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Software Engineer Cover Letter Example


Before you apply for the next software engineer position, make sure you have a cover letter that complements your resume. The above sample will demonstrate how you can highlight your knowledge of programming languages and database technology.


Creating a cover letter may seem daunting if you’ve never written one before, but that doesn’t mean you can’t craft a strong one. A professional cover letter can make you more appealing to a hiring manager and is even required by some companies. Our software engineer cover letter sample will provide you with some do’s and don’ts to inspire you to write your own excellent software engineer cover letter.


  • Do emphasize your past accomplishments and any improvements you’ve made in your previous jobs. Since technology companies are focused on making advances, this can show you are capable of delivering those results.


  • Don’t use words that are too vague or broad. Saying things like, “I have advanced computer skills” does not sound good enough to excite a hiring manager.


  • Do back up your accomplishments with numbers when possible. Employers in the tech industry can sometimes relate better to analytical or quantitative metrics than words.


  • Don’t be too unconventional when formatting your cover letter in an attempt to get noticed. Here are some tips to get your Cover Letter noticed by the hiring managers.

The Best Software Engineer Cover Letter Template—Checklist


  1. Heading

Your names, professional title, and contact info.

The addressee's details.

City and date are optional and a tad old-school, but more conservative readers will appreciate them. 


  1. Salutation

“Dear Hiring Manager” is okay(ish.)

“Dear [Hiring Manager’s name] is perfect.

“Dear Sir or Madam” has now become old-fashioned and sounds really boring.


  1. Main Body: The 3 para Software Engineer Cover Letter Format

Begin with “the hook.” Tell your employers a quick story that shows how impressive your skills are.

Make an offer. Emphasize how your expertise will help solve their problems.

 Use bullet points to outline your achievements.

Explain your motivation. Once they understand they want you, they’ll want to know why you want them.


  1. Call To Action

Reiterate your offer and ask them to reach out to you.

Gently remind them that you’re not going to be available forever.

Don’t write the hackneyed phrase “Thank you for your time and attention.”


  1. Formal Closing

Use a “sincerely” synonym.

Don’t get too informal.

Sign-off with your full name



  1. The Postscript

It works like an eye magnet.

Everyone will read it.

In it, include something you can’t afford for your prospective employer to miss.


(For more information about different cover letter formats, check out this handy guide: Cover Letter Format: A Complete How-To Guide)


Be specific and precise. Quantify whenever possible. Numbers pop!


So that’s what you should include in your software engineer or software developer cover letter.


Don’t know how long your cover letter should be for a software engineer position?


No longer than necessary to show off your best and most relevant wins.


Looking for an exact figure? This will depend on your experience. 


Cover letter for a software engineer with 2 years of experience or less shouldn’t exceed 200 words. Experienced software developer cover letter? Not much longer. Aim for 300 words, tops.


That’s not a lot, but it is the proper template for your software developer cover letter. It will deliver. Afraid that you’re missing something? Double-check with: What to Include in a Cover Letter - Here’s what you should be including in your cover letter that hiring managers want to see.


Writing an entry-level software engineer cover letter with no experience is a bit tough task. If you need a software engineer cover letter for an internship, you simply cannot afford to mess it up. Here’s a guide for all you future interns out there: How to Write a Cover Letter For an Internship


One more thing: it’s crucial that you send your cover letter directly to the hiring manager. If you’re not quite sure how to do it, here’s a guide that’ll clear it up: How to Address a Cover Letter: Sample & Guide 


Software Engineer Cover Letter Template—Introduction

  • Begin with Dear + the hiring manager’s name. If you’re applying to a company with relaxed office culture, the first name will do; if your prospective employer is more traditional—go for first and last names


  • Mention your impressive achievement and tell a catchy story about it. Nothing too fancy—remember Tabitha? That’s how she did it: Two months ago, I shattered a record I had previously considered unbreakable.


  • Make them realize how much they’ll benefit from hiring you.


