What Will Interviews Be Like In next 20 Years?

What Will Interviews Be Like In next 20 Years?

Have you ever wondered what is going to be the fate of future interviews? Can you imagine a resume generator that automatically forwards your resume to different jobs?

It’s exciting to imagine the various prospects, isn’t it? What if there actually are resume generators and automated systems that fix your interviews with job recruiters!?

The world has been developing at a fast pace with change being the only constant around. The great dilemma of how to make a resume now gets replaced with the question: Are resumes going to remain the fate-deciding factor even after a decade or two?

The answer to that is obviously a yes because no matter what the mode of an interview is, there has to be a basic formal introduction which is provided most aptly by a resume generator’s presentation of the resume of any candidate.

While resume writing won't vanish as a whole, there are bound to come to some changes in the resume format which have to be adopted by the resume generators and resume makers.

From the way I see it, perhaps the next twenty years will make professional resume writers and resume generators loaded with work because the ever-rising youth population tends to grow lazier and more dependent on others with time.

To imagine interviews of the future, we need to have a look at the evolutions that have come over time in the resume writing format that resume generators follow:

Initiated in 1482 by Leonardo De Vinci, a professional resume has undergone a complete transition since then. What was a mere formality in the 1930s became a basic prerequisite for job seeking in the 1950s?

From including minor details such as height or weight in the 1940s, resumes evolved to include extra-curricular interests and skills in the 1960s.

The major development occurred when digital typesetting was introduced in the 1970s and by 1980s there were already books printed on resume help, how to build a resume and other such tips that were of much value to the resume generators and resume builders.

But the resumes known to us today evolved over the last four decades when online background checking, sending resumes via fax machines, looking for jobs on the internet and applying for jobs via emails – all developed and began to be used gradually.

What after that? Optimal resumes, LinkedIn, video resumes, social media based verifications and the like have all developed over a period of time as the world progressed from hand-written resumes to printed ones to soft copies of resumes sent online.

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Like resumes that have undergone variation with the passage of time, interviews and the procedure of conducting interviews too have witnessed significant changes.

From the trend of interviews being strictly confined to rooms in office, they have shifted to meetings at public places like coffee houses and restaurants and formal introductions are getting replaced by nonchalant sessions of getting to know the interests and proficiencies of the candidates.

However, that cannot be generalized for all interviews; these work mostly for jobs in the creative fields. If you are appearing for a corporate interview then seldom are the initial rounds outside the domains of the office rooms.

Keeping in mind the transition that resume generators have undergone in resume writing, it is fascinating to imagine the changes that would come in interviews of the future.

But one can make out the variations that are likely to be encountered by the resume generators when it comes to interviews within a span of the next twenty years as we can already observe traces of those changes.

We feel that the next 20 years are likely to witness the following transitions in interviews and it is good if resume generators of today get familiarized with these for their own sake:

From personal interview to Skype and video conferencing

Gone are the days when resume generators had to send their resumes by post and receive a notification for the interview via post.

Everything has become so high tech that both sending resumes and receiving calls for interview tips the fingertips of the resume generators.

Imagining the scarcity of fuel that the world is going to face in the next two decades and also the degradation of the environment caused by the carbon emission from vehicles today, one can only count the advantages that interviews over the internet would provide.

Not many changes in the idea of the interview except for the manner in which it gets conducted. This is predicted to be the most widely used medium for conducting job interviews in the future.

And this shall not only save fuel and save the environment from future damage but shall also reduce time and effort involved in reaching the office and conducting an interview that can now be conducted from wherever you are in the world, doing whatever you please.

While this is super convenient for the recruiters, it is also cost effective for those candidates who might probably have to travel a great distance either by air or otherwise for the sake of the interview.

Hence Skype calls and video conferencing is assumed to be the new medium that firms would employ for recruiting the resume generators in the next two decades.

From resumes to social media platforms

Earlier a person mentioned their hobbies and other interests on their resumes but resume generators these days have to mention the links to their blogs and YouTube channels and the like in order to convey their interest in a field to the recruiters.

Resume generators are also expected to provide links to their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts in order to showcase their sociability in case the job pertains to the media and the like.

Hence, one can imagine the direction in which the job interviews of the future are inclined towards. The recruiter will probably know details about the resume generator and what he/she wore on his/her Facebook profile picture even before he personally meets them or talks to them over Skype..

Emails followed by telephonic interviews

The days have long past when you would personally go to an office and drop your resume. The present generation of resume generators prefers conducting important official tasks over electronic mail where they also have the option of retaining data for future reference.

And even the recruiters prefer to review resumes of the resume generators through the screen of their laptops and desktops rather than from a piece of paper on their desks.

With the advancement of technology, the resumes have upgraded themselves from being stored on a white sheet of paper to being saved on a white Word document.

And shortlisted resumes get selected for the interview rounds which are presently conducted by meet-ups in person but are very likely to shift to video conferencing, telephonic interviews and other indirect means in the near future.

Real-time ability check via projects

A resume generator mentions in his resume all the skills he possesses but employers of today and more importantly, of the future would want to test the skills of the candidates before hiring them.

Hence, one way of conducting interviews that future recruiters would employ will perhaps be assigning projects to candidates based on which they will be marked and judged.

This real-time ability check via projects as a means of conducting interviews of job-seekers is already in an application at various places but is presently not as dominant as it is assumed to be in the future.

With rapid developments in the world and things changing overnight it is fascinating to imagine the fate of interviews in the next 20 years and these predictions that we have presented here are based on changes that have already begun surfacing in the world of resume writing and interviews.

One thing that is for sure is that the interviews of tomorrow are going to be much more competitive and convenient than the interviews of the past and present. However, the significance of resumes is not likely to come down unless of course, an alternative to resumes emerges!

We hope that this piece on the imagined and expected fate that interviews will endure in the next 20 years has been of some help to you and would assist you in some way.

In case you are still a school or college going student then perhaps you will experience these changes by the time it is your turn to face interviews. And if you happen to be a new recruit then perhaps you are slowly experiencing the transition that interviews have undergone over time.

There are high chances that the job-holders of today will become the recruiters of tomorrow and who knows, they might actually adopt the above-mentioned methods to hire new recruits!

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