your communication skills and understanding of the values of the company come to play. While writing a retail resume for yourself, talk about your interpersonal skills, communication skills and several other soft skills you may have.

Quantifying your skills

Your skills simply stay as some mere words written in your retail resume until and unless you quantify skills. Putting numbers to justify your skills and work experience will definitely provide necessary validation to your retail resume. Putting numbers effectively captures the attention of the concerned employer and helps them understand your skills better.


Emphasizing relevant academic background

If you are ambitious to get a job in the retail and customer service section, you might have to put emphasis on your relevant education background in your retail resume. A retail resume example emphasizing on your education will be having the candidate's business management course, or talk about a seminar attended by the candidate on sales.


Proofreading your retail resume is a must. It is pretty evident a fact that every company's requirement and expectations from a candidate applying for their retail and customer services will be different. So what do you do then? Every time you apply for a new job in a different company, your retail resume should fit the job profile of the concerned company. To make your retail resume outshine others' candidates is to proofread the content of the resume every now and then and make necessary changes according to the company's demands.

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Namratta Sarkar
Career Expert at CV Owl

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