Unadvertised Jobs

“Getting hired is not about hitting the bullseye at once, it's about the consistency of applying and trying even if the target isn't clear.”

The recruitment process of a company may sometimes follow a pattern wherein they prefer not to disclose or advertise their vacancies.

Companies who aren’t actively hiring, but tend to welcome new employees on-board in the near future may opt for such an option in order to engage qualified candidates.

If there’s an expected job opening in a company, the candidate may send his/her cover letter along with the resume beforehand, to have a better probability of getting his or her candidature being noticed. If a person’s skill set suffices to impress the hiring authorities and fulfil their requirements, they may even consider creating a brand new position.

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Cover Letter for Unadvertised Jobs

The two conditions under it can be bifurcated as:

  • When there is a known Job Vacancy.
  • When the hiring status of the company is unknown.

The cover letter for both these categories follow a more or less similar pattern, however, a considerably stronger pitch validating your skillset and your prospective contribution to the company is required in the latter.

Important Elements for a Cover Letter (Unadvertised Opening)

The various elements that need to be taken care of are:

  • Mention of the Source Person(s)
  • It’s better to mention the name of the person in the cover letter who happened to provide you with the information regarding a particular vacancy at a company. It is indeed a great way to get your foot in the door even if the company isn’t currently hiring.

  • Mode of Writing
  • Both the hard and soft copy versions of a cover letter are acceptable, however, the hard copy possesses a greater possibility of being noticed at the time of vacancy as compared to the soft copy (email) which can be easily deleted.

  • Resume Inclusion
  • An updated copy of your resume focusing on the skills and personality traits required for the job profile should be included in the cover letter, irrespective of the fact that you’re sending a hard copy or soft copy.

  • Necessary Inclusions:
    • Applicant’s Contact Information
      • Name
      • Address
      • City, State & Zip Code
      • Phone Number
      • Email ID
    • Date
    • Greeting
    • In case a contact person has been identified at a company, the cover letter or email should be directed to him.

      In case the contact person isn’t identified and you’re aiming at the hiring authorities in general, address your letter as “Dear HR”.

      It is recommended to start the letter with a courteous opening.

    • Body of Cover Letter
    • The body of a cover letter is the most important part that should justify your interest in the company and prove your candidature worthy enough to be considered for the vacancy. All your relevant experience and strengths should be highlighted here in order to consider you as the doorway to the zenith of success.

First Paragraph

The first paragraph of your cover letter should have the content that explains your reason for addressing the letter. It is recommended to be specific regarding your interest in the company and to mention the contact person’s name, in case of any.

Second Paragraph

Content pertaining to your prospective contribution to the company through your acquired skills and knowledge needs to be incorporated in the second paragraph of the cover letter.

Third Paragraph

The concluding paragraph should have a thankyou mention for them to consider your candidature.

It is recommended to close the letter with the mention of ‘Best Regards’ followed by your signatures in case of the letter and digital signatures in case of email.

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“We would love to help you create your CV. You can whatsapp us on +91-9716366366 and consult an expert for free”

Cover Letter Sample for Unadvertised Jobs

Applicant’s Name
Residential Address
City, State & Zip Code
Contact Number
Email ID


Contact Person’s Name
Title (Job Position)
Company’s Name
Company’s Address
City, State & Zip Code

Dear HR,

As a managerial professional with high-level management experience in the hospitality industry, I learned that the best way to achieve success was to motivate the resources I had with well-defined goals and dedication.

A management belief based on integrity, equality, and customer-oriented service, along with optimism, an aptitude for strategic planning and organizing, and the ability to adapt quickly to new ideas and situations allows me to achieve consistent and significant success in any scenario.

My personality profile says:

  • Cheerful disposition
  • Neat and well-organized
  • Motivated by problem-solving
  • Team worker
  • Work well with deadlines
  • Collaborative and efficient

XYZ Company is a company that would provide me with the opportunity to put my personality, skills, and capabilities to work. At a personal meeting, I would like to discuss with you how I will contribute to the continued growth of your company in order to together make it reach the zenith of success.

Best regards,

Written By :
Om Wadhwa
Career Expert at CV Owl

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