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Creating a perfect resume is the most critical step which you need to take when looking for first or new employment. CV Owl brings to you the most comprehensive directory of some perfect resume samples by industry and job title wise to assist you in landing the job you want. You can go through our free set of resume samples to start creating your own professional, eye-catching resume which is compatible with MS Word and PDF. 


Moreover, you can also carry your resume digitally with yourself and make changes anywhere, anywhere in our mobile app. Yes, you’ll hardly get any free online resume builder any cv maker which offers a free Resume Builder app.


Hiring managers spend an average of six seconds looking at each resume before making a decision. With that in mind, how compelling is your resume? Is all the useful information placed carefully? Is it well organized, and easy to read? Does it represent your most remarkable skill, relevant talents and achievements? If you answer “no” to any of these questions, then we have a solution: resume samples


Just have a go at our free resume samples once and take them as an inspiration for revamping your existing ordinary looking resume. Or, you can start from scratch and create a brand new document on our free online resume builder and free CV Maker using any of our free resume samples you’re looking for.


Our perfect resume samples will guide you on how to structure your resume and how to organize or place the content smartly using some of the resume keywords which employers look for. You’ll see how to catch the eye of recruiters and hiring managers. Use our perfect and free resume samples today and make the most of those priceless 6 seconds!


You can start creating your resume on our smart and free online resume builder / CV Maker. And if you are new to resume writing then you can go through our blog where you’ll learn: How to write your resume, some great tips on resume writing, how to name your resume, what resume keywords are and how to use resume keywords in your resume and lastly the most important, how to get your resume noticed by the employers.

And if you’re still facing difficulties, you can happily opt for our professional resume writing services. Our experts will get in touch with you as soon as you place an order with us and craft a professional recruiter preferred resume for you and will keep working on it until you aren’t satisfied with the same.

Best Resume Samples for Jobseekers


Whether you’re new to the workforce or a seasoned professional, it’s critical to have a resume tailored to your industry. Our professional resume samples are not only appropriate for freshers but also for the people in all stages of their careers. This includes students, professionals, and those who need a simple resume sample that’s suitable for a variety of fields.


Why Use Our Resume Samples(


  1. Make the top tops: Think of the top two sections of your resume as a billboard that displays your most marketable hard and soft skills. Write a professional summary statement, maximum of 3-4 lines written in the third person serving as your elevator pitch. Your skills section should be in bullet format to lay out your talents at a glance.CV Owl’s online resume builder or CV Maker helps you capture your experience succinctly to catch the eye of hiring managers. Our online resume builder helps users create a personalized resume in easy-to-follow steps, allowing you to promote their unique skills, experience, and qualifications to win the job.
  2. Keep it concise An overly long resume won’t make you look more qualified. Instead, it may just overwhelm a busy hiring manager and knock you out of the running. Craft a one-page resume or a max of 2 pages if you’ve been in the business for a longer period. Again, you can take the help of our online resume builder which is there to guide you on every step.
  3. How do you write a great introductory sentence to a cover letter? There are two main ways to organize a resume: functional and chronological. This resume is organized in reverse chronology to highlight the jobseeker’s solid work history. Our Online resume builder allows every user to organize their resume in the format best suited to their personalized needs. Choose the customized resume design that works best for your field and work experience. This will help you showcase the most appealing parts of your resume.\
  4. Optimize for ATSs To get your resume past an applicant tracking system (ATS) and into the hands of a recruiter, you must pack your resume with high-quality keywords. Most ATS’s aren’t capable of nuance, so word your resume in exactly the same way the job ad is worded. For example, if a job ad called for an individual who is, “organized and able to handle many tasks at one time,” writing that you are “organized and able to juggle multiple tasks” might not get your resume past an ATS even though they mean the same thing. 
  5. Bullet points are your friend Utilizing bullet points in your experience section accomplishes two things. First, it allows you to pack in all of work history in a smaller amount of space. Also, it allows recruiters to understand your resume quickly to decide if you are to be considered. Try to stick to 6-7 bullet points per role to prevent your resume from getting too lengthy and hard to understand.
  6. Legitimize your accomplishments In the resume above, the jobseeker wisely chose to exhibit her accomplishments through the use of data. Whether you share the number of tables you waited on at once or the amount of money that you earned for the company, include numbers. 
  7. Make your resume action-packed You kick butt at work, right? Don’t be a wallflower on your resume. Using phrases like “was responsible for” might get the point across, but you run the risk of boring a hiring manager who reads dozens of resumes a day. Pack a punch by using more colourful action words. Try “orchestrated,” “pioneered,” “overhauled,” or “generated” to describe your duties and your accomplishments.
  8. No errors here! Not only does our resume builder help you create a custom resume, but it also checks for spelling and grammatical errors. This ensures that your document is ready to submit to recruiters and hiring managers. Want to create a resume that’s as great as the example above? CV Owl has the free and online resume builder / CV Maker you need to make your resume shine. Have a look at our hundreds of professional resume samples in our database for inspiration, or get a quick step-by-step guide with our online resume builder. Whether you are just starting out, are a seasoned professional, or are looking to make a major career change, CV Owl has the resume tools you need to get ahead.


