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A career move with good planning and strategy helps you to get your desirable job

Are you tired of your regular boring job? Frustrated with the same routine life ? Tired of not getting enough pay or recognition in your job? Then I personally feel now it is time to change your job and go out look for a new job.

But wait! Are you hesitant in finding a job? Don't worry even I would have felt like this because it's really common and as humans we have a tendency of feeling uncomfortable when leaving our comfort zone and a job with which we are familiar.

Many of us have a goal to achieve something great in their career or increase their career growth. In order to achieve these goals it is important to get out of your comfort zone and make a career move. To get out to search for a new job which can contribute to your goals and make you achieve them.

Apart from ,in these difficult times due to coronavirus,there are millions of people all over the world who have lost their jobs. So in such cases job hunting and career move becomes a really tough thing but is also a need of the hour. But with proper career guidance you can overcome this problem.

According to Joblist midlife career crisis survey 5 reason for career move are :

  • High salary-47%
  • Stress-39%
  • Better balance work-life balance-37%
  • For new challenges-25%
  • Not passionate in their field-23%
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A career move is a big decision. After a time when you become habitual with your present job it becomes difficult to leave it and search for something new. But to achieve something which helps you to improve or gets your life better needs you to get out of your comfort zone. You need proper career guidance for this.

That is why you need a strategy and a roadmap before making a career move. If you are considering a career move then you are at the right place. Here's a roadmap you can follow for your career move:

  • Analysis your skills and interests areas
  • In order to make a career move first you need to analyze your skills and interests. Determine which skills are more in demand in your industry for this you can even take help from a career coach. A career coach is basically a person who makes people identify their skills , helps them in developing one and make them understand what kind of job they want.

    Activity:Broaden your vision and explore areas in which you have interests ,now make a list of the skills and interests and begin with your initial search for the job.

  • Start looking for jobs on recruitment website
  • Now that you have listed down your skills and interests , start searching on recruitment websites like naukri.com , linkedin.com. According to your skills and interests note the companies which are providing jobs. You can take help of your career coach to help you to find a job. A good career coach assists you in career opportunities by researching the market.

    Research about the companies where you want to apply according to your preferences, their recruitment process and how they shortlist candidates,find out about the work environment , gather information about the pay scale they offer and how the company is going to contribute to your growth.

  • Upgrade or sharpen your skills
  • In order to get growth in your career you need to sharpen your skills after sometime. In today’s world the industries working principles and technologies are evolving rapidly so there is constant demand for people with expertise in the skills which are trending .

    To upgrade your skills you can either go for online training or learn from career coaches. Finding a good career coach is important for career guidance. While the job hunting is in process it is a good time to improve yourself and make personality better.

  • Strengthen your online preseStrengthen your online presence
  • Social media is a great way to explore for job hunting. There are ample of opportunities.

    Linkedin which is a job hunting website and also a social media platform can be really helpful if used effectively.

    Here you can make connections with the people who work in your desired company and can act as a referrer for the job you want.You need to create a linkedin profile which stands out from others and draws the attention of employers .

    Start networking as much as possible.If you don't know how to improve you can ask your career coach to help you with this. A career coach is specialised in making a great online presence.

    Pro tip:- Choose the right picture for your profile which looks professional and add relevant skills and write a summary which looks convincing.

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  • Start Networking
  • When it comes to job hunting, Networking plays an important role in finding one. Solely applying to the job postings and sending your resume may not help sometimes. So here comes networking in the picture. You need to speak up for yourself. Let people know that you need a job and have desired skills.

    Networking enables you to take advantage of personal and business relationships in getting you a desirable job. But does not mean that as soon as you meet people you start talking about you need a job and ask them for referrals . It looks really cringe and desperate.

    You need to nurture your relationship first, talk to them, hang out with , and help them when they need you.. The point is to not make other people feel weird about you and not make them feel you are using them.

    To expand your network you need to meet new people. It can be formal conferences , seminars related to your industry or even going to yoga classes and you can even take help from your career coach since they have contacts with many employers and companies. The aim is to know more people in your network and get their help to get a job.

  • Update your resume
  • When doing a career move , after you analyze what are your skills and interests you need to update or improve your resume. Search for new resume formats which look simple and subtle.

    Select a decent color theme and add your recent experience .

    Revise your education , skills , achievements and contact information. If anything needs to change, get it done. Proof read it and then send it. Ask your family member , friend or career coach to proofread for you. Making someone else read your resume reduces chances of mistake ignorance.

  • Start preparing for your interview
  • Since you are applying for jobs , you should start preparing for the interviews. It is always best to start early. You can start practice by giving mock interviews. To increase your knowledge you can start reading books and can even see some youtube tutorials. Ask your career coach or mentor to help you in this. A career guidance from a mentor or career coach can help to work on your interview skills.

  • Have Patience
  • Job hunting is a time taking process and needs a lot of patience. With so much competition and less no of jobs it is a slow process. Keep applying to as many job openings you find , keep spreading word that you need a job. Meanwhile , keep improving your personality and work on your skills.Try to be motivated and take breaks if you feel like. You should enjoy your journey.

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  • Practice salary negotiation
  • Since getting higher pay is one of the top reasons for a career move you need to learn to negotiate if you want higher pay. Negotiating is something everyone should focus on. Instead for

    asking for a specific amount puts forward a salary range according to market value.

    Make sure the offer you are demanding should be negotiable. It should not look unfair.But it doesn't mean you need to start a heated argument with the employer; it gives a really bad impression. If you don't know how to negotiate, ask your career coach to help you in making a negotiable offer for you.

    You need to prove the employer that you are a valuable asset for the company and how your skills can contribute to the growth of the company. Convince them that you are the best person for this job.

  • Analysis and select the most appropriate offer.
  • Congratulations! If you have given several interviews and now you have 2-3 offers. But confused about which offer you should go for ? To get clarity in this you need to analyze which company is going to benefit you in the long term.

    Make sure the offer you are selecting will help you to achieve your desired goal.

    The company which gives you more salary than your previous company and offers a great position is the one you should go for.

Career move ,job hunting , running after your dreams and making a living sometimes can become difficult and requires patience. But all this can become a little easy if you take help from your career coaches or mentors , research a little bit and plan it all with a strategy.Having proper career guidance in your journey can be beneficial.

There are many sources online which can help you achieve. You can find career coaches online also. There are many people who can help you in career guidance and job hunting.

I hope you find this roadmap useful for yourself and this provides you with career guidance. Always keep one thing in mind is that you should always keep working on your goals and give your best. In the end every effort you have put will be paid off!

All the best!

Written By :
Riya Singh
Career Expert at CV Owl

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