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Before there was any free resume maker or a basic online CV maker, people would use MS Word. Many people still do. Using MS Word to make your resume in 2019 is akin to grinding coffee beans when there's a perfectly fine coffee machine right there. Why would you use MS Word and struggle with margins and formatting and grab your hair as you try to indent that bullet just right when you can use CV Owl's free online resume maker?

Our state-of-the-art resume maker online, with premium designs and pre-filled resume content templates, is a sure shot way to instantly do away with all your resume troubles. So what are you waiting for? Just head on over to our online resume builder and use our ready-to-use resume templates to jumpstart your job search and drown yourself in shortlists!

In case you are already done with your resume and would want a professional to review it, well look no further! Our team of resume experts will do a professional review of your resume so you can address those last-mile issues and formatting glitches.


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CV Owl's Free Resume Maker

CV Owl's online resume maker is designed to address the requirements of both entry-level professionals and senior business leaders.


We understand that young college graduates and entry-level professionals can't spend huge sums of money on polishing and refining their resumes. If they had money, they wouldn't be struggling with a job, right?

In order to address the concerns of these entry-level professionals, the team at CV Owl has created a free resume design template which anybody can use to revamp their resume. And that's not it! In addition to a free resume design template, we also offer free content resume templates which are pre-filled and ready-to-use by you, the seeker of jobs!

No need to scratch your brains for finding the perfect resume power verb to go with your achievement, or figuring out the best design template for your resume. At CV Owl's online resume maker, it's free!

And the icing on the cake? It's going to be a matter of a few minutes before you are ready with the most updated version of your resume, with a trend-based resume design and professionally written content!

Good luck finding that elsewhere.

All you have to do is just login and start creating your resume. In case you're looking for a free resume maker , you've come to the right place. You can choose the Classic CV Template which is free for all users, and combine that with any of the freely available content templates.

No struggling with flying bullets and margins that listen to no one. Our free resume maker will ensure that all the burden related to resume formatting is taken care of. This frees up a lot of mental space, which you can then use to polish the content - the heart of the resume.

Online Resume Maker - Why is CV Owl's resume maker the best resume maker?

So what makes CV Owl's online resume builder the best online resume maker there is?

To start, any online resume maker you'll find is nothing more than a glorified form. You'll be presented with a screen containing empty fields. You go ahead and fill in your details and you think you're done.

A monkey with a Mac can design a better online resume maker. How can we say so? Because we live and breath resumes. We know the role it plays in getting you your dream job. We know it's not to be trifled with. Which is why when we see an online resume maker which is just a collection of empty fields, we snort in disgrace.

Why? Because we know you deserve better. You got to have an online resume maker which is not a poor excuse, which is something more than a field of forms, and which is actually designed keeping the latest recruitment trends in mind.

Trust us, you won't find that elsewhere. Still, don't believe us? Read on.

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  • Making a Customized Personal Information section in our Online CV Maker

Say you're a tech professional who wants to showcase your GitHub profile. Or you are a designer who wants to mention your Behance portfolio on your resume.In any other online resume maker, you'll have to manually add a section (if at all that feature is available). In any case, you won't have the option to customize the same.

But in our online resume maker, you can add custom URLs for most commonly used social platforms by just a click. You'll be able to create a clickable link on your digital resume on our resume maker online, completed with the corresponding icon.

Similarly, you can add a custom link for your GitHub, Twitter, LinkedIn, your own personal website...the possibilities are endless.No more manually adding fields and hoping the recruiter won't find out it's a copy-paste job.

  • Uniform Spacing in our Free Online Resume Maker

Recruiters doesn't like to see a resume which is 0.75 pages or 1.5 pages long.

White space at the end of your resume does not leave a positive image in the mind of the recruiter.A resume is either 1 page or 2. If you're utilizing the second page, make sure you reach the entirety of that page. But you've included everything you possibly could, and your resume is still just 1.5 pages. What do you do then?