Tips to Follow When Choosing a Resume Sample for you


  • Select Industry-Relevant Sample Resume examples from job seekers in your same industry will reflect current best practices. These samples can serve as guides to help you emphasize the right combination of job-specific skills, experience, and education. Luckily, you can find what you need within CV Owl’s directory of free professional resume samples.


  • Pay Attention to Its Format A wide range of resume formats exist, so it’s vital to choose resume samples using formats that put your key skills and strengths in their best light. The combination format is especially useful for entry-level, mid-career, and experienced job seekers as well as career-changers and people reentering the workforce.

Using a Resume Sample to Write Your Own Resume

Use CV Owl’s free online resume builder and professional resume samples as a guide for crafting your own job winning resume. While writing, it’s helpful to use our suggested keywords and phrases for each section as you create your resume step-by-step.


  • Summary Statement To convince recruiters to keep reading your resume, describe your most marketable skills with a compelling and dynamic language.
  • Work History Choosing strong action verbs, framing your experiences as accomplishments, and incorporating relevant metrics are keys to getting an employer to notice you.
  • Education Section Focus on relevant and recent degrees, certifications, and licenses. Include credentials valued most by those in the industry or ones mentioned in the job advertisement.
  • Skills Section Compose your skills section in an easy-to-read format using short statements or bullet points. Don’t forget to match keywords from the job advertisement.

Recruiter Friendly Resumes


Many recruiters now use applicant tracking systems to screen incoming resumes and quickly find the most qualified potential candidates. CV Owl’s online resume builder and tips can assist you in composing and perfecting your document, allowing it to effortlessly pass an ATS’s check and make it into a hiring manager’s inbox.


Resume Sample FAQs


How is a resume sample used?

Jobseekers can refer to sample resumes as they prepare to write their own documents. These resume examples represent the major sections that should be included in a resume for any position you’re applying for. Also, the job-specific resume samples include some appropriate content and formatting needed for a professional resume.


Employers only spend a few seconds considering each resume. Go through an example to see how to make a resume easy-to-read not only for yourself but also for the recruiters. Resume Samples can show a job seeker the best way to make a good impression. A resume sample can also act as a helpful starting point you need for creating a job-winning resume on our online resume builder.

What is included in a resume sample?

Each resume sample features the major resume sections. Here are the most important sections to include:


  • Summary: Describe your top qualifications in a very short and precise phrase.
  • Skills Section: List six to eight key skills in a way that is easy to skim.
  • Work Experience Section: Provide positions, names of employers, and responsibilities list.
  • Education Section: Mention your degrees and certifications, starting with your most recent accomplishment.


Check out our free professional resume samples to see how to format these sections. We also show the types of information to include in each part of a resume.


How do you write a good resume?

Jobseekers should customize their resumes for each position. Use the important resume keywords from a job description in your document. Don’t forget to make sure that your summary and set of skills relates to the requirements for a position. Hence, it’s a recommendation to go through the job description thoroughly before applying for a job.


The work experience and education sections should be accurate and complete. A sample resume will suggest ways to provide the information employers need to know. 


Don't forget to include:


  • Dates of employment including the month and year.
  • Job titles for each position.
  • Responsibilities and accomplishments in each role.
  • Areas of study or training under education.


How do you make your first resume?

Start creating your first resume by referring to our free resume samples on our Online Resume Builder. You should maintain the standard section order. Bring up your most pertinent qualifications in a summary statement. Next, draw attention to the most applicable skills for the position in a bulleted list.


 If you have not held a professional role, list volunteer roles or participation in groups. Conclude a resume with a reverse chronological list of degrees and professional credentials. 


Can you use a resume sample if you have no job experience?

Resume samples can be very helpful if you do not have work experience. Include all the sections shown, including work experience. One of our best tips is to find creative ways to convey your dependability and work ethic to employers. You may want to list:


  • Informal positions, such as responsibilities for family or friends.
  • Volunteer roles, whether these positions are regular or occasional.
  • Extracurricular activities, such as involvement in groups or competitions.


Online Resume Builder

Effective use of CV Owl’s free professional resume examples along with CV Maker can provide you with an extra edge over the competition. A strong and perfect resume can help in grabbing the attention of hiring managers. Our Online resume builder and CV Maker assists you in putting your best foot forward with.


  • Pre-written bullet points that match the skills employers are looking for
  • Eye-catching templates that stand out and are easy to scan
  • One-click editing that ensures your resume is well-organized and professional


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