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Doesn’t that story sound familiar when you dialled a wrong number just because you read a 7 as 1. Sounds funny now, but irritated you then!

Now think of that job from where you never got a revert back. Now on cross-checking your details you found that there is an error in your e-mail ID. Maybe the employer tried to reach out to you, but you lost it because of such a foolish mistake.

What is a Resume?

A resume is a document that summarizes all our skills,achievements and work experience onto a piece of paper. It includes all the work experience, educational qualifications, certifications, contact information, achievements and skills acquired.

A resume is the most important thing as it tells about a candidate to the employer. When applying for a job, a resume is the most important thing that is submitted with the job application. The most important thing is that you should always write about your contact information in the resume.

There are many sections in the resume but the most important one is contact information, because it helps the employer know the ways in which he can contact you and how to contact you, hence it should always be correct.

It is the data that comprises the information that helps employers to keep in touch with you. This includes the data like your phone number, address, email address, so on. Contact information should be mentioned at the top of the resume.

You should not add any wrong contact information because with this wrong information employers will not be able to come in contact with you. You should add contact information in a very simple and as easy as possible way so that the manager who is hiring can easily contact you for the job.

You should generally not include your age and date of birth in the resume. Basically, age and date of birth are included in the CV.

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Here are some tips on what all to include in contact information on your resume and how

  • What all should be included

    You need to include some basic information like your full name, your complete address, location code, phone number, email address. Make sure that all these details are absolutely correct and have no spelling errors.

    If you have some LinkedIn account or personal website you must add this too in the contact information section because this also helps employers to contact you.

  • Your Name

    You should write your real name preferably or any other name that you are writing, make sure that whichever name you are writing in the resume that will go for the job.

    The name that you are writing in the resume should be the same in your cover letter, business card, professional website and ID proof. If you want to add your nickname, you should add it in the bracket after your real name for example:- SALMAN (Sam) ALI AMED.

    Name is the most important thing that gives you identity and represents you. You should write your name in the capital letters, it can make your resume attractive and impressive and can increase the chance of you being interviewed.

    The name that you are writing in a resume is used for checking the background,security checks, insurance forms and many more things. You cannot change your name in a resume without changing it legally but in case of women they can change their last name without doing it legally.

  • Email Address

    You should always mention personal email address instead of your work email address in your resume. You may separately mention your current job emails and job search emails.

    You should not use any unprofessional email address and you should also try and use your real first name and last name in your email address. If you are not having your personal email address, you should use free emails for job searching.

    The email address that you are adding in your resume should go the same for social media too. After writing your name you should write your email address other than anything. You should avoid including your date of birth in your email address.

  • Phone Number

    You should add correct phone number and one additional phone number in case of emergency when the employer is unable to contact you. Check if your phone has a voicemail option or not, voicemail is really important because in case your contact is unreachable your hiring manager can leave a number.

    You should be sure that your voicemail message sounds professional instead of rude and your voicemail should include your name so that the contacting employer is sure that they are contacting the right person.

    If you are adding any additional contact number for emergency make sure that the person should be responsible so that you can be informed as early as possible.

  • Mailing Address

    If you are having a permanent address you should mention that instead of any other address. In case if you are a student you have to add both student address and permanent address.

    Just be really sure that you are writing the correct address and don’t forget to add important details of your address like the apartment number in which you are living.

    You should write your complete address like state and city for the privacy purpose. There are also chances in which you don’t want to add your original house address in that case you do not list the physical house address.

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    “We would love to help you create your CV. You can whatsapp us on +91-9716366366 and consult an expert for free”

    Methods to Format Your Contact Information :

    As mentioned already, contact information should be listed at the top of the resume, the contact information is the thing that the0 employers first see in the resume. You should write your name at the beginning of the resume because your name represents your personality.


    You should not include everything in the resume as we have to try and keep it short and crisp. You need not add any personal details in the resume which are irrelevant. You should not write any fake information about yourself just to brag about yourself..


    Make sure that you are writing the correct contact information in the resume because it is the only way by which the employers can contact you.You should include your full name and signature in the resume. Make sure that you are having different signatures for internal and external recipients.

    You should leave some space or a separation line after your contact information so that your contact information doesn't get mixed with other information.

    Contact Section in Resume

    While writing the Contact Information on your Resume, begin by writing your full name because name is the only thing that gives you the identity. After name you should write your complete address including city, state and state zip code.

    After the address you should write your correct contact number and then your email address. Don’t forget to mention your LinkedIn ID or personal website URL if you are having because one it adds value to the job that you are applying and second it eases the background check process by the employers

    Here is an illustration for you


    Proofread And Edit

    Proofreading basically refers to the process of final reading of the document to ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors and the formatting is perfect.

    It’s really important to proofread the resume, this will help you to recheck the spelling mistakes and grammar part. Proofreading will help you to check each and every thing that you have written, and check if you have written anything wrong by mistake.

    Proofreading will make your resume accurate and help you for being interviewed for the job.

    Editing also helps you to make your content better. By editing any document the changes and suggestions that you make will help you to improve the structure, readability and flow and provide more clarity in the resume.

    Editing increases your creativity, your language skill, writing skills and especially assists you in getting a good judgement. You can edit your resume by reading your format in which you are writing, avoid using repetitive phrases, don’t use uncertain language, eliminate the filler words. Editing restructures the resume and also improves the quality of writing.

    The main difference between the editing and proofreading is that editing gives you an opportunity to make your writing better, whereas proofreading will just help you to check the resume at the end to ensure any grammatical mistake, spelling mistake, punctuation marks.

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