"..people hiring you already know why you have headed towards the entertainment industry in the place.”"

Every industry has its own ways of working. Having followed that thought, it is important for us to remember that recruiters keep a few aspects before they begin hiring for their entertainment industry clients. There are many who are students in various parts of this country, yet they are fascinated with the film/entertainment industry in some way or the other.

It is quite natural that they should go to work as interns in one of these film sets or maybe as behind-the-scenes personnel. It is also true that the entertainment industry necessarily does not mean that there are only jobs. But you need to have some creative elements in you in order to be successful around here.

What are the qualities and traits expected of you?

In this particular industry, hiring agents would typically look at your creative bent of mind and how you have lived up to the desire of creating something. If you wish to join a music company, no matter the position you are applying for, it is a good note to share your top 5 favourite songs recorded by that music company. Much like all the other industries, the hiring managers want to see you stay connected to music, arts, theatre and other cultural activities.


You cannot expect to have the same resume as you would have for any other office work. We can also take another example where you are trying to crack a job at a production company. It is quite possible that the company offering you an opportunity would seek your past experiences as an intern working in any production house.

What should your Resume Formatting style be like?

When it comes to choosing an appropriate resume formatting for applying to any company related to the entertainment industry, you need to be very precise about how you are connected to the job deeply. Let’s not deviate from the plan of keeping things simple, precise and clean.

Make headings and mark them bold so that they are highlighted at a glance. Then put in your information entry wise as bullet points. Avoid over-writing your resume and keep it within one page. Do not use popping colours, too much thematic colouring and graphics to prove that you are creative.

If you choose to use fancy styling in your resume will look unprofessional and pretentious.

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What should be there on my resume?

Make sure to put up your best experiences and skill sets which closely resembles or is somewhat connected to the post you are applying for. You need to mould the overall look and feel of who you are according to the type of entertainment field the company works in addition to the job position.

Use action verbs and keywords while framing your experiences and skill sets. Try to use those verbs which have been used in the job offer advertisement for a better chance to crack the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) . Do not lose sight of what that particular company is looking for and choose your words accordingly. f you are job-switching i.e., you are switching from some other industry to the entertainment industry, write only those skill sets,I proficiencies and experiences which will be relevant in fulfilling your duties in this job. If you can match the desired skill sets you are bound to get a call for an interview.

How relevant is your educational background?

Your educational background is essential for almost all jobs. However, the stress on your education may vary from one job to the other. It all depends on what skills sets and proficiencies you have because then those qualities become your justifiable qualification above and beyond you r educational history. Keep in mind this too, has some limitations.


If you are applying for a creative job post, being creative yourself is of prime consideration. In there all you need to prove is that you are the creative person the company needs to move ahead. At that juncture, the sole consideration is what skill sets and experiences you are bringing to the table.

However, there are jobs in this industry which requires you to put forward a strong or a basic educational qualification to be qualified to apply. So, put your section of ‘Education’ right at the top second to your section of skills and work experiences.

Come On.. Lets Discuss it one to one
Come On.. Lets Discuss it one to one “We would love to help you create your CV. You can connect with us at hello@cvowl.com and consult an expert.”

What are your interests?

As we pointed out to you at the very beginning of this article, this particular work environment requires you to have a specific set of likes/dislikes and interests. Listing your interests might set you apart from the ordinary bunch of resumes.

But be very sure about which of your interests you are highlighting. Be mindful of the job you are applying to and avoid listing the ‘obvious’ interests. Just keep in mind that the purpose of listing your interests is to communicate through your resume and connect with the mind reading it.

Should I write my objective in the resume?

No, do not include your objective in your resume while applying for a job at any company in the entertainment business. The reason for not doing it is because people hiring you already know why you have headed towards the entertainment industry in the place. More importantly, using an objective and defining a goal is somewhat far fetched and downright laughable.

Let’s assume you are applying to if you are applying for a job position at a production house and write on your objective that your ultimate goal is to become a director then you are likely to be ignored. Use your objective in the form of a covering letter and provide a better perspective in your personal face-to-face interview if you are asked to.

How to deal with your ‘experience’ section?

Tailor your experiences according to the job position you are applying for. Make sure to include your extracurricular experiences. Let your hiring managers know that you have been doing theatres and have been a part of a theatre production team if you are going for a job at a production house. If you have been taking art lessons throughout your childhood, and now you are willing to take up a job at a graphic designing company, you are more likely to be the perfect candidate.

If you are applying for a job at a magazine you can obviously showcase the aesthetic Instagram feed that you have been managing and uploading pictures you have taken. In that way, they get to know your talents and ability to handle social media and your artistic side all at once.

But please keep in mind, that you should not come off as narcissistic. Remind yourself of the job description and trim your experiences accordingly. Overstating your experiences is outrageous in most circumstances so it is better if you can avoid doing so.

Simple Template Resume

It is advisable that you go through an entertainment resume template or a sample resume template which you can use while applying for a job in a company which is related to Entertainment business. This resume takes care of more or less all situations that might be in front of you as a job scavenger.

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