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Top 6 methods to start freelance writing | how to get prepared

How Can You Become a Freelance Writer

In today’s world where almost everyone finds an answer to his or her query through the internet, people are trying to find out more and more ways to financial freedom.

We know Nowadays it’s very hard to survive on a single job due to low incomes and high living expenses.

In this article, we would be discussing a road trip of becoming a freelance writer&

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How can you Become a Freelance Writer

Top 6 methods to start Freelance writing


Top 6 methods to start Freelance writing

  • Figure out who am I.
  • Many newcomers face issues after stepping into the freelance world in figuring out who am I? What services can I offer? What is my passion? For whom can I write? Where can I learn from? And etc.

    To get the answers to all these questions you need to write it down things like&

    • What is my passion?
    • What is my area of expertise?
    • What are you obsessed of?
    • What do you like to read the most while you are surfing over the internet?&
    • Or is there any skills from my current day job that you can translate it into your freelance writing career

    It will take you closer to figure out who am I and make the cloud fade away from the picture.

  • Build a “Newbie” portfolio.
  • This is the stage where every new writer thinks hey I am a freelance writer sounds cool right? But what have you got in your bags? Nothing!

    Just like after graduating you don’t get hired instantly without any prior experience, the same is the case, the Internet world is full of new freelance writers looking for jobs.

    Go in a traditional way it’s better to write a few guest posts for free then to stay up long daydreaming about wow I am now free of all the financial and job-related issues.

    Go out there and check out websites looking for guest posting give it a try contact them ask them I am willing to write for you on any specific topic whatever you like&

    For example, below are a few of the websites you can choose and write according to your passion or expertise









    Psychology, Productivity, Health, Motivation, Work, Relationships, etc.

    Startups, Motivations and Success etc.

    E-commerce, Amazon, e-bay, Sales and Marketing etc.

    Social Media, SEM, SEO, Word Press etc.

    Politics, News, Books, Magazines etc.

    Brain health, Psychology, Medical etc.

  • Become an advanced writer
  • Becoming an advanced writer means passing a hard time test.

    One of the downturns in freelance writing is that you don’t have a consistent flow of income because there are times when you have more than 10 clients at a time and you have to catch up on the deadlines.

    Visa Versa there are times when you are begging around that at least you could get that one client to manage the house pantries.&

    But these hard times are going to push your skills to the corner, but until and unless you are not in the field so you wouldn’t be getting any projects or clients to work with.

    Becoming an advanced writer needs to overcome these obstacles and the best option is to keep writing, keep yourself busy in writing, write anything like creating social media creative posts, start blogging on any of your passion, write product reviews for Amazon, and so on.

    Don’t hesitate to write for free because writing for free is definitely going to pay you, later on, you can combine all of these free projects you have completed and create a Portfolio to show your future prospects or clients and we assure you that One day you would be thankful to us.

  • Invest In your skills
  • As the Experts say Nowadays the best investment or the best Return on Investments is investing in yourself.

    You have got one body and one brain invest in it, the best way is to search out platforms where you can polish your writing skills or learn from other experts in the industry&

    Build connections with the relevant experts of freelancers, they will help you out&

    • How they use Connections?&
    • What tools do they use?&
    • How do they manage submission deadlines?&
    • What do they do when they don’t have clients on the list to work with?

    Nowadays thanks to the technology you can almost find everything on the Internet, there are numerous Online Academies that can help you Polish your skills and get certifications.

    Some of the Famous Online Academies are&

    • Udemy
    • Coursera
    • LinkedIn Learning
    • Skillshare

    You can choose from any of these Online Academies to get the knowledge of the Industry experts and further implement it on your writing skills.

  • The Art of Pitch
  • One of the best parts of Freelance writing is that it has no Boundaries you can work from anywhere and for anybody.

    Like every business, you need to understand this concept that you need to have good communication skills for Freelance writing.

    While you are working with your current client to pay off your bills, who is going to get you the next Project? Of course, you need to find out more clients and for that, you need to learn the Art of Pitch.

    Make it a habit, daily throw 1 or 2 pitches to acquire new clients, this will ultimately grow your communication skills and your connections to advanced level.

    Last but not the least we are going to discuss Top 5 tools every freelance writer should have&

  • Top 5 Tools Every Freelance Writer should have&
    • Grammar Checker
    • First of all, no one is perfect, we know this can be a little hanky panky tool, but believe me, this is a must tool every writer should have, even expert writers bang on this tool because it helps you to edit and replace grammatical mistakes and commas, thus give your sentence a beautiful look.

    • Visual Looks
    • It’s not necessary that every project will be the same, writing for social media posts, writing for businesses and writing reviews for a product these all are different from each other so to give your content a beautiful visual look you can have the pleasure Of Canva Tool.

    • Duplicate checker
    • For any business or any brand quality of the content is a top priority, duplicating anyone’s thought or idea is one of the offensive issues that can penalize your company or brand your writing for as well as disrespect you as a writer.

      So before submitting your content make sure to use a high-quality plagiarism finder to ensure the content is 100% plagiarism free.

    • Keyword density checker
    • Gone those days when webmasters used keyword stuffing for their keywords to get higher ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) after the major algorithm update by Google they have minimized keyword use in your content.

      The ultimate goal of writing or getting writing services from any freelance writer is to get organic traffic through (SERPs) to their website, so to check the keyword density you can use free tools such as seotoolcentre, g-force, seodiesel and etc.

    • Atlas
    • To write your content more factual based you need to add things like charts, facts, and figures this tool will help you write down the most recent updates on different research.


It seems very easy running down this freedom life, but it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so building a career on this path will test your patience, resilience, and will power.

But the results are worth it in a long run.

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