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A Resume Objective or a Career Objective is a snippet of your career goals, where you are coming from and in which direction you are headed.

It is a singular point in your resume which briefly states what you think of yourself and how clear your mind is when it comes to your profession.

What is the purpose of a Resume Objective?

Many may argue that a Resume Objective may not be relevant anymore, given the modern trends in hiring methodologies used by corporations or companies. However, if you manage to put in a crisp objective, the employer gets to know you better.

A solid Resume Objective portrays your confidence levels in life and as a person. According to hiring experts, employers and recruitment agencies do not look for just another resume. They try to find you amidst your resume. This thought process is based on the age long sound principle -

“Don’t hire robots, hire a human!”

When to use a “Resume Objective?”

So, to sum up you use a Resume Objective when you are new to a particular field of work, when you have an overall lack of work experience and targeting a particular job position.

On the other hand, let’s say if you have a job experience in a particular field and you send your CV to a company engaged in some other field of work (with a Summary Statement of your previous career trajectory) the hiring manager will simply ignore your resume.

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How to write a ‘Resume Objective’?

One of the most useful tricks to write a ‘Resume Objective’ is to prepare the rest of your resume first and then come back to highlight your selling points.

Here is a list of guidelines you should keep in mind before you jump right in to make one for yourself -

  • Tailor it -

    We cannot stress it enough that you need to understand the job position you are applying for. Not every job position will require all of your skill sets or proficiencies. Some job positions require a certain combination of qualifications for you to be the perfect candidate.

    If you have some LinkedIn account or personal website you must add this too in the contact information section because this also helps employers to contact you.

  • Be clear and be very specific -

    Another factor which goes into writing the resume objective is to analyze the company or the organization you are sending your CV or a resume into. Try and read the job offer over and over again to understand the true scope and purport of it.

    You need to research, if possible, about the job position online. That way you will be able to combine the keywords related to the specific job opening and the keywords used in the job offer and write the perfect Resume Objective section of your resume.

  • Show your value -

    It is important for you to get your words across as to why a company should hire you in the first place! “What are the benefits of taking you?” is an answer you need to take care in your Resume Objective.

    Keep your objective away from too many heavy words and use action verbs instead in order to get things going. Using the right set of words will impress upon the hiring manager, a strong and positive image of you.

    Also, if your ultimate goal is to become something else do not tell them that. Make sure you let the hiring company know that you wish to grow in their folds.

  • Establish a connection -

    This is one of the pillars of a good ‘Resume Objective’. One of the reasons why you are writing an objective is because you are fairly new to this industry or job position. You are not supposed to brag about your past life work experiences (as you would do in a “Summary Statement”).

    But you should definitely inform your hiring manager or recruiter how you are going to use your past work experience into the new work field. Establishing this connection is extremely essential when you are switching jobs from one field to the other.

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“We would love to help you create your CV. You can whatsapp us on +91-9716366366 and consult an expert for free”

What are the common mistakes you should avoid?

  • Don’t use the same objective for all your applications

    It is obvious that your objectives are supposed to vary from one job position to the other and one company to the other. Even if two companies are engaged in similar activities you should consider reviewing your objectives before you send in your resume.

    If you have some LinkedIn account or personal website you must add this too in the contact information section because this also helps employers to contact you.

  • Stop being narcissistic

    Do not make your objectives sound like the world owes you anything or employers should stand at the gates and welcome you already! The world is small and there are thousands of applicants for job postings. Make sure to include where you are coming from and the company you are seeking your entrance to.

  • Don’t be opaque

    When you are all set to prepare yourself an objective, avoid being vague. If you do not have any idea what you should write just remember this that putting in every other possible word down your recruiter’s throat is not going to take you anywhere but the recycle bin.

  • Don’t over do

    Just because you are using strong action verbs (having zero connections to the core requirements of the job) does not mean you will end up getting the job. Don’t be over enthusiastic to work for the company which will actually make you look desperate and needy. Don’t be pompous about yourself because we do not really need to explain to you as to why not. And most importantly keep it short, simple and effective. Use short sentences for a better impact.

  • Specialty

    Do not forget to tell your recruiter as to what exactly it is about you that you are bringing with yourself to this company. Your past life experience may seem completely unrelated to the job you are applying for. But trust us, there is always a connection between what you used to do and the job you are trying to get now. There must be a common factor. Just think about it or research online for common links between your past life work and the new found passion and you will see this for yourself.

  • Scenarios

    If you are a fresh graduate you should consider putting the following ingredients into your Resume Objective -

  • Point out the best aspect about you
  • Let the hiring manager understand how your educational qualifications will help you achieve the desired results in a job atmosphere
  • Always name the corporation or the company you are applying to in order to make sure that they know you are specifically talking to them
  • Let them know something about which will demonstrate how you will be adding value to the company with your presence

Now, let’s consider that you are switching jobs and coming into a new work life. Here are the ingredients you should put into your Resume Objective to stand out -

  • Begin with your strongest ability (preferably an action verb)
  • Let the recruiter know what your last work was or you are still doing
  • Tell them about your skill sets and proficiencies
  • As usual, make them understand that you are specifically applying a job with them
  • Most importantly, as we pointed out previously - make sure to draw a connection between what you used to be with the specific job position you are applying for.

Written By :
Abir Ghosh
Career Expert at CV Owl

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