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"Creating a teacher resume template can be tricky if you do not pay attention to details. And if you are a professor by profession and want to educate college students, having an effective resume is a must."

In recent times, getting a job in the Education field is not only prestigious but also highly in demand. With the widening of the education horizon and opening of several scopes of learning, securing a job in the Education field will not only give you immense satisfaction but will provide you with a new working experience that will be extremely fruitful if your future ambitions include revolutionizing the Education system.

However, securing a job in the Education sector can make you face new challenges every day. Since you will have to deal with Education, the primary need of every individual, you need to have a sense of responsibility and sensitivity. While serving in the Education field, you will not only have to teach small children, but also teenagers, and even grown-ups pursuing their college and university degrees.


Thus, landing a job in the Education field requires patience, professionalism, extreme level of knowledge and willingness to share that knowledge with young minds.

Now to land a job in the Education Industry, you need to have an effective resume. Creating a teacher resume template can be tricky if you do not pay attention to details. And if you are a professor by profession and want to educate college students, having an effective resume is a must.

Whether it's a resume for professors or a teacher resume template, you need to build your resume with extreme finesse. Thus, without further ado, let's get started!

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What are the must have’s for your resume?

Educational credentials

As a professor yourself, your educational qualification is your biggest asset. The greater your educational prowess, more are your chances in cracking a job of being a professor. So in your resume for professors, don’t forget to highlight all the certificates and degrees you have in a given field of education.

Teaching experience

So far as teaching experience is concerned, make sure to showcase those experiences in your teacher resume template , which are in a direct link to the job description you are applying for. If you have limited experience, make sure to include highlights from your internship days in your teacher resume template, any voluntary teaching that you might have done or other experiences which involved teaching a particular subject.

It is also important to note that teaching a 5th grader and teaching college students are completely different in nature. List your working experiences as a teacher or a professor accordingly in your teacher resume template or resume for professors.


Do not forget to jot down your skills such as the ability to use a visual aid to help the students learn easily in comparison to teachers who use the traditional forms of teaching. Teaching or being a professor is seeing a massive change nowadays. Your abilities to use infographics and an illustrative mind are the skill-set which students need nowadays more than ever.

Showcase your accomplishments

Let’s just agree to the fact that if you choose to state what duties you had as a teacher or a professor in your erstwhile job, it’s going to make your resume a boring one. Instead, let your recruiters know why you were special as a teacher or a professor.

A good resume for professors should always have a section where you let the employer know that you made a difference by adding something special like using a particular teaching technique which made your class score better in comparison to other classes.

Come On.. Lets Discuss it one to one
Come On.. Lets Discuss it one to one “We would love to help you create your CV. You can connect with us at and consult an expert.”

How to write an effective resume for professors or teachers?

In case you are preparing your resume to crack at a prestigious university or a well-known group of schools, here’s a list of things you should keep in mind -

Custom-fit your resume

As a teaching professional it is quite possible that you might have to remain flexible as to the various standards or environments that you may face when you are applying for a new job. Make a larger resume which fits more or less all job positions but keep customizing or tailoring it as per the job requirements from time to time. If you wish to demonstrate that you are a good fit for the job make sure to include keywords based on the subject matter in which you are proficient, or you can choose words which were used in the job posting itself.

Formatting style

It’s quite possible that different type of formats are used for different job openings as they are more suitable for each other. It is true that you are not an IT professional and therefore maintaining the traditional formatting may not always be credible. Obviously, if you are applying to be a professor at a pre-school or at a Montessori, your CV should use bold colours, attractive styling so that your artistic sensibilities are on display.

Similarly, it is needless to mention, that a college professor should maintain a healthy combination of a chronological format with an infographic one in their resume for professors.

Use templates and examples

In this segment, you are advised to make use of the already available teacher resume template or a set of teacher resume examples available in order to gather better understanding as to how to go about things while preparing a resume.

These teacher resume templates will help you identify the flow of information (as in how it should flow from one point and how it should end) for starters.



Do not forget the importance of proofreading. It will be better if you consider your resume to be read by someone close and also by an erstwhile colleague. A to-be colleague (working in the same college/school or university where you are applying for a job) is even more precious.

A second or third set of eyes will make sure that you are not missing out on mentioning valuable points about you. In your teacher resume template or resume for professors, you might have skipped quoting your previous school administration on how good your teaching was. Proofreading keeps grammatical errors away from your job application. As a professor or a teacher making silly mistakes may not be that easy to let go!

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Namratta Sarkar
Career Expert at CV Owl

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