Video Resume

A video resume can be perfect for you to showcase your skills through your personality and creativity and help you in getting that dream job.

What is a Video Resume?

A video resume is a short video created by the candidate to introduce himself for employment and is uploaded to the internet or is best preferred if you email it directly to the hiring manager for them to review. The candidate can share detailed information about their skills and experiences to show that they are the perfect fit for the position.

The video resume is submitted in addition to your resume and does not replace the traditional paper resume. You can either hire a professional to make it for you or you can yourself make it.

An effective video resume can be between 30-90 seconds but not longer than that as that would not be a good impression on the employer.

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How a Video Resume can be helpful

A video resume allows you to speak directly to your potential employer about what makes you unique for the position you are can be a strong addition to your application and help you better to distinguish yourself from other applicants.

You can pitch the hiring manager by showing your personality, creativity and communication skills and telling how you are the perfect match for the job position.

How to Make the Perfect Video resume

Making a video resume can be a bit daunting if you haven't even made a video before, these tips can be really helpful to make the Perfect Video Resume:

  • Add your contact information
  • First thing first, you have to prepare what you want to say. Make the whole plan of how you want the video to look like. But do not read directly from the script or the resume as that can look like a dull video.

    If you want to sound more conversational rather than rehearsed, consider writing bullet points of the specific skills, experiences and qualification you want to highlight and then start practising from that. But if you'd prefer to sound more rehearsed and polished write down exactly what to want to say and then practice that. It would be best if you'd memorise the script.

    As such your main objective should be to express what benefit you'll provide to the company.

  • Find the space to film
  • If you have shots where you're sitting and speaking directly to the camera then a good and clean background is very crucial as that will make the resume look professional. You can also use props that seem natural to the environment and don't distract the viewer.

    Make sure that there are no noises in the background and complete silence when you're shooting and also make sure the lighting is attractive as the dull video will put a bad impression.

  • Select the recording device
  • Choose a recording device, either a smartphone, computer webcam or a camera that can capture high-quality video and audio. Make sure that your voice has clarity and the speech gets recorded clearly.

  • Know your audience
  • As you plan your script and filming location, consider who will watch the video and calibrate accordingly. For instance, a video prepared for a position at an MNC might differ from a video created for a start-up.

  • Be Professional
  • Dress as you would for an interview and maintain professional decorum. Not everyone may need to wear a suit, but employers expect professionalism, and that starts with your appearance. Avoid cursing and slangs and don't try to crack any jokes. What's funny to you may not make others laugh. You want to project your professionalism and personality with enthusiasm, so smile and deliver your message confidently.

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    “We would love to help you create your CV. You can whatsapp us on +91-9716366366 and consult an expert for free”
  • Keep the video short
  • The video should be between 30-90 seconds. Anything longer than that is unlikely to be watched. Time goes up quickly when you are talking but it can drag when you’re watching the playback and the only thing which you don't wanna do is to bore the hiring manager, so try to keep the video short and concise

  • Be mindful of your body language
  • A large percentage of human communication is non-verbal, so be aware of what your body language is telling employers about you. Try not to fold your arms across your chest and watch out for unnecessary movements.

  • Get Feedback from friends and family
  • Show the video to your friends, family, colleagues, and mentor as getting feedback from others is an important step. Even if the video looks perfect to you it might not look perfect to everyone. They can provide you with constructive feedback to improve the video and make a stronger impression.

Don't expect the video resume to replace the Paper resume

Creating a video resume is quite optional for job seekers. Companies rarely ask for a mandatory video resume from candidates. Not all employers are interested in video resume as they fear claims of discrimination in the hiring process because of preferring candidates of how they look and sound rather than their qualifications.

However, a well-done video resume can be a great way to get noticed and bolster your candidacy for employment.

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