What Recruiters look for in a Resume?

What Recruiters look for in a Resume?

Whatever you do, it is very important that you see it from that person’s point of view on which the result depends. Here, when we’re talking about jobs, resume, Recruiter Hiring Solutions and applications, of course, it makes complete sense if you see it from recruiter’s perspective.

It will be very easy for you if you realize what they’re actually looking for in your resume!

Here I’m listing a few Recruiter Hiring Solutions that may help you understand this perspective better.

Most recent role

First of all, if anyone employs you, they’ll be very keen to see how your performance has been in your previous job. From the lessons you received there from the position you held and till what extent you could justify it, everything counts.

It’s not that other experiences don’t matter but the most recent role matters the most. The reason being that the person who is going through your resume, will expect you to play the same kind of role in future too. If your recent performance has not been good enough, chances are that the recruiter will not show much faith in you for the job ahead. Again, If your recent performance has been excellent, you’re expected to perform there too.


Jotting down your skills, knowledge, and qualifications is one thing. Using them practically is another. No matter how qualified you are and how many skills you possess, your experience has more weight for the recruiter.

Many a time, marks don’t matter much. An overly qualified person may not be as suitable as someone with better communication skill for a job. Mainly because it tells the recruiter how good a performer you actually are. An experienced person is more likely to deal better with the workload and stress too.


Only working is not enough. The product of that work matters more. When we talk about experience, it is all-inclusive. But when we talk about achievements, it includes all the awards you’ve received, your promotions, the projects you completed and were praised for it. Any kind of achievement related and relevant to the post you’re applying for counts.

Achievements are a step ahead than experiences. Achievements show your potential to the recruiter. It shows how much you give in and what you make out of limited resources and time. It shows your growth within and with the organization you’ve worked with previously. Recruiters love achievements!

No Inconsistency

Make sure that your resume is in a chronological order. They must be no unexplained gap in your education as well as in your professional career.

If there are, make sure that you justify your cause properly and are able to explain the reason.

Leaving an unexplained gap at one hand shows your non-seriousness towards about job as well as it indicates that you’re most likely hiding something from the recruiter on purpose.

Easy to read

After you’ve included everything and you think your work here is done, think again! Make sure it is in the latest format. Make sure it is arranged chronologically. It has a sequence. It should have keywords and highlights of the relevant things you think are important.

It should also be easy to read on the aspect of the font size, font style and colours used. Last but not the least, make sure it is a common software platform. Nobody likes to download a whole new app or software to view a resume when a thousand more is to be seen.

Make sure it is user-friendly and see it from the reader’s (here, employers and recruiters) point of view. Recruiters want to see what is more suitable, simple and attractive.

All the best!

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