Want to know some facts?

Ever participated in a mock interview session

If not, by the end of this blog, you will come to know what a mock interview is, how to prepare for it and get through it easily.

According to a statistic, out of the 5 interviews a person takes, only 1 is converted. But as we know, “practice makes a man perfect”, after every mock interview, you will know your strong and weak points,get over your jitters and feel a boost in your self-confidence so that you can ace your interview and finally land your dream job.


What is a Mock Interview?

A mock interview is a presentation of an actual job interview. It gives you an opportunity to understand the things to mention and do during an interview and obtain feedback from the concerned company. Whether it’s face-to-face, or online. It is beneficial in reviewing your responses to common interview questions and assessing certain other factors such as your outfit, mannerisms, and body language. 

After an interview, a candidate is provided with the immediate responses from the expert regarding their interview performance, resume, and their professional dress. 

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Why do we need Mock Interviews?


Majority of the recruiters state that poor performance in an interview is mostly the reason for which a candidate is not hired. Students do not get enough opportunities to practice in a “real setting

Immediate responses are a part of the interview tips given by experts which encourages the candidate to enhance and make improvements for future interviews. Mock interviews allow students the opportunity to make mistakes in a safe environment.  


How to Prepare for a Mock Interview?

Although a mock interview may be a practice interview, but you would like to take it as seriously as an actual employment interview. Keep the subsequent things in mind to ace the interview : 

  • Choosing the right interviewer - It’s easy to ask a friend or a family member, but if you want to get honest feed-backs, you may want to ask someone with experience in interviewing job candidates. You can also choose a professional who works in the industry of your interest.
  • Choose a professional setting - You need a venue that reflects the environment of an office so that you can get the feeling of being interviewed.
  • Always be punctual - To leave a good first impression, arrive 15 to 30 minutes earlier than the call time.
  • Bring the necessary items - Don’t forget to bring your resume and other important documents you may need during the interview. Also, bring a notepad in order to take notes from your mock interviewer’s feed-back tips.
  • Dress smart and sharp - Wear the same kind of attire you are expected to wear to an actual interview because leaving a lasting impression is necessary.
  • Do your homework - Prepare your answers to common interview questions , but don’t memorize them. You would want to avoid sounding like a robot with conventional responses. Bear in mind that you’re doing an interview not to take a test but to engage in a conversation to determine if you’re suitable for the job.

Why do you need to take mock interviews seriously?

A job interview isn't a test of your knowledge, but your ability to use it at the proper time.

Interviews are usually the final step in landing employment. You’ll be just a step faraway from landing your dream job . You would like to place up an act with solid knowledge of the topic and your skills behind you.

Try to understand your interviewer and keep assessing throughout the method if they're with you. If you think that their attention is wavering, bring them back to specialize in YOU.

The metrics you'll be judged on are various and across a good range of areas. You’ll be judged on your ability to speak, your ability to think on your feet, personality and therefore the way you dress up. All this additionally to your skills that align with the work profile and troubleshooting expertise.

A Mock interview session which isn't real but real enough to practice your interview giving abilities when you need them. This exercise resembles the actual interview and in a way gives experience to the candidate. The interview will be conducted by professional career consultants who will share their opinions on your performance. Take notes on the areas where you are lacking and work on them with due diligence.

Everyone prepares an answer for the prospective questions for an interview. But the trick is to answer them without sounding monotonous and rehearsed. You need to articulate clearly what you need to say and what you want to say. 

What is the core requirement? Do your strengths play into the core competency ? You can use the interview tips from the session to correct yourself and come back to have a shot at it again.

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A practise interview gives you the much required experience but without the pressures of having to get or lose the job.

  • It will reduce interview anxiety.
  • It helps you reassess your strengths and weaknesses.
  • The practice interview is most likely to be videotaped, so you can go back and see which parts need you to work upon.
  • You will be working on your body language, and also your attire.
  • You will get to review your interview with our career coach and work out ways to improve.
  • You can also use the mock interview for technical interviews along with HR interview and personal interview.

With all the work you have done with mock interviews, you will find yourself brimming with confidence and excitement as you face your interviewer rather than being a nervous wreck who is terrified to face the unknown.

