How do you write a good business blog article?


Blogging is one of the most effective ways to attract new visitors to your website. For blogging companies, it is even the most effective way to generate new leads. This is called inbound marketing. Writing a good blog is not that difficult. There are, however, several important guidelines that you must follow to become successful.  If you want to know more guidelines mean you can  refer here for effective writing to improve your business blog articles.


Sharing your expertise, insights, and experience


Anyone who has expertise on a specific topic can in principle blog. It is very nice and can give a lot of satisfaction. You share your thoughts, vision or useful tips and experiences with the rest of the world. If you do this well, the ultimate reward is that the article is shared via social media such as retweets on Twitter, or likes on Facebook. But responses from readers at the bottom of your blog are also a great reward. Every response, both positive and negative, provides you with new insights.


How do you write a good business blog article?

The target group

This is one of the most important rules for successful blogging. The better you can address a specific target group, the better the result. The trick is to place you as well as possible in the subjects and themes of your target group. What keeps them busy? What questions do they have? How can you best support them in making choices? Study the preparation of Buyer personas before creating blogs. This helps you enormously with writing because you know exactly for whom you produce blogs.


The subject

Address as many current issues as possible, something that is currently playing or that is relevant to your target group. It also helps to think ahead. What is the impact of this development or event in the short and medium-term? Nice way to get the attention of your target group and to hold on to it.

But the most important thing, of course, is to address a topic that you know something about and that your target group needs. Provide new insights or more information about the subject. Where does your blog stand out from all other content on this subject? This is a confronting question that you must ask yourself and answer.


Main conclusion:

Write about topics and people and no more for keywords and rankings!

  • Ask your customers which information is important to them
  • Write about topics you have written about, for example, white papers
  • Write about developments within your market or about product innovation
  • Do a brainstorming session with colleagues
  • Do research


As soon as it becomes clear what the subject of your blog will be, you will do research. This is very important because even though you are an expert on this subject, your future readers always see things from their perspective. As said, try to investigate well how the topic has been written before. And remember: writing for a large audience also requires the greatest possible empathy for the subject.


The structure

Start with an empty A4 sheet on which you make a kind of word cloud. That works well for me at least. This way you can fully let your creativity flow, sometimes it takes days before you have written everything you want to name in your blog. It doesn't matter at all. However, it is important to put this slew of single words in a logical order. Use a clear structure so that you and your readers do not get lost in your story.


  • Come up with a catchy title
  • A clear introductory sentence, or: [
  • Establish a position, that is how you provoke discussion.
  • Use a list (works very well when you share tips)
  • Use high-quality and sharp images to enhance your story
  • Think of a catchy conclusion. Your Call to Action is important here. Seduce your readers to take follow-up action, that's what you do it for! ('next blog is about ..., stay up to date? Sign up for the newsletter, or social media'), or refer to your telephone number or e-mail to contact you directly.
  • Use H1, H2, H3, H4 tags at the paragraphs for reading and SEO optimization
  • Writing style.


Here I only have 1 tip: develop your writing style. Do your own thing, don't be too formal in your communication. Even if your blog business, write as personal and authentic as possible. For example, imagine explaining the subject of your blog to a friend in the cafe on Friday night. It helps you to avoid using complicated jargon. Your friend, but also other people are likely to drop out of this.

Assume that your target group is not nearly as familiar with technical terms as you. When you write you move (as mentioned in the first point) as well as possible in your target group. Are they all experts in your field? Probably not! As a helping hand, remember the famous statement by Einstein: "If you can't explain it to a 4-year-old, you probably don't get it either.


Build an audience

This is perhaps one of the most exciting parts of blogging. Do you get responses? How many visits will your blog deliver? Successfully highlighting your articles is a crucial part of successful blogging. Simply clicking on the 'publish' button is not enough. You can bring your blog to the attention of your target group in the following way:


  • Make your blog public via Twitter. Use the correct #hash tags and come up with a catchy title.
  • Share your blog with your Linkedin network
  • Share your blog with your Facebook followers
  • Mention the headline of your blog on your regular newsletter
  • Post your blog as a guest blogger on a known platform where your target group is
  • Optimize your blog according to the SEO rules, after a few days you will, if you have done this well, also get readers via search engines
  • Keeping up to date


Content marketing

Blogs sometimes remain online for years. Do you have several blogs that have been regularly visited for some time? Update this at least a few times a year. For example, read a blog back from more than a year ago.

Reality has probably (slightly) changed again. Reason enough to handle your blog posting and keep up with the times. A good moment to immediately show that your writing skills have also been greatly improved. :-) Maintain your blogs well. Quality is a continuous process, there is always something to improve on a blog!