55 Mistakes You Don't Want to Make in a Job Interview

55 Mistakes You Don't Want to Make in a Job Interview

It's always easy and very common to make a mistake when you are at a job interview. In fact, sometimes you aren’t even aware that you're making a mistake. We've spoken to many job seekers who didn't knew or didn't realize that it was totally unacceptable to walk into an interview with a cup of coffee or anything to drink.

We've also spoken to the candidates who have blundered on the side of being too early for a job interview or dressing too casually or even too overdressed for the job or the company. They thought they were doing the correct thing. Rather, they ended up not making the best impression.

Here are the top 55 most common mistakes candidates make to review so you can avoid making them.

Top 55 Interview Mistakes

1.   Dressing Inappropriately.

2.   Not brushing your teeth on the day of Interview.

3.   Not taking a shower on the day of Interview.

4.   Appearing uninterested.

5.   Not bringing pen and notepad.

6.   Taking telephonic Interview on a lighter side compared to in-person Interview.

7.   Leaving your cell phone on.

8.   Chewing gum.

9.   Bringing something drink with you.

10.   Bringing another person with you.

11.   Wearing sunglasses.

12.   Not wearing proper clothes.

13.   Showing up too early.

14.   Showing up late.

15.   Smoking before the Interview.

16.   Showing up hungover and/or really tired.

17.   Going to the interview if you are really sick.

18.   Not knowing the interviewer's name.

19.   Not introducing yourself.

20.   Leaving a Bluetooth earpiece on.

21.   Texting during the interview.

22.   Interrupting the interviewer to take a call.

23.   Wearing too much much perfume or cologne.

24.   Wearing a cap in the interview.

25.   Not bringing extra copies of your resume.

26.   Not bringing a list of references.

27.   Not bringing a portfolio of your work.

28.   Playing with your hair.

29.   Using "umm" or "you know" or "like" again and again.

30.   Mumbling and using poor grammar.

31.   Talking too much.

32.   Cutting off the interviewer's question.

33.   Not talking enough.

34.   Talking about your weakness

35.   Not smiling enough.

36.   Telling jokes and laughing too much.

37.   Not making eye contact with the interviewer.

38.   Criticizing your last company or boss.

39.   Not remembering your work history.

40.   Checking your notes for an answer to a question.

41.   Not following directions if you're asked to give a test.

42.   Not preparing in advance to answer questions.

43.   Failing to pay attention to the questions you're asked.

44.   Failing to research the company prior to the interview.

45.   Forgetting the name of the company you’ve appeared for.

46.   Forgetting the names of the companies you've been associated with in the past.

47.   Not knowing the job description.

48.   Providing misleading Information.

49.   Showing the interviewer that you really need the job.

50.   Showing the interviewer that you need the money.

51.   Asking about office timings.

52.   Asking about salary and benefits.

53.   Asking silly questions when asked, "What questions do you have?"

54.   Not thanking the interviewer for the opportunity to meet with him or her.

55.   Not sending a thank you note after the interviewer.

Avoiding Interview Mistakes

When you want to make the best impression on the interviewer always remember to follow these tips. They will assist you avoiding the mistakes that candidates often make while appearing for interview.

Try researching about office culture Reach around 10 - 15 minutes before the interview time.

Do not appear a hour before before going into your interview. Dressing appropriately is impressive. Wearing casuals, gum chewing, or wearing sunglasses with hat or a cap are never ever appropriate - no matter how casual the office might be.

Don’t forget to bring multiple copies of your resume and make sure they are not folded up or turned yellow.

Bring a bag large enough for a folder, if necessary.

Be interesting. You are there to stand out, don't be afraid to say something interesting.

Research what the job entails. You need to be aware of what is expected for the position in which you are applying.

Know your interviewer's name.It will make a good first impression.

Never lie - As it won't take long for an employer to catch it.

Come prepared with solid examples of your profession.

Top 10 Interview Tips

Follow these top interview tips and they will help you cover everything you need to know about successfully hacking a job interview. All the best. Cheers!