Disadvantages of Mock interview (Yes! They exist) :

  • Since you would have answered the questions multiple times in mock interviews before turning up for the real one, the repetition might give birth to complacency in you.
  • At times, you may become overconfident with your answers that might be reflected in your real interview. This will seriously jeopardize your chances of landing the job.
  • Also, the whole process of preparing for the mock interview, appearing for it, and then analyzing the feedback all takes out a humongous bite out of your available time.
  • On several occasions, they can be a little costly.
  • Different interviewers have different methodology and different standards and styles, but this can also be a blessing in disguise.

However, to get ready for an interview, follow the rules and once you are ready, attempt
practice interviews and then crack a real time job interview for your dream job.

Mock interviews enable candidates to have a fair idea about the things they are going to experience at actual interviews, and prepare them to accurately deal with them. Generally these interviews are organized by career services, where a career coach trains the students for new opportunities by being perfect at the actual interview sessions. But, accuracy does not come automatically, for you need to be thorough with your practice and follow the guidance from our expert trainer.

Mock interviews do just the exact thing with the candidates by bringing them to perfection and boosting their confidence. They help candidates reduce their anxiety about interviews, by training them for typical interview questions. 

The person conducting the interview session will be an experienced interviewer and a skilled trainer. He or she can guide candidates about whether their responses are suitable or not along with providing them the most appropriate set of responses which they can practice. In the process the candidates gain confidence and a better grasp about their strengths and shortcomings. 

Mock interviews also prepare job seekers for behavioral-based issues in an interview. In a real interview the behavioral standard is judged much by the interviewee’s body language. So, it's vital to understand how one can appear best by employing those standard set of gestures. From the very instant of your entry within the interview room, everything about the posture is going to be marked minutely. 

Therefore, one needs to know very accurately about what the things are that one should do and what not. Right from the way of getting into the space, greetings to the panelists, way of watching them, sort of sitting and manner of responding to them – everything counts. And mock interview sessions are the simplest ways to collect knowledge about these little details which are too important to overlook. Well, clearly mock interview helps you as

  1. 1. They help you reduce stress and anxiety

If you’re unsure of the way to answer typical interview questions, mock interviews provide an excellent opportunity for you to “test drive” your answers. The person conducting the mock interview is presumably a talented interviewer and may offer you tips on whether or not your response is suitable.

  1. 2. They help you boost your confidence

Job coaches who conduct these mock interviews are usually able to identify your strengths within the interview process. By having confidence in your skills, you'll perform better in an actual interview.

  1. 3. They provide you with constructive feedback during a low-stress environment

No one is a perfect candidate, so mock interviews assist you in clarifying your responses to certain questions and assist you in working on areas where you have your weaknesses. In a real interview, often, there's  no feedback given about your interviewing abilities, so a mockup may be a perfect opportunity to seek out to understand why you are having difficulties in landing your dream job.

  1. 4. They can help you prepare for behavioral-based interview questions

Many companies use behavioural questions a lot, and often candidates face difficulty answering them. If you’re not conversant in this sort of interviewing, it's going to be advantageous to offer it a practice run during a mock.

The expression that practice makes perfect may alright be true with interviewing skills. Take advantage of practice interviewing opportunities even if you think that your skills are at a really high level. There are things that we will all improve upon when it involves making an excellent impression on a prospective employer.

What is the importance of Practice Interviews? 

Mockups aid in familiarizing yourself with things. That is, what's the intensity of your interview getting to be? There should be familiarity with the outside economy, in terms of understanding where you stand in the market which is based on your expertise.

Once you've performed in the mock interview, the next step is to implement the feedback you've received. Make sure you learn to simply accept the feedback in a constructive manner so that you nail your interviews in a better way.

Here are a couple of belongings you got to remember while browsing a model or trying to practice for a far better output. Working with experienced personnel is like getting feedback from a sports coach to find out the way to improve your game. By doing so you learn where your strengths lie and where you are weak. Time spent wisely, will track you on the right path and assist you greatly in all situations.

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Finally, the interview match is one game that you simply definitely got to win. So make sure you prepare well. As recruiters spend over a thousand hours each year just trying to locate candidates, a practice interview may be a useful gizmo for increasing your number of successful placements, for enhancing your company’s credibility with candidates, and for impressing your clients because you’ll be already prepared and groomed for them.

By doing so you'll significantly increase your probability of winning the work. Clearly, as the opportunity cost is low in this and the return on investment is high, mock interviewing is a no brainer.


Doing a mock interview may be a good way to practice for an actual employment interview. It gives you an idea of what you need to do and sets your expectations. Practice so that you will see areas where you can improve. By the time the important employment interview arrives, you’re well-prepared.


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