Things you can do in college/job to become a Senior Business Analyst

You can find the right kind of experience in your college/job that is needed for you to become a senior business analyst

If you choose to become a senior business analyst then you have to work really hard maybe even harder than you normally do. You need to understand how demanding it is the job of a business analyst.

A business analyst plays a crucial role in the development of the company. Irrespective of the state of the company, a business analyst should be in the front. A business analyst resume is probably the most important aspect the recruiter will look at.

Even if a business analyst has got good business analyst skills the recruiter will look at the resume first. Like in every profession you need to start at the most basic level in a company to end up as a business analyst.

The most basic level in this path of career is a project manager. As a project manager, you will be coordinating with people and assigning different tasks to the people who work under you. This will put some experience in a business analyst resume

And slowly as you take on more projects and tackle more problems you will get experience and truly understand how all this works. You also need to remember that having an internship in a business analyst resume always helps.

Having an internship certificate gives confidence to the recruiter that you are eager to learn and work. And of course, when you do internships your team leader will tell you the basic business analyst skills. These skills will be beneficial for a business analyst resume.

But before they give you the role of a project manager they will hire you as a junior business analyst. As a junior business analyst, you will be working under the senior business analyst.

You need to start working immediately after your graduation so you could gain some experience. For a business analyst experience is the most important thing.

It can be a tough job as a business analyst since the whole weight of the company rests on you. You will be the one who will come up with new ideas, you will be the one taking responsibility for failures.

The experience will eventually add to your business analyst skills.

So, this job as a senior business analyst will be exhausting. You need to get yourself ready before going into this career. You need to prepare your business analyst resume.

There are three main things a recruiter will look at a business analyst resume before hiring you as a business analyst:

  • Experience - When you have the experience you will know how to tackle problems and people. Your probability of getting hired increases with the amount of experience you have.
  • Skills - You need to be technically strong when it comes to being hired. You need to know your way around a few computer languages and equipment. You will gain this knowledge by doing internships.
  • Qualification - A business analyst must have a bachelor’s degree. And if an individual goes for a master’s then it will definitely add some weightage to their business analyst resume.

The above-mentioned things are the major things that you need to get hired as a business analyst. But there are many other things that a recruiter will look at apart from his/her resume.

Business analyst skills are very important for an individual to get hired.

What can I do in my current job to become a senior business analyst?

One thing that you need to engrave in your head is that no one can become a senior business analyst overnight. After many years of project handling and experience, an individual becomes a senior business analyst.

But there are things that you can do at your current job to become a senior analyst:

  • Take responsibility - Any project or task that is given to you, you need to give it your everything, and even when you fail you have to take responsibility for your mistake.
  • You shouldn’t play the blame game when it comes to failure. When you take responsibility for failure your project head sees that you are a no-nonsense kind of a guy.

  • Don’t be desperate - Desperation can lead to frustration, frustration will lead to anger and anger will get you fired. Whatever task your employer gives you, you have to do it. Period.
  • You shouldn’t be desperate to get promoted to be moved to a better team. You have to make do with what you. This shows your adaptability.

  • Help out your co-workers - Helping others out when they are in need is the true virtue of a leader and if someone wants to be a senior business analyst having the required qualification in their business analyst resume is not enough. You have to be a leader irrespective of the work you are doing.
  • Every business analyst is a leader. He/she has a lot of experience and take responsibility like a true leader.

  • Give suggestions - It’s never a good thing to keep your ideas to yourself. Only when you share your ideas with your co-workers will you know if they work.
  • As a beginner, you need to keep your head down and work but you were hired because the recruiter saw something in you that he/she didn’t see in others. So, as an employee of the company, you should suggest ideas to the business analyst.

    But keep in mind not to push your idea too much. It is good to believe in your ideas and people love it when someone comes up with new ways to solve problems but at the end of the day, it’s the top guy who calls the shots.

    Pitching ideas and suggesting things is up to you if the idea gets picked up or not is completely up to the people in charge.

  • Have good relations with everyone - You can’t hold on to grudges in professional life. A true leader knows how to separate his/her personal and professional life.
  • Also when you have good relations with everyone, you will be the popular choice in becoming a business analyst. It is always beneficial to have good relations with your co-workers.

Doing the above things will improve your business analyst skills. A business analyst skills will be cultivated in a person if he/she has the guts to do things differently.

What can I do in college to become a senior analyst?

College is a huge platform for you to learn about many different things. You need to grab any opportunity you get in college because the time you have while doing a degree you won’t get it back.

If your college is conducting events or competitions then participate in them. When you co-ordinate or participate in such events you will know how to manage people and their tasks.

Participating in organizing such events teaches you a lot which will be helpful to you in your future. As a business analyst, you will be coordinating with a lot of people. You will be assigned tasks and goals to various teams and people.

When you take part in such events the qualities that are required in a business analyst resume will grow in you. There will be times of failure while organizing but you need to learn from those failures and improve as you grow.

If you want to become a business analyst then you can’t be scared of mistakes and failures. The most popular business analysts have seen the lowest of lows before becoming a top business analyst.

Having only a business analyst resume is not enough you need to have experienced too. Organizing events will help you understand how to handle people, what kind of person can do which kind of job, etc. So, participate in any event that your college conducts.

Now when you enter the penultimate year of your degree you need to apply for internships. These internships are very helpful to you. They will give you some experience in the field.

Becoming a business analyst is not easy but as you get more and more experience you will understand that it is not that big of a task. You need to be a leader to be a business analyst.

Doing internships will add weightage to a business analyst resume. A business analyst resume should be neat and attractive. It cannot be incomplete.

An internship is your first stepping stone to nail your business analyst resume. The more internships you have in your business analyst resume the more chances you have of getting recruited.

The future of this career path looks bright. Irrespective of the situation a company faces it needs a business analyst. Because at the end of the day he/she is the one who brings drastic changes in the company to bring more revenue to the organization.

You need to remember to start young. You can’t delay your career when it comes to becoming a business analyst. The more experience you have the better chances of you getting recruited as a business analyst.

Also, building a network is one of the most important things in the life of a business analyst. The people present in the network are the ones who will be useful to you once you start your role as a business analyst.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your career”. Be patient. Make connections. Keep applying for jobs and gain experience from the jobs.

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Pottipalli Shreyas Raj
Career Expert at CV Owl

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