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“Old ways of Application, won't open new doors of Selection.”

Have you ever wondered of what impression you might leave on a job provider by applying for multiple positions in a company? Does the idea of applying for various profiles in the same company sound desperate?

Well, it depends upon a number of factors. While the job hunt, a candidate may face situations in which applying for multiple jobs at a company isn’t that bad.

Multiple Job Application

If a candidate’s skill set and qualifications suffice to meet the job role’s requirements , then there is no harm in applying for different positions in a company. Hence, if an employee’s candidature is strong enough for all the positions , it makes sense to apply for them.

The second factor that needs to be given due importance is the size of the company. If the company happens to operate, execute and hire at large scale, then there is less probability of the same hiring manager reviewing all applications of the candidate. Therefore, multiple applications leave a candidate harmless.

Most importantly, even if a candidate considers to apply for multiple positions in a company, he should limit his application to 2-3 job profiles at most. The basic prerequisite for multiple applications happens to be the need to be genuine and realistic while offering your candidature.

It is commonly recommended to apply to one job at a time and if the response to it happens to be uncertain, then move ahead with another application. However, there is a much higher probability of losing the latter opportunity, while awaiting a response from the former. A candidate, therefore, needs to weigh the risk for everything.

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Writing a Cover Letter for Multiple Job Application

Separate resumes and separate cover letters need to be prepared and sent for the application process of 2 or more job positions at a company. Every resume and cover letter needs to be tailored and made fit to match the applicability for a particular role. Keywords play a significant role while alteration of the resume and the cover letter to fit the specific job listing.

However, if there is a limit on the submission of job applications to the company, for the two jobs that happen to be similar or in the same department, a candidate might have to consider writing one cover letter for multiple openings.

Cover Letter Format for Multiple Job Application

  1. 1. Cover Letter Address

    The candidate should make sure to address all the concerned people in the salutation or prefer to use the general phrase “To whomsoever, it may concern”, as he is submitting a common cover letter for multiple job applications and is unsure of the people who might be looking and judging from the credentials mentioned in there. Thereby the candidate prevents himself to portray his interest in one job over the other.

  2. 2. Enthusiasm expression

    The most important part pertains to the expression of a candidate’s willingness and interest to be a part of the company. The candidate should include a paragraph in the cover letter that states his reason for being a good fit for the company. Keywords that happen to catch the hiring manager’s attention should be added while framing the cover letter.

  3. perfect-to-be-the-part-of-company

  4. 3. Mentioning Qualifications

    A candidate through his cover letter should be able to justify his capabilities in terms of his experience and relevant skills required for both the jobs separately. He may list down his skills as either bullets or paragraphs.

Come On.. Lets Discuss it one to one
Come On.. Lets Discuss it one to one “We would love to help you create your CV. You can connect with us at and consult an expert.”

Cover Letter Sample For Multiple Job Application

Applicant’s Name

Residential Address

City, State & Zip Code

Contact Number

Email ID


Contact Person’s Name

Title (Job Position)

Company’s Name

Company’s Address

City, State & Zip Code

Dear HR,

Your Human Resource department has advertised two job openings for which my experience in the field and skillset directly qualifies me. My hiring experience would translate well into the required job role. I am extremely knowledgeable and familiar with this kind of job profile and I recognize how vital recruitment is for the company that is necessary for dealing with human resource capital.

My HR experience gives me a unique ability to qualify resources, in all its forms, to business processes. Some of the business process knowledge includes accounting, finance, facilities, inventory control, resource budgeting, human resource management, and various operational processes.

I have experience with relevant firms, high growth challenges; manpower replacement projects and recruitment process improvement. I have delivered large projects on a scheduled budget and in alignment with the business strategy. Companies I have worked for include Accenture, Wipro HR Services and LemonTray Pvt. Ltd.

I would like to have an opportunity to talk with you or someone in your organization to see where my skill set would be of the greatest benefit to your company. I know I could be a great asset to your department if selected.

Best regards,


Written By :
Om Wadhwa
Career Expert at CV Owl

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