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Why and why not to hire a career coach?

Find out what you are best at and get someone to pay you for doing it

Are you not satisfied with your current role? Applied to many jobs but were not successful? Confused about the right career path? Do you wish to switch companies or job roles?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions then you should hire a career coach for yourself.

Career coaches are an expert on the skills like resume building, cover letter, interview, etc. While you may only search for a switch in careers a handful times in your life, these professionals are up to date with current hiring practices and the various change in the trends because they're constantly working to help job seekers.

A career coach focuses on helping individuals navigate their careers by thoroughly going through the profiles and finding the best matching job. Some career coaches focus on helping college graduates land jobs, others help new hires navigate their newfound work world, and others work solely with experienced hires. There are also generalists who do a combination of all the above.

Do you need a career coach or not?

A career coach is not necessary for everyone. One who needs career guidance can look for a career coach. There are many people who take suggestions about their career path from their parents, their elder siblings, relatives, etc.

Professional career coaching adds to the career findings and lands you with a clear picture of the opportunities available and the best job that suits your profile. It can be beneficial for the following people :

  • Finds it difficult to land himself/herself a job or in the general hiring process.
  • Faces issues with the working environment and the working relation that is required.
  • Needs help with building up a strong profile, help in resume making, the appropriate cover letter that justifies the role, and their requirements while searching for a job.
  • Desire guidance for the interview preparation and to build confidence while facing one.
  • Who might have been laid off from the job and is looking for a better one.
  • Is clear with the career goal but is unable to find the best fit for himself.
  • Wishes to upgrade his/her skills to have the best profile to target the desired job role.
  • Is confused to choose the right career path to kickstart his / her career.
  • Job hunting is becoming easy with the guidance of career coaches.
  • Would like support to have a balanced work-life.
  • Would like some help in figuring out what is not going well at his/her workplace.

These might be a few places where a career coach would be helpful to an individual. A professional career coach is not just there when you have a tough time but is always there to help you grow in the field of your interest.

Ways to find the best career coach.

You can find the best career coaches online at various platforms like Linkedin, Facebook, etc but the best way to find a career coach is through word of mouth and referrals from friends.

A career coach is not that easy to find, but you can always refer to your family, your friends and they are always there to guide you.

You can always search for people online whom you can trust and share all that you target to get the best for you but for this you need to actually search thoroughly for the people, assign yourself the task to find the best career coach for yourself.

A career coach is beneficial to anyone who needs help in career guidance but some people may not be able to afford one. If you can't, the best option is to become a career coach of yourself with discipline and regularity.

Job hunting nowadays is becoming easy via the social media platforms where they can hunt for jobs with just a click. Job hunting has various kinds of options in jobs like remote working, virtual assistance, brand associate/ marketing associate, and many more.

By applying simple tactics and tested ways you can lay a roadmap to your own career path which is the best that can actually help you target all your weak points and utilize the maximum of your potential to get the best suitable job for you.

There are good and bad outcomes of hiring a career coach.

The bad :

There are many people who have just got the title of a career coach but they lack the necessary requirements of a good career coach. Because of which the candidates waste a lot of time going through their profiles and end up with nothing. If you don’t receive proper career guidance, you might land yourself in difficulty.

Many career coaches have little to no experience in the field they claim to be experts in. Make sure you look into a coach's background properly and make sure you ask for the experience of the past clients independently before giving any career coach money. The better idea is to ask your friends if they have used a career coach and choose one recommended by them.

The good :

The best part is that there are many effective and amazing coaches that can help the clients tremendously in achieving their targets. Highly experienced and well-trained career coaches provide a strong support structure, vital new information, and strategies that help the clients act, think, and see differently. All these help the clients to reach a high level of success and great hope to accomplish their desired goals.

When you find the right job that you desire, get a promotion, or even start your own business.

Their expertise and unbiased attention will help you get the results, often in a fraction of time, you get used to the advice and make yourself adaptable to the routine suggested for you. It surely helps in reaching your target soon.

The biggest pro of hiring a career coach is that they help you learn from mistakes that other people have faced and gone through. There might have been many situations when they themselves were the ones who made those mistakes, and they share the best way they figured out how to get past them.

One can become a career coach to himself/herself if he/she realized the need to search and follow in a disciplined way.

The moment you start to realize your self-potential to reach your success, there is no need for any professional career coach to guide you to reach your targeted goal as there is no one who knows you better the way you know yourself.

Shivangi Jaiswal
Career Expert at CV Owl