Intern Resume Sample

A resume is a bridge that stands in the middle of you and the job you’re applying for. It’s a document that holds valuable details of your background, educational qualification, skills, accomplishments and prior work experience.

Getting Started

In your college days, many times, you may have come across a term called internships and have seen your friends and acquaintances doing internships at various companies in various job profiles – some are doing content writing internships, while others are into digital marketing, copywriting and graphic designing internships . However, whenever you’ve wanted to do internships too, you’ve always self doubted yourself and opted out of the idea.



So, basically you haven’t applied for an internship yet because you’re under confident about your capabilities and because you haven’t made a good resume for yourself.

So let’s answer some common queries you might be having!


  • Q. What is an internship and how does it function?


Ans – Internships are fundamentally designed for students and freshly graduates having no prior work experience. In internships, the candidates are given an opportunity to work for a company to gain work experience and satisfy requirements for a qualification.


  • Q.Will an internship give you remuneration? If yes, how much shall an intern expect?


Ans – To be absolutely honest, it depends on the company whom you’re interning for whether to pay you or not. You might, in the beginning, have to do unpaid internships in order to gain some experience and later apply for internships which will pay you for your skills.

  • Q. What is the minimum qualification to do an internship?


Ans – It entirely depends on the kind of internship and the company offering the internship. An internship will clearly specify whether it needs a student, a graduate or an experienced person to fill the spot.


  • Q. Is it really important for a student to do internships in interested fields?


Ans – In today’s world, the more agile and flexible you are, the more beneficial it is for you to get a job in the real world. Doing internships not only helps you gain some experience, but it gives you a taste of the real world and how it functions on a daily basis. So before you apply for a real job, you’ll have enough knowledge about the industry of your interest.

  • Q. How will doing internships benefit your resume?


Ans – Internships will help you gain immense experience. Having a resume with a list of relevant internships will make your employers take notice of your application.

So now that you’ve decided to do internships, let’s get into building your resume that’ll enable your employers to know about you.


Intern Resume Sample


A resume is a bridge that stands in the middle of you and the job you’re applying for. It’s a document that holds valuable details of your background, educational qualification, skills, accomplishments and prior work experience.

An ideal resume is one which should answer the queries your employers might be having before hiring you. Every company would want to know more about their employees during the interview process. If an employer has questions such as “Will this person meet the needs of the company?” or “In what ways will this person contribute to the company?” in his/her mind, your resume should resolve those queries while they are looking at your resume. In short, your resume should speak for yourself.

Choosing a right template for your resume 


 Selecting a resume template can be tricky. Go for such a resume template design that looks good and feels readable at the same time.

  • Your resume should ideally be contained in 1 page only and can be stretched to a maximum of 2 pages. Making your resume unnecessarily lengthy is a big NO.
  • Write your resume in a professional font style such as Times New Roman with a font size of 10 to 12.
  • However, do not indulge in using any special fonts, graphic designs or colouring in the template of your resume.


How to make changes in your resume if it's too lengthy?


Follow these steps if your resume is 3 to 4 pages long. If your resume is longer than that, then probably you’d need to make a new one. 

  • Remove less important words from your resume. Having too many descriptive and lengthy words will not only increase the length of the resume, but will make your resume unattractive and boring.
  • Remove unnecessary content which is irrelevant to your job description. Putting up details on how you were as a child or what you did during the summer vacation is not going to help you get a real job. 
  • Frame your sentences carefully so that your lengthy sentences are cut down to half. Instead of writing “sales went up from $20,000 to $80,000”, write “sales went up 200%” . If you've previously written “the largest bank of Canada” or “the financial status of the company”, modify your sentences to “Canada’s largest bank” or “the company’s financial status”. In this way, your resume length will shorten.


If you want to make your internship resume a work of art, keep the following points in mind before you start making your internship resume –  

  • Your resume should have plenty of white space. Don’t make your resume appear clumsy by letting one heading climb onto the next one.
  • Do not make any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in your resume. A spelling or a grammatical error is the last thing that an employer would want to see in a potential intern's resume.
  • Break your lengthy paragraphs with the help of bulletins so that employers don’t get lost while reading through the resume. 
  • Start writing the numeric values instead of spelling out the numbers. For example, write 20% instead of writing twenty percent. 

What will be the ideal order of the sections in your internship resume?


  • Contact information
  • Objective
  • Education
  • Leadership and Volunteering Experience / Position of Responsibility
  • Professional Development & Certifications
  • Awards and Honours
  • Projects
  • Skills



Contact Information

Along with your name, give your phone number, a valid email address, your present residing city and state. Please mention these details on the top of your resume so that the recruitment members can easily see it. However, do not go into detail describing your age, city where you’re originating from, your nationality or religion . These are irrelevant information that the interviewer would not want to see.

Also, avoid giving a photograph or a signature of yourself in the resume. No matter how good you think you look, it’s a botheration for the interviewers to see your smiling face on top of your resume. The company will hire you if you fit their job profile, not on the basis of how you look on your Facebook profile. 



An objective is a two to three line description where you talk about the skills you’re most confident about, reasons for applying to the internship and where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years. Write your resume strictly in third person because making your resume unnecessarily can make your interviewer a little uncomfortable. For example, “Award winning college business graduate, seeks internship opportunity with a top company” is an ideal objective for an intern's resume.

However, do not make the objective too long and do not provide an overall description of the internship you’re applying for. 


Educational Qualification

Follow a reverse chronological format while listing down your educational history . For example, go from the most to the least recent. Give a brief mention of the subject related awards, leadership positions, relevant course works and student foreign exchange program (if any).

However, avoid giving your CGPA scores you had got in your 8th or 9th standard and TOEFL score too.  


Leadership & Volunteering Experience/ Position of Responsibility

Try to quantify and add accomplishments along with your position of responsibility during college days. For example, “Member of Finance and Investment cell”.


Professional Development and Certificates

You can include the professional certificate courses which you did both online and offline, relevant to your internship profile.


Awards and Honours

You can include the awards you got in your college or during a professional course, relevant to your internship profile.



You can list down the projects you were a part of during your college days or while doing a professional course, relevant to your internship profile.



Fix your focus on highlighting your hard skills such as your proficiency in a foreign language (if you know any), your typing speed, machine operations and computer programming that you may know. However, soft skills or interpersonal skills such as time management, leadership, team work, communications are not to be mentioned separately. 



Don’t give this section if you do not know any foreign languages. Knowing basic Hindi and English languages do not require any specific mentioning on your resume.


Common mistakes that students make while preparing their resumes which may cost their job?


    • Do not make any spelling mistakes or any grammatical errors. Such seemingly trivial mistakes can literally make you lose the job even if you fit the job profile perfectly.
    • No personal information should be shared in your resume other than your name, contact details including your phone number, email address, your current city and state.
    • Do not provide information like your religion, caste, political affiliations and beliefs, and nationality in your resume.
  • Do not give a photograph and a signature in the resume.


  • When you are listing your educational history and work experience in your resume, make sure you put the latest one first and the older ones later