Do you remove information to reduce it to a 1-page resume, or do you add fluff sections and irrelevant points just so you can extend your resume to 2 complete pages? Don't worry. There's a third way out of it. The CV Owl Way.

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On your right, you'll find a button to uniformly increase or decrease spacing in your resume. It doesn't matter if your resume is .75 page long or 1.5 pages long. A few clicks and bam! Your resume will reach the entirety of the page.

What are your other options? In MS Word, in order to stretch your resume to the end of the page, you'll have to manually adjust the spacing after every section in order to make sure that the spacing is consistent across the entire document.

And believe us when we say that you won't find this feature in any other online resume maker.

  • Adding/Reordering sections in our easy resume maker

A CV maker which requires the user to go through a manual is not an easy resume maker. An easy to use resume maker is one which is intuitive and designed to address all types of users.

CV Owl's online resume maker is a typical example of an easy resume maker. Here's how:

Let's say you are working on your resume and you need to add another section. Or you need to change the order of sections. What do you do then?

Simple. We've established that we designed an easy resume maker in order to address all your requirements, right?

  • Online Resume Maker for Students

No one talks about the humble student who just graduated and is looking for some help around his/her resume. Well, the experts at CV Owl do.

We realize that as students, you are yet to experience a professional setup. Without proper guidance, it's not easy to figure out the right way to make your resume. Which is why CV Owl's best online resume builder also specifically caters to students by providing a free resume design template on our free resume maker online.

In addition to this, there are also 3 ready-to-use free content templates. You can customize the content of these templates to suit your own profile. Making a resume has never been such a breeze!

  • Online Resume Maker: Speed Meets Aesthetics

Did you realize why we used the analogy of a coffee machine at the beginning of this guide? Because coffee machines are quick. That's what you're looking for in a resume maker online as well, right? You wish for an online resume maker which gets the job done in no time.And guess what? We know that. We know that you're looking for a quick resume maker which allows you to focus on other critical things.

You don't want to become a professional resume writer, do you? You just need a professional resume so you can proceed with the arduous job hunt process. And for that, you need a quick resume maker which understands what you're looking for.

When you combine our extensive library of 100+ pre-filled and ready-to-use resume templates with breakthrough features in our state-of-the-art online resume maker, you know you're in the right place. Through the click of a button, you have the option of downloading a recruiter-friendly PDF of your resume. Additionally, you get a shareable link of your digital resume which you can directly share with recruiters. If that isn't the stuff of dreams, I don't know what is.

“We would love to help you create your CV.
You can whatsapp us on +91.9716366366 and consult an expert for free”
  • Job Resume Maker: A step closer to your Dream Job

A resume maker is useless if it's not getting you the shortlist you want. A job resume maker ensures that the final resume you download and send is:

  • Recruiter-friendly
  • ATS-optimized

What is the meaning of a recruiter-friendly resume? It means that your resume is properly formatted, is easily readable and allows the recruiter to scan relevant information first.

An ATS-optimized resume ensures that your resume is parsed by most applicant tracking systems. The ATS screening is the first step in any recruitment process, and a resume maker online is useless if it's unable to create a resume which can be parsed by an ATS.

CV Owl's online resume maker promises and delivers both these things. Updating your resume on our resume maker online will ensure that not only is your resume parsed by an ATS, but also the human recruiter sitting behind the software is captivated by your resume.

  • Key Takeaways

Now that you've read a gist of our online resume maker, let's quickly summarize the top breakthrough features which makes our resume maker the best resume maker app in the market right now.

  • 100+ ready-to-use resume templates for your chosen role and industry, including multiple free resume templates on our free resume maker
  • Live Resume Editor which allows you to edit your resume in real-time
  • 1-click change design which allows you to change the design of your resume in a single click without disturbing the content in your resume
  • Downloading unlimited PDFs and saving unlimited resumes in our resume maker online
  • Full rich-text editor in our online resume maker which ensures that your resume is both ATS-optimized and recruiter-friendly


Still have more doubts around the best resume maker? Drop in a line at and our resume experts will back to you!

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