How to turn around your lockdown?

The headlines of the newspaper read; Coronavirus epidemic could peak in India by mid-May.

India reported its first case of Coronavirus in Kerala back on January 30th, 2020. Since then, the virus has spread amongst the masses like a wildfire. By the end of April, the Corona virus has infected more than 20,000 people in India, killing more than 100s of people.

India reported its first case of Coronavirus in Kerala back on January 30th, 2020. Since then, the virus has spread amongst the masses like a wildfire. By the end of April, the Corona virus has infected more than 20,000 people in India, killing more than 100s of people.

Scared after knowing the numbers? Well, several studies conducted across the globe say that in India, it's just the beginning of a nightmare. Looking at the statistics, many scholars claim that the destruction could possibly continue till the month of May. Indeed, it is a threatening conclusion, but what if it is the hard truth? 

Just by looking at the number of people losing their jobs in the lockdown season,the Post-Coronavirus Unemployment Crisis Could Last for Years, Economists Say that job hunting post the lockdown will really be difficult for aspiring college students and even for those people who are looking for a promotion or a job change. 

At this time any skills which you will acquire will come in handy for whatever you are gonna do next : Complete your studies, look for a job or promotion or even if you want to have a better personality.

Why Do you Need To Learn New Career Skills anyway?


This period of lockdown is by far the best time to update your resume and learn new career skills that will benefit your career. The things that you learn at home now, will help you become better at what you do and to come out of quarantine as a new and improved professional! And these things cannot only be done by following those strict and rigorous schedules but also we have listed some fun activities which you can do during this pandemic.

Thus, do your best to be proactive and make the most out of this tough time for your career and your personal development. 

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What can a person do in this situation for his career?

On the flipside of this pandemic resulting in this lockdown, it has given us loads and loads of precious time from our busy schedule to learn new things, inculcate new habits and be productive at the comfort of your home. 

Here's a list of things that you might indulge in!

  • Binge watch a documentary 

  • Yes, you read that right!

     If you’re in the mood for binge watching, yet if you want to educate yourself at the same time, we have handpicked a few websites for you that will give you unlimited access to free documentaries.

    Whether you’re into sharks, revolutions, inspirational figures, serial killers, or even the most bizzare things, you’ll find something interesting to watch in these listed websites during this lockdown. 

    Some great sites include Documentary Tube. Top Documentary Films, and Documentary Heaven

  • Read a book or listen to an audio book 

  • If your new year’s resolution was to read and learn more, you can definitely achieve that in 2020.  Yes, it's time to adhere to our new year's resolutions. 

    Since it's been ages you had the time to spend on yourself, it's time to finally dust off  the huge stack of novels kept in the old bookshelf of yours and reshuffle through its pages once again. Inculcate a habit of reading regularly in this lockdown because reading helps you concentrate more and more. 

    However,if you want to find an alternative to the old way of flipping pages and reading books, a more tech savvy way to read books awaits for you. Find the comfort of reading story books by downloading loads of ebook applications on your phone and ipad and listen to ebooks as much as you want. 

    Find something interesting to read on Many Books. If you prefer audiobooks, try out Audible for free.

  • Try your hand at Creative Writing 

  • This lockdown may be the perfect opportunity for you to learn, practice and return to the old habit of creative writing that we have all done in our childhoods when we were asked to write short stories in school. 

    Not only does creative writing help your creative cells to bloom , but it also gives you a peace of mind in the difficult times of the lockdown when you're mostly feeling anxious. 

    Having a blog of yours is a great way of showcasing your writing skills and expressing your innovative ideas and thoughts. 

    Start your own blog with WordPress today! 

  • Join Webinars 

    Since the lockdown is restricting our access to seminars, webinars are the new in-thing! Good way to be technically equipped as well as to be informed about your career, ain't it?

    Webinars are a great platform for students to learn new career skills at the comfort of their own home and pretty much anywhere in the world! 