  • Personalize. Refer to an important company fact, show your enthusiasm and passion for the company’s values, mention current events, or use name-dropping if you’ve been referenced.

Software Engineer Cover Letter Template—The Main Body

  • Point out that you’re aware of your prospective employer’s needs and upcoming challenges.


  • Show how your past experiences match the position’s requirements. It’s a good idea to use bullet points here to make your message more concise.


  • Reiterate the value you’ll bring to the company.


Software Engineer Cover Letter TemplateClosing Lines

  •  Include a “call to action:” tell your employers you’d like to meet in person to discuss how you can help them achieve their goals. Ask them to reach out to you


  • Close with a “sincerely” synonym and always sign off the letter with your full name.


  • Include a postscript: give a sneak-peek of your impressive achievement and say you’d be happy to talk about it in more detail.

Software Engineer Advice

To get hired as a software engineer, you’ll need an understanding of software and systems, plenty of experience and technical knowledge, and a cover letter that shows why you’re highly qualified and the right fit for the job. We’ve created the software engineer cover letters you see below specifically to help you build your own job-winning cover letter more quickly. 


Writing a Software Developer Cover Letter

If you’re seeking a software developer position, you are required to send a cover letter to accompany your resume. And while writing a resume cover letter may sound a simple task, the truth is, it can involve a complex process since it is your introduction to the hiring party and that it needs to be impressive.

  • In the first paragraph, introduce yourself and a brief statement regarding what made you interested in applying for the position offered by the company. Also, include how you learned about the vacancy, whether through job sites, social media or a referral.


  • Use the second paragraph to highlight the skills, knowledge, and experiences relevant to the job. This is your opportunity to explain why the hiring party should choose you over other applicants. If done properly, you can give them a clear picture of what you can contribute to their organization.


  • The last paragraph should be your conclusion. Make sure to maintain your enthusiasm and let the hiring party know your availability to discuss the opportunity to work with them. Do not forget to provide your contact information.


Cover Letter Tips for Software Engineer

Finding jobs as a Software Engineer is no small task, but it is one that can be made much easier with the help of some simple tips. It is a good idea to stick with these simple rules when job hunting in the new economy.

  1. Don’t tackle your job search without a plan in place for how you will proceed, and to what end. It is important to know where you are going and what steps you plan on taking to get there.
  2. Clean up and personalize all your Social Media profiles to benefit you, posting your cover letter online and sharing the news of your job search with others via the internet.
  3. Ace the interview by not only being prepared with questions for the hiring manager but also being prepared to prove your worthiness as a candidate that can either save or make the company in time or resources.
  4. Look no further than your local career centre or job seeker’s support group to find resources that will be invaluable to your searches, such as local listings, skills assessment tests and more.
  5. Do not hesitate to include information on your cover letters such as certifications, licenses, special awards, an accomplishments summary, travel and languages.


Things to Keep in Mind

Your cover letter format should be tailored to match the requirements and qualifications set by the employer. Target the key skills to make you the perfect applicant for the specific position.

  • It should be short and straight to the point, preferably three (3) paragraphs, but make sure to limit it to one page only.
  • Avoid repeating the information in your resume. Your cover letter example should explain what is found in your resume.



Writing a software engineer or a software developer cover letter that gets you the job doesn’t have to be hard.


Just follow the key strategies we covered. 

  • Always address the hiring managers by their name. Get them hooked in your first paragraph.
  • Use bullet points to show off your best wins. Be specific and always choose numbers over descriptions.
  • Highlight what you’ve got to offer, not what you want out of the job.
  • Include a postscript after the formal sign-off.


And remember one last thing—

Even the most amazing software engineering cover letter will get you nowhere if you don’t know how to sell yourself with your software engineer resume. Luckily, you can learn how to make one in a flash. Check out our collection of Free Cover Letter Samples: Cover Letter Samples


Hungry for more cover letter writing advice? Still unsure how to describe your experience to come across as a software engineering rockstar? Give me a shout in the comments and I’ll get back to you!