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“A Good Reference is like a good friend who is hard to find.”

Referral Cover letter format and samples

If you were the recruiter, would you hire a stranger or prefer the one recommended by some good resources person or your own company’s employee? Yes! You heard it right, your voice is favouring the one with a good reference, so why not you have some good references for yourself too?

But the main question is how to get a good reference?

Use your stalking skills , or to say it professionally, utilize your research skills and find good references either from your peer group or professional sites like that of LinkedIn( make sure that your Linkedin Profile is standing out from the rest of the competition ). Even your previous employer can be your reference for the next job.

But only getting the reference isn’t enough, make sure you exaggerate the reference well in your resume or cover letter so that the recruiter gets to know that you are referred. The ideal place to share your referral’s name and the context you know them in is the Cover Letter.

Cover Letters need to be customized according to the job requirements, for example , a cover letter with a referral will be different from a cover letter for job promotion and transfer.

Cover letters with a Referral

Put your best foot forward into your dream company by giving a strong professional connection or reference in the Cover letter. Use sources like: LinkedIn, your previous employer (if you have good relations with him), any friend of yours who is working, or had worked for the company you are applying for.

The Payscale research shows that one-third of employees received a referral for their current position. Having a good reference in your resume, it is like the cherry on the cake and no one will like to miss that cherry. So in short, having a referral for the job is one of the finest ways to grab the attention of your recruiter.

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How To Write A Cover Letter With Referral To Grab The Attention Of The Hiring Manager?

Here are some of the best tips while writing your cover letter with referral to grab the attention of your hiring manager:

  1. 1. Be Professional

    Professionally format your cover letter. This shows how sincere you are for your work. Even if the job description doesn’t demand a cover letter, it is a good decision to attach your cover letter as it will give the hiring manager a glimpse of your personality.

    The cover letter format should start with your contact information, the date, and the hiring manager’s information. In the subject line include your referral.

  2. 2. Start Effectively

    It is very important to start your cover letter on the right foot. While writing your cover letter, always begin with a salutation followed by the hiring manager’s name.

    Tip**: Mention your referral in the opening paragraph and write a brief explanation of your connection. This will help you to grab the attention of the hiring manager.

  3. 3. Show your interest in the company and job post

    In the second paragraph of the cover letter body , mention what attracts you about the industry, company, and the job profile. Clearly state why you are the right candidate for the job position. Make this part of your cover letter so impressive that the hiring manager couldn’t stop himself to call you for the interview.

    Show your passion to the hiring manager. The recruiters likely appreciate enthusiastic and passionate employees and love to hire them.

  4. 4. Close the cover letter with Thanks

    After writing all the necessary achievements and the skills that are best suited to the job profile, it’s time to end the cover letter on a positive note. Say thank you to the hiring manager for the time and consideration and use an appropriate cover letter closing.

  5. closing-with-thank-you

    To add the professional touch, put your email signatures with your contact information, followed by your typed name.

  6. 5. Use cover letter samples

    “Cover letter samples and templates are the best sources of advice if you are writing a cover letter for the first time.”

    Your cover letter is the first thing that the hiring manager sees so make sure it puts a lasting impression on the recruiter. So for that, it is advisable to read the cover letter samples to get an idea of how to write a cover letter.

    Cover letter samples give you an idea of how to format the cover letter and what is the language used. Review the cover letters for a variety of scenarios like; follow-up letter, inquiry letters, job-industry specific letter, and referral cover letters.

    Tip**: Only take the references from the cover letter samples and copy-paste them as such. Customize your cover letter for every job.

  7. 6. Proofread and Edit your cover letter before you send

    Make sure to read your final cover letter twice. Proofreading of the cover letter is a must. Avoid any typos, grammatical mistakes, and spelling mistakes. Make sure your cover letter is well-formatted.

    Tip**: First email the cover letter to yourself, before you send it to the recruiter, just for a final glance!

Come On.. Lets Discuss it one to one
Come On.. Lets Discuss it one to one “We would love to help you create your CV. You can connect with us at and consult an expert.”


  • If you have a referral, say it right upfront.
  • To guide your writing, use cover letter samples and templates.
  • Formal your cover letter in a professional way.

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