    All you need to attend a webinar is to have your laptop or phone and you're good to go. With no one by your side to distract you, webinars can be an extremely effective way of learning new skills and practice what you already know. 

    On top of that, as these webinars are usually led by inspirational speakers and thought-leaders, webinars also offer you the opportunity to ask valuable questions directly to the experts, gaining valuable insight and knowledge that you can apply to your own career or job search.

    Here are a few webinars which you can attend.

    Career Contessa 

    Hubspot Webinars 

    Career Confidential 

  • Start an Online Course 

    With the Corona virus keeping you locked at home, you now have the time to start learning new career skills by completing free courses online. 

    With so much uncertainty in the world, perhaps now is the time to start learning a completely new skill that could benefit your career and of course, give your CV that boost. 

    Not to mention, with so many companies giving away discounts and freebies to help you get through this period of quarantine, now is the time to get started. 

    If you’re not entirely sure which skills to focus on first, start with the skills that you’re lacking or something you have thought about learning before. You may not have this much time on your hands for a long while, so make the most of it while you can! 

    Here's a list of companies offering online classes for you to learn something new everyday. 




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  • Attend Virtual Events 

    Virtual events are something that attaches a lot of value to it and many companies are hosting these virtual events for the benefit of the candidates. With the ability to attend the events from wherever you may be in the world and the fun and engaging style of learning - what's not to love! 

    Of course, there are different styles of events from different companies all over the globe; some are content-based and while others are with the purpose of networking. 

    If you are attending a virtual event to build your professional network, make sure that you tidy up your social media beforehand and promote your attendance through hashtags and other marketing material. 

    You can also have a look through the list of attendees to familiarise yourself with who you will be speaking to and prepare any questions that you may have to them directly!

    Here are some companies offering virtual events for you to attend, learn and expand.


    Adobe Summit

  • Learn a new language online 

  • Yes, you heard us right! 

    Knowing different languages may seem a trivial thing, but having the knowledge of different languages is a bonus in your resume.

    By learning a language, you can write this in  your CV in which we can help you and this will be a significant boost for you career wise which will make you stand out amongst other candidates. As they say, there's no time like the present (literally) so it's time to start!

    Depending on your native language, some languages will be easier to learn than others . For example, if your mother tongue is Hindi or Bengali, you'll find it easier to learn Sanskrit, because most of the words in Hindi and Bengali language are borrowed from Sanskrit. 

    But regardless of how easy or difficult it will be, the thing that matters the most is how much it will benefit your future career. 

    Languages such as German, French, Latin, Spanish, Dutch and others, are extremely valuable when it comes to looking for a job. There are lots of different language learning apps and platforms that offer different learning styles and techniques so have a look today and see what you can find to suit your learning style and your schedule. 

    Here's a list of applications that will teach you different languages. 



    Open Culture


Now if you're still wondering how watching documentaries, learning new languages, reading or listening books, joining webinars and attending virtual events will boost your CV, let us break it down to you. 

  • Being proactive in a lockdown situation takes time and determination, since you have to consider and weigh upon the options and the alternatives and take your own decisions in order to reach your goals.
    Being agile and proactive will test your patience and determination, which will be appreciated by the interviewers when you go for interviews after the lockdown. Being proactive means awaiting problems, seeking quick solutions and doing your best at the given situation.


  • Being a creative individual in the days of the lockdown will give you an advantage over the other candidates. Not only will your creativity be valued and appreciated by your employer, but it will give the interviewer an idea on how well you can write on your own without being briefed and how well you know about the topic you are writing. 
    For example, if you're an engineer by profession, having your own blog where you regularly share your opinions about topics related to your field will help your interviewer know you more and understand the in-depth knowledge you have about your pursued subject.

These are the things which will surely help you in your career building. With the internet in your home, acquiring one two of these skills is not so difficult. So why stop now, rush into it and start listing them in your CV for your job hunt .