10 Tips On How To Write Resume As a Fresher

10 Tips On How To Write Resume As a Fresher

Fresher Resume – We all know our resume plays a critical role in determining whether we will get our dream job or not.

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Resume writing might be a daunting task for you, especially if you are a fresher. You must be having multiple doubts about what to include in your resume and what should be left out. Fresher Resume is always a tough task to be carried out.

Do not worry. Following are the Top 10 tips that promise to help you through your resume writing journey!

1.) Follow an appropriate resume format:

A fresher resume should primarily consist of the following:

– Your personal details (Name, E-mail address, Gender, Marital status and Nationality)
– Contact details
– Objective
– Work Experience( If any)
– Education
– Skills
– Projects done by you
– Achievements
– Hobbies and Interests

All these details must be carefully entered in your resume. CV Owl is here to make your life simple. It is a free online CV Maker that provides a step-by-step guide to create your own CV.

2.) The objective that you mention in your fresher resume must be appropriate:

The objective section of your own CV should clearly state your career objective and what you aim to accomplish.

Your objectives could include attaining academic, professional and a personal growth.

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3.) Avoid making any typo and grammatical errors in your Fresher resume:

While editing your resume, ensure that there are no punctuation, grammatical and spelling mistakes. Any such errors in your resume will make you look highly unprofessional.

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4.) Highlight your achievements and activities:

As a fresher, you do not have any work experience to showcase.

So, always highlight your major achievements in terms of any awards that you have garnered or anything of significance.

Also, include the activities you had participated in. This can include any curricular or extracurricular activities.

This information will help the employer gain insights into who you are as a person.

5.) Focus more on your education and skills:

When you have no work experience, you can highlight your educational achievements in your fresher resume.

What you have studied in your school and college should prove to be beneficial to the hiring organization.

Any degree that you have attained at the graduate level and the specialization that you chose should be mentioned in your fresher resume.

You should also mention the skills that you possess in your resume.

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6.) Avoid entering unnecessary details:

Your resume should not contain any information that is not related to the job or has no meaning.

Do not make your resume too lengthy.

A fresher resume should be of 1-2 pages and should not contain long stories.

7.) Make your resume look professional:

Maintain an appropriate font size and font style.

Only use professional fonts such as Verdana, Calibri, Tahoma and so on.

8.) Always have a professional email address:

Email addresses such as daddysangel@yahoo.com or cooldude@gmail.com leave negative impressions about your personality.

Therefore, always keep your email id simple and professional.

9.) Customize your fresher resume as per the job:

It is important to modify or customize your resume as per the job requirement.

It doesn’t include much effort. All you need to do is just change or alter a few sentences.

Eliminate all such information that is irrelevant for any particular job opening and restricts your resume to the information that makes you appear beneficial to the hiring organization.

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10.) Make it formal yet presentable:

Always ensure that your tone is formal while writing your resume. Your resume reflects how professional you are.

Avoid using SMS lingos at all costs!

Make sure that your resume looks presentable and stands out from the rest.

Always make sure that there is proper spacing.

You can use different resume templates to make your CV look presentable. This, in turn, will give you an edge over others.

Hoping these tips will prove beneficial to you while you create your own resume. For more tips on resume writing, you can visit this Link.I wish you Good Luck in finding your dream job!

I have also attached a Link. to a Wikipedia article that provides step-by-step guidance to resume writing in a more detailed manner.