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How to write a tech job resume?

Any person in the technology industry will have a wide range of knowledge and skills in the field of software development, mathematics, computer science and other analytical departments. You must be given the responsibility for creating suitable practical, technical and efficient programs.

With your expertise in a wide area of subjects and technical knowledge, you must be in a dilemma of 'what to include' and 'what to leave out' in the resume of your job. Read on to know how to tackle these problems.

Here are some time tested hacks to make your resume stand out from the rest and help you get that position you are aiming for.

Keep your resume to ONE PAGE

If we haven't stressed this enough. It is imperative to limit your resume to a page. This is because your hiring manager will be flooded with dozens of requests for a limited job opening. The second page of the resume won't even make it to the manager's attention.

Therefore a one-page resume with your qualifications and experience highlighted is ideal. A good tip to follow is to reduce the length of your work experience. Do not write multiple bullet points of every position you held in the past. This will also give you content to talk about in your interview.

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Be objective about your technical skills.

You must be very accurate with your skills. Make sure that the skills you mention are relevant for the job. If you have knowledge in Laravel PHP, but only mention PHP, the hiring manager will not know about your skills.

Be very cautious of mentioning many irrelevant skills as the manager may feel that you have superficial knowledge on all topics and no in-depth knowledge required to carry out complex tasks.

Mention stories about how you used your skills in a language (C++, python etc) to solve problems in the past.


A resume is used to get you one specific position in an organisation, not to list every qualification and experience.

Show what you achieved in your skills.

It is best if you can quantify your skills using a figure if possible. Show how your techniques save the cost to the company. This demonstrates your value to the employer.

For eg. Designed a customized accounting app for the company, which apart from being easy saved an average of Rs. 60000 per year.

Such examples will display your ability to solve practical problems and showcase your talent in taking initiative and also management skills.

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Target your application to each job application.

A one size fits all approach is inappropriate and disastrous if you are seeking different job positions in different companies.
You must research for your job and customize your resume accordingly.

You must be aware of the products sold in the company, their business model, the problem they solve, do you sympathize with the company policies, the technology behind the design of the products, how do you fit in, what value would you add to the company, what growth prospects will the company get you.

According to your research, you must optimise your resume introduction and professional experience section which fits the needs of the job.


  • Dig and discover the skill sets which you have which the job requires.
  • Research extensively about the company and the job title you are applying to.
  • Make your resume summary sound like an elevator pitch.


  • Customize your resume for a job which may be harmful to you in the longer run.
  • Make assumptions about the role without researching.

Designing a resume which not only brings out and explains your qualification and skills but also stands out from a crowd can be quite a task. You need to select the right fonts, colours, the margin and the alignment -- it is kind of overwhelming, isn't it. So here we have listed some of the resume templates below for the latest technological jobs in the market.


Take a look at these which will not only help you design a professional-looking resume but also would save the effort required to start from a blank sheet of paper plus it's completely free.

Entry-level Engineering Student (Computer Science)

This resume focuses on the skills and qualifications which you have gained in college. Be sure to impress your manager with this layout.

Web developer

We have a great set of resume samples for a variety of developer jobs. Java, HTML, Python are all on the list. Get inspired by these resumes and make your own.

Computer programmer

Download the template of an experienced computer programmer and tailor it according to your preferences. Make sure to add your latest achievements and qualifications.

Computer engineer

The resume template of a computer engineer must be in-depth and that's what exactly we provide. To begin with, we have when an added segment of a summary of your strengths, which is followed by your technical expertise. This is an elaborate format which will definitely help you in getting your job.


Your cover letter and your resume will be your first introduction to your employer even before you actually get to meet them. Spend time and effort in organising your detailed information. The best way to make your resume present table and professional is to use a template of your choice.

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