How to Brand Yourself and Increase Your Chances of Getting Hired

“To be able to achieve the role of your choice in today’s competitive job market, you need to make yourself stand out of the crowd which can be achieved by branding.”

William Arruda,” The Personal Branding Guru”, says that “If you want to be successful, you need to think of yourself as a personal brand.”Put simply, personal branding is a representation of “You” on an individual level.”

Branding yourself facilitates your professional growth by making you distinct from others as it clearly emphasizes your attributes and strengths as a brand. Thus, making your resume look unique as well.

The whole process of branding is very subjective to every individual as each one of us has different professional aims and desires. For example, some might aim to get a higher position while others would want more money.

Role of Social Media in Branding

Social Media is an extremely influential and important tool to establish a unique personal identity that makes your resume catch the eye of the employer.

With the growing era of social media’s impact and influence, how you create your brand image is as important as your offline behavior would be. As digital platforms continue to shape perceptions, ensuring a consistent and authentic online presence becomes paramount. In this regard, understanding your audience and tailoring your content accordingly is key. Moreover, recognizing that 90% of Instagram usersfollow a business account highlights the vast potential for establishing meaningful connections and brand loyalty in the digital landscape.

Branding cannot take place overnight. It is a continuous process that takes time and the right blend of tactics.

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Useful Tips on Branding Yourself

  • Building a Strong Resume:
  • Your resume is your primary marketing document. Hence, it is important to make it as professional and updated as possible. Adding clear aims and objectives to your resume helps the employer to hire you as it highlights you among others.

  • Establish Your Presence on Social Media
  • Once you know what exactly your professional aims and objectives are then you can accordingly shape the process of branding yourself on social media.

    For instance, LinkedIn these days provides a platform for us in discovering new job opportunities in our field of work. Thus, you should focus on building and updating your LinkedIn profile.


    Similarly, if you want to target a wider audience you can build your Twitter profile.

  • Define Your Strengths and Expertise
  • A very important step in branding on social media involves defining your strengths and area of expertise.

    You need to showcase what you stand for and how people should recognize you.

    When you talk about your strengths in your resume an employer can have a better perspective of you being suitable for a job or not.

    Everyone's an expert at something. Hence, you should introspect and analyze your specialties to connect with people in a better manner.

    The more unique and engaging your content would be, the more people would follow you which will eventually give a stature of a leader in your chosen field.

  • Analyze Your Unique Value Proposition
  • To excel in your professional life, you need to think about what makes you different than your peers.

    You should include your interests, specialties, and skills in all your social media descriptions. They will serve as key words helping to appear in relevant search results when employers look for such information.

    In your professional life, a powerful value proposition helps the employers or your clients to truly see your value and also reflect on how you can be an asset for them. Also, a strong value proposition helps convey your message clearly and attracts the right prospects for you.

    When crafting your value proposition then you should try to use simple language and avoid industry jargon at all costs.

  • Developing a Strong Brand Statement
  • When you are branding yourself on social media, you would want people to connect with you as a brand. A branding statement clearly defines you as a brand.

    You must always include your area of expertise, the values that you uphold, your mission, and goals that you want to achieve.

    A branding statement should smartly express your identity as well as what your objectives are.

  • Be Pervasive
  • It is always good to have multiple social media channels where you can reach your target audience. A strong social media presence is really significant in personal branding.

    You should try to use your creativity in writing blogs. Social media provides various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter where you can create accounts respectively.

    The active use of social media enables us to build connections, share our work with others.

  • Ensure Consistency
  • You should market yourself on social media in a manner so that people can recall you easily and quickly. For example, you can keep a consistent profile with the same design templates and the same profile pictures to help people remember your profile better.

    You will be able to create an impactful brand image once you really put in efforts in voicing and messaging all across social media.

    For instance, you can select similar themes to design your profile on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

  • Share Content Regularly
  • The more you post on social media, the more public engagement you could gather. Although an excess of everything is harmful, that is why you should note over-post.

    Identify the information posted by you and analyze the pattern that works for you.

  • Update your Profile Regularly
  • It is extremely important for you to update all your professional profile links as well as website links. Keeping your profile links updated helps promote your latest work and attract more traffic towards your brand.

  • Create Appealing Content
  • You need to share the content you write and demonstrate in an appealing manner.You should use different and fresh approaches to express yourself and to make your content look appealing as well as engaging. For more engagement, you can use video content for sharing your content in a more informative way. You can use a free online video maker to edit these videos easily.

    It is also good to occasionally talk about your own achievements as social media is about individuals.

    Sharing information about yourself is good as it gives a glimpse to the audience about who you are as an individual. At the same time, you should remember not to overshare as it might put off your audience.

  • Keep it Neutral
  • You should think of your social media interactions as a part of your resume reflecting your overall personality and professional as well as personal attributes.

    Hence, you should avoid taking extreme stands on alarming social topics such as caste, class, religion, race, etc. You should try to keep your stands as neutral as possible so that it may not be considered offensive by any particular section or group of the society.

  • Join Groups
  • Nowadays, social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn helps you join groups based on your interest and areas of expertise.

    These groups help you to advance your skills, gain knowledge, share your experiences and talents with others, build networks and relationships with like-minded individuals.


    If you are a member of some niche groups then you should focus on actively engaging in group discussions and adding value to such discussions by sharing your insights.

Benefits of Personal Branding

A strong personal brand can be described as a magnet that attracts various job opportunities and offers.

With the help of personal branding you not just only stand out among your competitors but you also become the best choice out of the whole lot.

There are different benefits of personal branding which can be stated as follows:

  • Challenges and motivates you
  • Enables you to achieve your goals and desires
  • Helps create a fast and broad social network
  • Develops leadership qualities
  • Expands your horizon
  • Help discover new opportunities
  • Provides a good platform for exposure
  • Tests your knowledge
  • Helps in confidence and personality building
  • Enables you to learn new skills
  • Provides free, vast access to a global audience
  • Gives you a sense of credibility
  • Makes you stand out from your potential competitors
  • Allows you to showcase your specialty
  • Provides you the support you need
  • Helps in free advertising
  • Helps you act as an expert in the field of your choice

Thus, you should be actively present on all social media platforms and make use of them all in the best possible manner to advance your professional growth.

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“We would love to help you create your CV. You can whatsapp us on +91-9716366366 and consult an expert for free”

Dos and Don'ts of Professional Branding

  • Dos
    • Be original with your ideas and content.
    • Always be consistent with your profiles.
    • Try to include your resume summary on social media profiles.
    • Update and refresh the guidelines
    • Create USPs that you can prove.
    • Be specific with designs.
    • Know what you aim to represent and stand by it.
    • Be an active participant in social media groups.
  • Don'ts
    • Never be overconfident.
    • Make universal rules.
    • Make promises that you can’t keep.
    • Be too extreme or negative with your opinions.
    • Use unprofessional photos or words.
    • Be offended by critical comments or feedback.
    • Forget to edit and check your information.
    • Don’t focus on your competitors, focus on yourself.


Social media is one of the best platforms to exhibit yourself as a brand and improve your professional growth. You should use all the features of social media in the best possible manner to market yourself. Always keep your profile updated.

The above tips may not give you instant success but maintaining patience and active involvement will enable you to become a part of the best industrial groups.

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