What does a Business Analyst do?

A business analyst is a problem solver, he/she will tackle all the problems present in the company for the smooth running of the organization

Every business needs a business analyst. As companies and organizations grow, the role of a business analyst becomes more and more crucial. A business analyst resume is the most important aspect that the recruiter will see before hiring.

A business analyst must have the knowledge of the company he’s working in. He/she should be able to make the company run like a well-oiled machine without any hiccups. Business analysis is an important aspect of a business analyst.

Business analysis is a method of determining the needs of a company. Business analysis helps a business analyst to list out the things that can be improved in the company.

You can craft your business analyst resume by an expert too. Experts know the right way to make a business analyst resume.

Business analyst skills are important along with the skills he/she should have an impactful personality. A business analyst shouldn’t be afraid to make changes in the organization he/she works for because bringing useful changes to a company shows the daring personality of a business analyst.

What’s on a business analyst resume is very important to get you started in the industry but before you need to have training which will probably be provided as you begin your career. 

The role of a business analyst is to be able to understand how the company is working and what changes can be brought to further improve efficiency. He/she should break down what is working and what’s not working in a company.

A business analyst analyses the business model of a particular business and assesses it. Suggesting what needs to be done to improve the business model they have been following is also one of the things a business analyst does.

What does the career for a business analyst look like?

Choosing this job will be very profitable to any individual if he/she is good at analyzing infographics, data, etc. 

Firstly you need to get a bachelor’s degree in any one of the fields like finance, accounting, sociology, statistics, economics. Doing any one of the above degrees will take you 3 years to complete.

A bachelor’s degree is a mandatory requirement for any business analyst resume. You can’t expect to be picked if you do not have a bachelor’s degree in the above-mentioned streams.

Once you acquire your degree you can do a few internships at the beginning just to know the overview of the job. Internships will be very useful in creating a network.

These internships are really valuable when the recruiter looks at your business analyst resume. Eventually, these internships will give you an edge of others.

Whilst doing an internship you will meet various people who will be useful in your future endeavors. So, get an internship and don’t think about the money because you are doing an internship for the experience and not for the money. 

Now that you have gained some experience as a beginner you start to understand how the industry works and what your role as a business analyst will be. You will eventually be recruited as a business analyst for a small company at the beginning.

As you grow in your career your role as a business analyst will become more and more prominent. But initially, you need to work hard. You need to have a good business analyst resume for you to get recruited.

What skills does a business analyst require?

As a business analyst, you will be crunching numbers, presenting your ideas, etc. Business analyst skills are very important as they are the foundation of a good career. The following are the skills that are required for a business analyst:

  • Presentation skills - As a business analyst, you will be doing a business analysis of the company you work for. So, you need to present the performance of the company in an easy way.
  • You will be presenting your future plans for the company to the stakeholders and you have to do it understandably. You need to present and explain everything in layman terms.

    The stakeholders won’t have time to understand things if you present it in a complex way because they have other things to do too. Presentation skills are very important for any business analyst.

  • Communication skills - You will be communicating and collaborating with various co-workers as a business analyst. Whilst communicating you need to be clear about what you are talking about.
  • You need to develop communication skills on your own by talking to people professionally on a regular basis .

  • Analytical skills - To put it plainly understanding all the numbers involved in a business is not an easy task. You need to put your head to it.
  • Looking at the accounting books will be like walking through a maze for a normal person but as a business analyst, you need to be able to analyze the books easily. You should have a quick eye for things.

    Take any business, there will be a plethora of information that you need to process and analyze and you can’t do it easily unless you have got quick analytical skills.

  • Technical skills - You need to be proficient in software like MS Excel, Powerpoint, etc. Gone are the days when data was stored on paper.
  • Almost every company has shifted to software. There are a lot of profits using Excel, Powerpoint, etc. For example, if you enter all your data on such software it will be stored in the cloud.

    Even if the data is accidentally deleted from your hard drive, the data doesn’t go anywhere as data was stored in the cloud. This software will be used by you on a daily basis.

    From spreadsheets to presentations, this software will play an important role in your job. You can learn about such software from YouTube although you actually need to work on them to be good with them.

  • Mathematical skills - Numbers, numbers, and numbers. That’s all you will deal with. Having a degree in your business analyst resume is good but you need to be brilliant at Math.
  • You should be able to analyze and solve complex problems. Solving problems will increase your value in the company and will secure your job for a while.

    Knowing only the basics of math is not enough for the role of a business analyst. You should be able to crunch huge numbers in a short period of time.

    Apart from the above-mentioned skills you need to be very alert on your job. You cannot take anything for granted.

    A business analyst resume looks attractive when the grades are strong. The recruiter will mainly focus on your performance in the course you pursued. So, doing below average in college and aiming to become a business analyst will be very tough.

After the resume, business analyst skills are very important for business analysis. Since you will mostly be dealing with profits and losses that should be represented in numbers.

What else do you need to look at going forward in the future?

You need to remember that as a business analyst you will play a prominent role in the whole dynamics of the company. Your business analyst skills will be very useful in making the stakeholders understand what needs to be done.

The whole company will rest on your shoulders since you are the one coming up with plans that will improve the company in different ways. Although you come up with new ideas you won’t be the one calling the shots. 

The stakeholders and owners are the only ones who can approve the plan. So, you need to impress the stakeholders with your ideas and plans that you have for the company.

On the paper, a business analyst resume must be good but you need to give the company much more than what’s in your resume. You are the center point connecting the technical side and the stakeholders.

The recruiter needs to see something in your business analyst resume for you to get hired. A business analyst resume is something you do not take granted for. 

Because you will be simplifying technical stuff to the stakeholders for them to understand easily. Business analyst skills include technical stuff too.

A business analyst resume must be perfect. There can’t be any hiccups in it. You can register for resume writing services for your business analyst resume to be perfect.

These services really nail the resumes irrespective of the job you are applying for. Resume writing services have a lot of experience and hence know how to craft a perfect resume so your business analyst resume is in safe hands.

But you need to select the services that have a good reputation, you can’t go for resume writing services that are cheap. Business analyst skills can be learned in many ways but the main way is to get an internship or as a junior business analyst.

You will get fair pay as a business analyst but you need to keep your head down and keep working by giving your best. In the beginning, it will not be easy as you are an amateur but as you grow you will understand how everything works.

And as you grow you will get more job offers based on your performances. If you work as a junior business analyst and the stakeholders see good potential in you they will promote you.

It is safe to say that choosing this path of career will be beneficial for you. Especially if you are good at crunching numbers

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Pottipalli Shreyas Raj
Career Expert at CV Owl

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